The Stroud trail marathon and half marathon took place on 10 May, with nine Dursley runners on the start line.

Mark Brasier has joined Dursley’s international jet set, completing the Great Wall of China Marathon and over 5000 steps in a time of 4 h 54 minutes

Paul Rogers was to be found running crawling and wading around the London West Tough Mudder over the first weekend in May. He completed the almost 17 km course in just over 2 h 33 min.

Liz Anderson, carrying on from her good cross country performance at Pittville Park in 2014, took on a rather more substantial test at the Endurance Life Coastal Trail Series in Pembrokeshire on 3 May.

Dursley marathoner Kate Browning was to be found competing in the Rhonda Rollercoaster on Saturday 9 May.