Whilst kate Browning was PB-ing in the Forest the weekend also saw Rachael Johnson PB. This was slightly easier for Rachael who was completing her first triathlon, and the term “easier” is relative as she competed for over three and a half hours in the sea (no namby-pamby lakes or swimming pools) on the bike and finally the run.

A fine body of Dursley Triathletes made their way south to take part in the New Forest Middle Distance Triathlon on Sunday the 23rd, the group included Ray Williams, Rob Woodward, Andy Kilby, Fred Yearsley, Rebecca Topham, Laura Price plus Team Leanna (Leanna Kilby,Max Woodward and Mel Williams) . The distance, slightly longer than the half Ironman, was a 1.2 mile swim (in a lake) 57+miles cycle and a 14.5 mile multi terrain run. The sunny Saturday afternoon safety briefing was all about the bad weather for Sunday, advising competitors to be safe, enjoy themselves and watch out for the debris likely to be washed on to the roads and the dreaded punctures.


June the 20th saw Ray Williams, Andy Kilby and Jerry Fowler taking part in the Cotswold Aquathon.

Rebecca Topham,Laura Price and Ray Williams were to be found at the Hardwick sprint triathlon on August the 12th. The event comprises of a 750 lake swim 25k cycle and a 5k run.

The 2012 UK 70.3 Iron man took place on Sunday the 17 of June at Wimbleball, Exmoor. The event incorporates a  1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike ride and a 13.1 mile run, it is not for the faint hearted. Laura Price and Rebecca Topham were the two Dursley Running Club Triathletes who made it down to Exmoor for what is reported to be the toughest 70.3 Ironman in the world, with both the cycling and running requiring the competitors to endure an inordinate amount of climbing. They were joined by Dursley Running Club member and Tri Team Gloucester Triathlete Garry Hughes.