Whilst others in the club were pounding roads in Half marathons this weekend, Richard Pitts was in London having managed to get a place in the open Sprint Triathlon Event at the Pruhealth ITU World Triathlon Series.

Richard started with a steady swim completing the 750 meter swim in around 01:46 per 100m, moving onto the bike Pitts then averaged around 21mph over the 14 mile course, he finished strongly with a sub 20 minute 5K run. He was rewarded for his efforts with 9th in the 45 plus age category and he was 82nd overall.Transitions look a bit tardy but guessing it's a big event and a lot of ground to cover before even considering change over. Super result.


                                     Place  Age Cat.         Swim   Trans 1       Bike     Trans 2     Run      Overall

                                                   Pos (45)      750m                    22.5km                 5Km

Richard Pitts                  82          9                13:22     03:17      39:35       03:42      19:43     01:19:37