Four of Dursley running club triathletes took to the cold waters at Cotswold Water Park on  Sunday the 06th of May for the Cotswold Super Sprint Tri. The race consists of a 400mts open water swim 20k cycle and a 5k run around the lake. Spring not really having sprung as yet, the water temperatures were challenging with the water temp at 12 degrees, the chill factor 3 degrees. The vet 45 plus were first off at 8.08am including Ray Williams and Andy Kilby, with the 25-34 group at 8.18 am including Garry Hughes, with the 35-39 category off at 8.23 with Mark Waller. All competitors felt the cold, with the organiser requesting that all competitors wore extra clothes on the bike ride due to the wind chill factor, which impacting on transition times. Kilby was a little off colour due to only a few hours sleep, allegedly self inflicted, but the water temperature soon woke him up and he recovered ending up 2nd in his age group. Mark Waller complained that the cold effected him so much he had problems changing gear on his bike, but still came 22nd in his age group.



Garry Hughes and Ray Williams offered no excuses and were both happy with their results especially Hughes was overall winner and 1st in his age group, coming rapidly after a second place in the Castle Coombe Duathon.


Swim    T1         Bike+T2        Run          Total          Pos          age group


Garry Hughes    6.10     1.06      29.48            15.17        52.21         1st                   1st

Ray Williams     8.41      2.21      34.54            20.07        1.06.04      67th                 5th

Mark Waller       8.47      2.30      36.24            20.03        1.07.46      93rd                 22nd

Andy Kilby        10.52     3.18      38.32            21.23        1.14.06      191st               2nd