Five Dursley athletes took part in the Tewkesbury Sprint Triathlon on Sunday 14/8/11, the vent comprising of a 750 mt open water swim 25k cycle and a 5k run.

Ray, Andy and Chris were of in the 2nd swim wave with Laura ,Rebecca and Andy's daughter Leanne of in the 3rd wave


Laura had the best of the swims (it was a clock wise swim ,no left hand turns). The swim was followed by a hilly climb to T1 where Chris made Laura's tranistion look quick. All had a good cycle,despite Ray's chain coming off and Andy held up by the cars at the paper shop  (or so say).


Chris showed his strength in the run with Rebecca only some 36 seconds behind him. Leanne was please with her overall performance as this was her 1st triathlon since Lanzarote in May.



                        SWIM            T1           BIKE          T2            RUN           TOTAL         POS


RAY                 15.36           1.26          45.43        1.00          22.28      1.26.15              73rd


ANDY               16.30          1.56           48.10         0.52         22.33      1.30.04             91st


CHRIS              18.34          2.44          46.55         1.12           21.22      1.30.49                94th


REBECCA        17.26          1.46           48.45         1.25           21.48       1.31.12              97th


LAURA             14.54           2.19           50.52         1.13          24.27        1.33.48            111th


LEANNE           16.05            1.49        54.07         1.29       34.00       1.47.33            143rd