Yes they've done it, got the T shirts and are wearing them

On Sunday 19th of June 6 intrepid Dursley athletes lined up on the starting line of the Ironman 70.3 in Wimbourne Dorset. Apart from the fact it is 70.3 miles of endeavour it is also not by any stretch of the imagination a PB course, (unless it’s your first time!). A recce earlier in the month had set pulses racing at the mere thought of cycling up the inclines on the cycling course.

 Ray Mel,Rebecca and Laura travelled down Friday in the wind and rain(not looking good)l managed to get to registration on Friday night

with Mel sending texts to Rob Fred and Andy to tell them to bring their wellies .All the dursley athletes met Saturday morning to register and have a 9am swim,the only swim before the race Sunday morning. All 6 swam out to the 2nd buoy and regrouped,after a few minute treading water they decided to swim back,


This was when Rebecca and Laura decided to race back,as the lads watched them set of they both started to bear left and left and left and left.this was causing a great bit of entertainment to around some 50 triathletes who gave them a cheer and round of applause when they eventually stopped swimming to realise they had completed 180 degree turn.The guys thought the swim section was in the bag at this point (little did they know).


The race started Sunday morning at 7,0clock and the weather had given them a break,race started with about 1600 swimmers entering the water at the same time and this didn't go down well with a lot of the competitors,there were knocks and kicks going every where,but didn't seem to deter Rob or Laura who had a great swim,


Ray was last out to find all his fellow dursley athlete bikes were gone,this was despite Laura struggling to get out of her wet suit,(she was told afterwards that baby oil is the way to go) Rob was1st out on his bike and had a good solid cycle to return to T2 still in front,Ray managed to overtake the rest after a disappointing swim to come back to T2 in 2nd place, Fred had a clean get away from T1 and the bike was going well,that's until the chain came off just minutes after Ray went past,this happened once more, before he completed his cycle.


Andy had a eventful start to the bike section, as he mounted the bike in the mounting area a fellow competitor fell off their bike and took Andy down, Andy remounted and was on the chase after Fred. Rebecca's fast T1 let her leave the bike section before Laura and there was no looking back. Once Laura got out of the wet suit she had a good steady cycle especially as she hadn't cycled the course before.


Ray managed to haul Rob in as he limped down one of the down hill sections of a very hilly course,Fred was next on the run and had Rob in his sights,but Rob wasn't giving up with out a fight,meanwhile Rebecca was showing her strength and was soon passing Rob and Fred and closing Ray down fast.Andy had a steady run to complete his tri with a new course PB,With Laura also having a steady run to complete her 1st ever half ironman.


At the end of the run Ray managed to hold off the ever closing Rebecca who like Laura it was her 1st ever ironman ,there was a very close finish at the end between Fred and Rob ,with Fred beating him by 23seconds,but like Andy, Rob managed a course PB 


All the Dursley athletes thank their friend's and family's as well as the marshalls and organisers, very well run event (despite the amount of swimmers in the lake at the same time)  




                                                                             Swim     T1          Bike     T2          Run

                                                                         1.2 miles          56 Miles                 13.1 Miles

Winner                      04:25:15                           25:53      03:21   02:31:32     01:30    01:23:01

Ray Williams             06:43:06 (29th 50-54cat)     46:38      07:28   03:35:45    02:39    02:10:38

Rebecca Topham      06:49:24  (10th 40-44cat)     44:56      09:02   03:54:56    03:01     01:57:31

Fred Yearsley           06:58:11  (3rd 60-64 cat)      44:23      07:47   03:47:17    03:27     02:15:19

Rob Woodward         06:58:34 (7th 55-59 cat)       38:07      07:47   03:39:21    02:20    02:31:00

Andy Kilby                 07:06:13 (37th 50-54 cat)   45:43      07:10   03:50:55    02:22    02:20:08

Laura Price               07:52:03  (27th 40-44 cat)    42:04     12:01    04:26:05     05:50   02:26:05


Well done to everyone who took part, and we look forward to more info from our correspondents  at the race!