On Easter Saturday, the flagship race of the weekend took place in Cardiff, the World Half Marathon Championships. Joining Mo Farah on the line were seven Dursley Running Club athletes. Sadly, the weather conditions precluded personal bests for most. Neil Hodsgon led the way and after an 81 min half in Paris several weeks ago, he reprised this performance in considerably worse conditions, an impressive run that saw him 36th MV40. He will go under 80 min and hopefully in a Dursley vest – he is moving to Andover in the near future, but has some months running for DRC. Behind him, Gareth Bradbury ran a second PB in a week at the distance 01:28:38. Damian Lai, the club’s Lanterne Rouge, produced a 2 min+ PB. Impressive though these were, these results were eclipsed by Tony Wooldridge’s performance, finishing 7th MV60 in a high-quality field in 01:30:51. Rich Shirley, Neil Truelove and Chris Young all knuckled down to complete a real challenge in conditions that were not for the faint hearted.

Results: Neil Hodgson, 282nd 01:21:39 ( 36th MV40) ; Rich Shirley 684th 01:28:11 (457th SenM); Gareth Bradbury 838th 01:28:38 (542nd SenM); Tony Wooldridge 1045th 01:30:51 (7th MV60); Neil Truelove 298th 01:42:07 (71st (MV55); Chris Young 7227th 02:02:53 (630th MV45); Damian Lai 8605th 02:09:50 (366th SenM).


The 2015 version of this race saw Neil Parry  first over the line, although he was not at his best on a strangely warm and yet misty run.

However  further down the field Dursley Athletes were making serious inroads into their PBs despite the fact they were finding the course hilly than expected "they promised was flat, it's not ( are they ever)" in the words of Audrey Harris  In spite of the shock of the rises/hills it all ended happily with a PB of six minutes for Audrey and a PB of five minutes for Becky Court. Both very happy!


Results: Neil Parry 801st 01:31:14; Audrey Harris 4527th 01:52:31; Beky Court 7091st 02:00:24; Naomi Stephens 13214th 02:32:54.


On a busy weekend for the Dursley Running Club Neil Parry showed he is on good form in the run up to the Abingdon Marathon. Returning to the land of his fathers to run a sub 90 minute at the Cardiff Half marathon on 5 October, Neil who has been running erratically in training because of injury, ran the first 10K  at 06:40 pace.

He then had to grit his teeth, slowing over the next 4 miles but picking it up in the final leg, demonstrating the depth of his fitness. He was accompanied by a couple of new Dursley Running Club Members Andy Dove, competing in his first ever race, and Naomi Stevens, who completed her third half. After running with the club for a couple of weeks Naomi ran a personal best, 23 minutes faster than her first half in March and  5 minutes quicker than Tewkesbury in May. Andy was unsure what he was going to achieve and was delighted to have run close to under 2 hours.


Results: Neil Parry 653rd  01:28:49; Andy Dove 7483rd 02:00:24;  Naomi Stephens 13181st 02:27:44 (PB)


Hayden Smith Neil Parry, Mel and Ray Williams crossed the river on Sunday to take part in the Cardiff Half. With Ray allegedly cross dressing for the event...

The event is very popular as the course has PB potential. Neil scuppered his chances of a sub 85 minute run by laying a wall and fitting a gate for most of the day before. Hayden may have been the wiser of the two, at least that's our assumption, as he ran a PB on the day, finishing in 01:32:47. Despite his work the day before Neil ran an impressive race with his first 10K just over 40 minutes and the 10 mile mark reached in 01:05:34, to finish in 01:26:06. A little way back Ray Williams was struggling to get over the start line let alone the finish line; this may have been as he was running incognito as "Natasha" and was stuggling in his female apparel. Mel for obvious reasons decided not to run with him and allowed him to run on ahead to save any embarrasment, Ray finshed in 01:52:37 with Mel closing in him to finish in 01:55:09.

Please note as with all reports this is mostly a work of fiction apart from the times of course!