Rich Pitts, Andy Kilby,Mel and Ray Williams completed the 4th Waterland Aquathon on Wednesday the 13th of July.

With a good turnout both Rich Pitts and Ray Williams managed PBs. Mel Williams had a good race, and enjoys swimming so much now that she managed to do an extra 200 mts swim ( should of went to Specsavers!) and Andy Kilby put in a good performance after his efforts the night before at the handicap

SWIM + T1       RUN                 TOTAL

Rich Pitts          12.43               18.20               31.03   PB

Ray Williams     12.59               19.24               32.23   PB

Andy Kilby        16.02               21.30               37.32

Mel Williams      20.56               23.13               44.09

Race 3 01.06.16

Fred Yearsley, Ray and Mel Williams all achieved PBs on the swim. Carolyn Thraves completed her first ever aquathlon and Richard Pitts achieved an overall all PB. It may have been the shock of seeing Ray Williams out on the run before him that spurred Richard on, running a great time. Andy Kilby knocked over 2 min off his last race. Avril Yearsley put in a great run to go with Fred ’s fast swim.




Swim                Run

(750m) + T1       (4.6km)             Overall

Richard Pitts                  13.16                18.20                31.36 (PB)

Ray Williams                 12.56                20.20                33.16

Andy Kilby                    15.59                22.00                37.59

Carolyn Thraves            18.56                25.06                44.02

Mel Williams                  21.15                23.53                45.08


Fred/Avril (relay)           14.10                23.06                37.16

Race 1

The first Waterland Aquathon saw Richard Pitts and Andy Kilby in action. Richard Pitts was 13th overall in 32.25 with an impressive run of close to 18 min. Andy Kilby was 36th 40.15

Swim                Run

(750m) + T1       (4.6km)             Overall

Richard Pitts                 14.00                18.25 (PB).        32.25


Andy Kilby                    17.47                22.28                40.15