Lazlo is now running a Kettelbel session at the Dursley Sport Centre (Rednock Sports Hall) 6.30 to 7.30 on a friday.


He is keen to encourage as many people as possible to attend although there is a limit I think of around 24.


He is very good according to Anna!


Kettlebel is potentially great for runners from the point of improving core and no doubt for those trying to improve their swimming will also benefit.



Contact the Pool 546 441 or Sports Centre 543 832  to book 


The offer on the Annual pass for pool and sport centre finishes at the end of September, absolute no brainer you only have to swim once a week to break even (or so I have been told as I haven't worked it out myself!) Again speak to the pool staff and they will talk you through the deal.

A couple of the high spots of tonights magical mystery club run before we descended into the wadi! We have Matt  to thank for the images


 Running workshop.

 James Dunne (see below) will come to the club ,video you running and then advise on improvements. If you need more information   Rebecca can give you more details. In terms of pricing, the options for the club are:


  •     2hr Running Video Analysis & Technique Coaching Workshop (Group of 10) = £300
  •     3hr Running Video Analysis, Technique Coaching & Strength Training For Runners Workshop (Group of 10) = £450


        James Dunne BSc (Hons) GSR BASRaT
        Performance Director - Kinetic Revolution
        Running Technique Specialist Coach



 Fees:  To be paid for by individuals participating.

First Aid course

Contact Graeme if you are intersted in attending a first aid course.

This will be a course in basic first aid so that if a runner has a problem when on a run someone will be able to help.

Course fees will be be paid for by Club.

Jerry and Ray did the Jubilee river 10k swim on Sunday the 03.06.