They started in the rain and they finished in it! After 12 weeks of perseverance and effort the Dursley Running Clubs inaugural Run Walk programme finished on Tuesday with an informal handicap run, with the 18 runners being challenged to complete a continuous run, over 1 mile for some and the majority completing the 1.6 mile loop around Sandpits, going the hard way ie the steep climbs!




As the times below show the whole group did fantastically well with the final session showing them not only that they had progressed over the programme but also that they are more than capable of coming out with the club on a regular basis.    


The feedback we have had so far is really good, everyone giving the programme an overall score of 10 out of 10, here are some of the comments we have got back:


The best thing;

“Encouragement and enthusiasm”

“The encouragement from Margaret and Zoe”

“meeting new people and sharing our pain!”

“Sensible progress programme related to the group”

“being able to see my progress week by week”

“support and advice from leaders”


Other comments were:

“Thanks for helping me find my love of running again …also lost 1 stone!”

“everyone is so friendly and willing to help”

 “feeling  …we were all in it together”


Everyone got a certificate on the night to celebrate their achievement and we look forward to seeing many of them in the coming weeks, with 12 membership forms being handed in on the  night.


The participants themselves said a big thanks you to the run leaders who gave up there time to support the programme. This was not only in terms of the Tuesday evenings but also evaluation and planning meetings thru the programme.  




          Runner       Finish Time  Start Time  True Time


  1. John                 11.58    40         11:18  (1 mile)
  2. Jan                   12:00    40         11:20  (1 Mile)
  3. Julie                  12:00    40         11:20    (1 mile)
  4. Janet                13.42    40         13:02    (1.6 Miles)
  5. Graham             13:43    20         13:23
  6. Liz                    14:16    00         14:16
  7. Kevin                14:36    20         14:16
  8. Mark                 14:38    20         14:18
  9. Sarah                14:41    10         14:31
  10. Debbie              15:21    20         15:01
  11. Liz                    15:58    00         15:58
  12. Nic                   16:03    00         16:03
  13. Gill                   16:08    10         15:58
  14. Nicola               16:18    00         16:18
  15. Amanda            16:19    10         16;09
  16. Roger               16:20    20         16:10
  17. Sue                  16:44    10         16:34
  18. Sarah                16:46    10         16:26


NB: Provisional results we lost Roger in the melee at the end so there has been a little guess work! And I hope the two Nicolas know where they finished relative to each other!

Dursley Running Club is proud to support involvement in sport, with a focus on running and triathlon and is very pleased that this programme has been a great success, with 19 regular participants over the 12 weeks. We wish all the participants well in their future running, hopefully with Dursley Running Club.