Four Peaks Fall


A large contingent made it out to the four peaks in the clubs end of season off road extravaganza, even group 5 headed off  for the hills though last seen Roger was in his car! Group 4 led by Haydn relaxing in advance of his Ultra this weekend took it steady and got every one up to the top of the peak and back home.

Runners on Cam Peak


In the absence of the younger mountain goats Dave Durden led groups 1 and 2 up the, peak running all the way to avoid being shouted at by Dan, who sadly failed to record the effort on camera or smart phone! Possibly why he is looking sheepish in the above image. And he had the gall to suggest he would have walked up it faster. Probably true but he could have kept it to himself! Emma Denton floated to the top all smiles making it look far to easy.  As ever once on the top it was all smiles, knowing there were only three to go! Many thanks to Josie Waller for the image and Kate Waller for getting her there to take it. A great evenings running, with fantastic views of Dursley and the villages lights shimmering in the gloom and also the sight of of Dursley Runners with head torches ablaze  snaking up and down smallpox. Depsite a 6.20 departure an overcast eveing and teh winter drawling on mean the finish was in the dark, a small  intrepid group or Mark(W), Gareth, Richard and Tony (W) ventured up and over the golf course to notch up the fifth peak, fantastic effort form them and everyone else, particularly Erica who managed 4 and has only just got back to running at the end of August after a long lay off.




Fours Peaks Spring 2012

A hardy bunch gathered for this years Four Peaks run. This involves ascending Cam Peak, the Long Down and then up to Uley Bury before turning for home and climbing Smallpox Hill.

Mouse Clutterbuck and Dave Durden had ascended Cam Peak well in advance to welcome the runners up the initial climb. Dan recieved some serious chiding, some might say abuse, from Mouse as he started to walk very early on this ascent. However the encouragement given enabled quite a few to sustain a run to the top. Whilst sunny on Cam Peak the North wind was still bitingly cold and the runners faced a real test to complete the remaining peaks. The back markers or rather the "tail end team" appeared to have enjoyed the run in particular, laughing all the way around according to Jerry.

Dan strugggling to maintain a run, seen later flying down Gas Works, clearly had saved himself
Brad putting Dan to shame, running all the way !
Paul Wellings dancing up the Peak!
Kate satorially elegant with matching hair and top hiding Darren's great effort to make to the top running
Beats Salsa any day of the week Fred! Dave Halford is proposing to Fred's buttocks, has he dropped the ring?
Rich Clarke working his way up leading the second group
Rich Bromley adopting the speed skaters aerodynamic position to assit him on the ascent
Look at those gloves not quite as big and woolly as Kevin's but they're getting there!
Sue enjoying her running as ever.
Andy looks like his running, the key word here is "looks"

" Yes we made it and only 3 more to go!"