Another busy weekend for Dursley Running Club, Fred Yearsley trying to go one better to win his age category at an Ironman, 6 athletes at the Great North Run, a great showing at the Oldbury 10 miler AND DRC took over Kingsway Parkrun, a number of tasty performances over the weekend


Weymouth Ironman

Fred Yearsley travelled down to the South coast to take part in the Weymouth Ironman event. Yearsley a classy athlete who in his prime completed a marathon in 02:42 was taking part in his fourth Ironman, Fred was coming off the back of a 2nd MV65 at Bolton in 2015. He started well, completing the swim of 3.8km in just over 76 minutes placing second in his age category. He was greeted by his support team as he came out of the water, they then retired for breakfast. No eggs and bacon for  Fred who was then onto the bike and averaged an impressive over 17 mph over the 112 miles to place first in his category coming off the bike. Despite his history as a runner Yearsley now finds running to be the most challenging of the disciplines, with regular niggles restricting his ability to train at speed. Despite this he started off at a brisk 8-minute mile pace over the first mile. After some issues with his back Yearsley settled down in to his rhythm and picked up his pace over the second 20km course in giving him a time of 04:54:27 again first in his category. He completed the event in 12:53:47, placing 339th overall and 1st in the MV65 category, around 25 minutes faster than at Bolton an awesome achievement for this stalwart of Dursley Running Club.


Swim                T1        Bike                 T2        Run                  Overall

3.8km                           180km                          42.2km 226km

2.37 miles                    112 miles                     26.3 miles        140.6

Fred Yearsley   01:16:46          7:30     06:29:52          5:12     04:54:27          12:53:47  (1st  M65-69)


Great North Run

Five other DRC travellers journeyed North to take part in the iconic and popular Great North Run. Whilst Neil Hodgson is not quite in his best from he still finished under 85 minutes and in 357th position, leading DRC home, Hodgson perhaps started too fast for his current form posting 19:03 for the first 5k, he then dropped a minute over the next, it was then a close fight for next DRC runner home between Andy Hara, Steve Watson and Darren Richards. Both Hara and Watson got to 10K at around 50 minutes a couple minutes ahead of Richards, Richards finished strongly but could not quite make up the deficit, having paced his run excellently. Holly Gardner marked her return to competitive running coming home in 01:54.

Results: Neil Hodgson 357th, 01:24:52; Andy Hara 4657th, 01:41:19; Steve Watson 5353rd  01:49:18; Darren Richards 5608th 01:19:56; Holly Gardner 7841 in 01:54:32.


Oldbury 10 Mile

Closer to home Kevin Jackson led home the fourteen Dursley Runners at the Oldbury 10 mile race. This year’s race saw a much improved attendance with 230 runners braving the warm and windy conditions. Working hard behind Jackson Joe Ball completed his first 10  mile race to place closing in on Jackson over the final mile to finish just 22 seconds behind, with Garry Strickland and Simon Jones following him in. Caroline Jones was first DRC woman home in eighty four minutes Charlie Strickland, another 10 mile novice, was the second DRC woman to finish. The trio of Charlotte Palmer, Shona Darley and Jadie Cottrell supported each other around the pancake flat but relentless circuit, until Darley kicked to finish ahead of her erstwhile companions. Dursley did well across the age categories with Dave Saunders 2nd MV65, Jackson and Annette Heylings both 5th in there categories, Garry Strickland 5th MV55 and Shona Darely 10th FV40.  

Results Kevin, Jackson, 45th , (5th Male Vet 55), 01:09:34; Jo , Ball, 47th, 01:09:56;

Garry, Strickland, 82nd, (7th Male Vet 50), 01:16:27; Richard, Hensman, 91st , 01:18:33;

Simon, Jones, 97th, 01:19:12; David, Saunders, 107th, (2nd Male Vet 65), 01:20:47;

Caroline, Jones, 128th, 01:24:40; Damian, Lai, 146th, 01:29:02; Charlie, Strickland, 164th,  01:32:22;

Shona, Darley, 177th, (10th Female Vet 40), 01:34:25; Jadie, Cotterell, 183rd, 01:35:11;

Charley, Palmer, 184th, 01:35:12; Amanda Jane, Hensman, 208th, , 01:45:20

Annette, Heylings, 221st, (5th Female Vet 60), 01:50:49.





Stonehenge Trek


The previous weekend had seen Deb Macfarlane complete the Stonehenge Trek on behalf of the Altzheimer’s Society, Deb Completed the walk in around 10 hours and continues to be a great example to all wannabe runners out there having also completed her first triathlon this year as well.