Following on from an idea from Rebecca Topham and Mouse with the addition of Neil Trueloves organisational abilities around 45 runners, plus a few canines (but no cats, unless they were in Dave Halford's back pack)  turned up at the Old Spot for a rerun of the Dozen, a reward for the marshalls who were unable to run it on Raceday and an initiation for some.


After Neil had split the participants up into groups based on his record box (sorry showing my age) and reminded all that it was a non-drop run, the Bruce Springsteen’s i.e. “Born to Runners” as opposed to “Racing in the Street” ers led up the Broadway and into the woods. As ever the first climb is a bit of shocker despite ones best endeavors to warm up from Rednock. Pete Dunn, who had sprained his ankle last week and was gutted not to be running, recorded the agony and ecstasy of getting to the top of the hill. A regroup took place and then with Neil T creating a “Del Shannon” group???!!!! he sent us dazed and confused on our way again.

Dan showed no tiredness from last week nor the 35 odd miles he had run on Saturday in the Beacons, although he, Brad and Haydn insisted on walking up Listers; save it for the race guys! With the bulk of the climbing out the way much to the relief of a few novices the intrepid “Another Dozeners” were off across the Golf Course and heading for the Sculpture Trail and the top Woodmancote, Yes it was a long segment, not stopping Dan and Brad! With Another regroup taking pace before the dash down into Ashen Plains Wood and then the slog back up in order to go down again into Waterley Botton. You know it makes sense! Pete Dunn was on hand to dispense Jelly Babies at the 6 mile point whilst he recorded events unfolding. Mark Brasiers photo’s of group run walking up the hill (see facebook) from WB are illuminating, lot hunching and little animation. It was then a question of dodging the moto-cross riders through Breakheart. Another regroup took place at the entrance, although Sue Peachy did not get much rest. Neil (T) was obviously concerned if she stopped she might seize up, the no drop policy being stress tested.

With last weeks rain the conditions were muddier than for the race so after steady section in the road the runners dropped down from the Hole in the Wall and the conditions became slicker. Richard Bromley and Fered Yearsley started show their current good form moving up the front  of the groups.

Sadly no ropes had been left at the precipice so the runners made their into the areas with the most vegetation in order to get some purchase. Again Pete Dunn was on had to record the “light are on but no-ones at home “ look as the ascended out of the trees towards the plateau, The wonderful Mr Dunn (take a note any injured runners!) had left two bottles of water and a box of lovehearts at the top to refresh everyone. Whilst the youngsters sat on the bench the oldies tried to keep moving to avoid stiffening up, Fred and Richard getting off first and then the pace started to pick up as the runners headed back to Broadway.

A final regroup took place at the top of Broadway, with a number of runners attempting to push over the dry stone wall in order to stretch those pesky calf muscles. The final then commenced with the pace in Group 1 picking up significantly as the Finish beckoned.  The walk runners were intrepidly picking there own way around the Dozen, fantastic effort!  Again a number of pictures are available on dropbox via Facebook showing the agonies and ecstasies of finishing the club run. It was then back to Rednock for a hot shower and a very sociable lunch courtesy of Hilary’s Kitchen . Again a big thanks you to Neil Truelove for organising.