A good field of 30 runners made it to the start line on a cool September

evening. Good conditions for runners were marred only slightly by a

North Easterly breeze. 


The final club handicap took place on Tuesday the 10th of September.  The starter set off the girls separated at birth, Zoe Fowler and Rachel Carter, first. Despite the cool conditions neither had decided to wear a bin bag. In fact the runners were mostly resplendent in their club jerseys with a few notable exceptions, Trevor Lewis claiming that his was currently in storage pending completion of his refurbishment. He has managed to put his hands on a leary fluorescent number to delight the residents of Berkeley along with his knobbly knees. Finishing first, knocking almost 2 and a half minutes of his time in July, was Steve Peers making it his second win of the series. Running the three legged race, and over a minute behind Steve, Rachel and Zoe cruised over the line with John Tudor coming in fourth in his first handicap of the year with a creditable 12th place on time. Emma Denton was just pipped to the line by Rob Woodward but placed an impressive fourth overall on time with a speedy 23:20, deserving of a medal as her daughter said (what are milk bottle tops for?). A steady stream of runners started to arrive proving the accuracy of Ray’s handicapping and this turned into a surge at 37 minutes. Chris Gaze sprinted in at 37:35 to claim the fastest run of the night with Dan Anderson 28 seconds behind, with probably a little bit of Mont Blanc still in his legs. The Lanterne Rouge was almost Trevor Lewis, which would have been most appropriate as his jersey was glowing, but cramp beset Joe Browning and he had to nurse himself to the line to come in after Trevor.


Overall winner of the series was John Delafield, and no one was more surprised than John who had not been taking much note of his positions in the races.

John Delafield 2013 Winner


Behind John, Rob Woodward was second and Ian Hobbs third in the men’s category. Mel Williams claimed the women’s prize with Erica claiming a bottle of cheap plonk for second with Zoe Johnson coming third overall in the womens category.


Many thanks go to Ray Williams for organising and in particular working out the handicap times, plus his support crew of Dave, Fred, Kim, Roger and Avrill who assist with the starting and timings plus collation of results; without whom this excellent club event would not happen… well done everyone, and of course thanks to all the runners who supported the event. Many thanks to Kevin for organising the Skittles- killer competition which was won by Alice and Dave Saunders in a close run or agonizing battle depending on your perspective.



Results                    Handicap   Handicap   Real           Pos on

                                  Time                          Time           Time

Steve Peers              34.12         5.27          28.28         28 PB

Rachel Carter           35.26         3.36          31.50         30

Zoe Fowler               35.26         3.36          31.50         31

John Tudor               36.01       11.24          24.37         12  PB

Rob Woodward        36.05         9.17          26.48          21

Emma Denton          36.06       12.46          23.20           4 PB

Margaret Johnson    36.15         7.46          28.29         29

Hadyn Smith             36.17       12.47          23.30          6

Mark Waller              36.23        12.59         23.34          7

Mel Williams             36.24         9.20          27.14         23

Dave Saunders         36.52       12.06         24.46         13

Rebecca Topham     37.05       12.32         24.33          11 PB

John  Delafield          37.07       10.19          26.48         22

Erica Fuller               37.09         8.51          28.18         27 PB

Tony Wooldridge      37.10       13.30          23.40           9

Jerry Fowler              37.12       11.24         25.48         15 PB

Kim Bird                    37.14       12.22         24.52         14

John Kerry                37.19       10.33         26.46          20 PB

Tony Freer                 37.23      13.49         23.34           8

Zoe Johnson             37.32      11.14          26.18         18 PB

Chris Gaze                37.35      17.03         20.32           1 PB

Nick Langridge          37.37      13.23          24.14         10

Sue Peachy              37.39        9.28         28.11         26

Richard Pitt               37.43       14.44        22.59           3

Alice Lewis                37.46       11.02         26.44         19 equalled PB

Kevin Jackson           37.58       14.29         23.29           5

Dan Anderson           38.14        17.14        21.00           2

Dave Halford             38.34        12.17       26.17         17

Richard Clarke          38.37        12.48        25.49         16

Trevor  Lewis            39.25        12.00        27.25         24

Joe Browning            41.51        12.54        28.06         25