2011 Handicap Series

The Final handicap of took place on a windy and wet Autumnal evening on Tuesday the 07th. The conditions clearly suited Barry Topham who came in first 13 seconds in front of Chris Ashworth.

Alice Lewis who had been pipped by Roly Hobbs in the previous event slipped down to fourth position just three seconds behind Zoe Fowler, but she was rewarded with a seasons best time and first overall position.  Rebecca Topham regretting her DNS and the impact on her poinst tally came home first lady with Dave Wood reaping the benefits of Kevin Jacksons absence was first male home in 22:54. Laura Price despite having to attend to her shoe laces did enough to claim second lady overall. Mr Topham saw Laura bent over but didn't bother to stop to ask if she needed help, ah the age of chivalry lives on! At the back of the race Trevor Lewis vociferously railing against the foibles of the club handicapper was the clubs dogged Lanterne Rouge, enjoying a cold shower along with the last few rrunners home as the heavens opened to end a thoroughly enjoyable and well attended series. Full Results will be posted ASAP. Again many thanks go to Ray and Mel Williams, Fred and Avril Yeasrley and Rob Woodward for the organisation of the events.

Overall Winner Alice Lewis


               Ladies                                                           Men

1st           Alice Lewis                                                   Barry Topham

2nd          Laura Price                                                   Darren Kitchen 

3rd           Rebecca Topham                                          Ian Hobbs

Race 4


Pos                                Time      Pos by time


1   Barry Topham           27:35       16

2   Chris Ashworth          24:03       06

3   Zoe Fowler                30:43       21              

4   Alice Lewis                28:34       19

5   Rebecca Topham      24:49       09

6   Darren Kitchen          23:39        03

7   Rich Clarke               25:45        12

8   Gerry Fowler             27:23        14      

9   Tony Freer                23:17        02 

10 Andy Kilby                 26:22        13

11 Nick Langridge          24:30        07

12 Laura Price                27:52       17

13 Ian Hobbs                  24:47        08

14 John Delafield           25:08        11 

15 Dave Wood               22:54        01

16 Zoe Johnson             28:05       18

17 Hannah Cuthburton   31:32       22

18 John Spicer               30:10       20

19 Mark Waller               23:39       03

20 Mike Hanman            32:47       23

21 Graeme Hawkins       24:54      10

22 Dave Durden             23:57       05

23 Trevor Lewis              27:29       15