Events and Races

Apart from our own promotions, the Dozen and the Berkeley 10K club members are partcipiating in a whole range of events and races, from fun runs, road races, trail and fell racing, London and Mountain Marathons. keep reading for a list of up and coming local and national events that will see Dursley runners going for it....

Events listed are either local or have Dursley Runners who are planning to run. There are a numbers of series or leagues through the year. Therse are good events to meet familair faces gauge progress and sometimes even have a beer afterwards:  Weston Prom Series, Pilot Fitness 4 Miler and Severn ACs White Horse 5K.The Gwent and Gloucester XC leagues,have apage of their own on the site for info and results go to the cross country pages. 

Road Series

Weston prom Run                              3rd Thursday of every month                           7.30 

Severn AC Fitness Run                      1st Thursday April to Spetmeber                     7.30

Severn 5K Whitehorse Sandhurst   3rd Thursday May to August                             7.45

Bridge Inn Series                                Last Tuesday of the month                               7.30


January                                             Date           Club/Venue                          Comments


New Years 5 mile Road Race                01.01.11         Severn AC @ Pilot Inn


Gloucester 10 Mile RR                            09.01.11         Gloucester AC


Rough and Tumble                                 16.01.11                              10 Mile off road event


Riverside Rollick                                     16.01.11         Thornbury Running Club                                    Off Road Mudder



Mayhill massacre                                    06.02.11                                                                                           Hilly Mudder


Dursley Dozen                                          13.02.11         Dursley and District AC                                       Top  mudder


National XC Championships                  19.02.11         Alton Park                                                              Join Chris Ashworth and the elite                                                                                   




          Gloucester 20                                        13.03.11         Gloucester AC                                                              London prep


Hogweed Hilly Half                                20.03.11         Hogweed Trotters                                                       Don’t ask!


Cleevewold 14                     27.03.11     Cheltenham Harriers                            Over the hills and far…




       Grocery Four Miler                                02.04.11        Severn AC White Horse Sandhurst                        Flat 4


Offa Orra                                                  17.04.11        Chepstow Harriers                                                   Multi-terrain


 Frenchay 10K                                          17.04.11         Charity Event                     Oldest 10K in the country with a sting in its tail


Severn AC Easter 10K                           TBA               Severn AC @ White Horse Sandhurst


London Marathon                                  17.04.11                                                                                                  The big one!





Stroud Beer Race                                  04.05.11            Stroud and District AC


           BERKELEY 10K                                         16.05.11           Dursley and District                                                 Flat PB 10K 


Tewkesbury Half                                   22.05.11 


Hogweed Trot                                        23.05.11           Hogweed Trotters                                                     PB course


Glos Tri                                                    29.05.11           Tri-Team Gloucester                                         




          Cloud Cuckoo                                          TBA                Cheltenham Harriers                                               All terrain hilly


 Cheddar Rugged Challenge                 12.06.11          Cheddar Running Club                                  

Humphs Hilly Half                                    18.06.11          Bourton Road Runners                                           Steeper than Hoggers 6PM start     



            Aerospace 5                                            TBA         Cheltenham and County Harriers


Frampton 10                                             11.07.11        Stroud and District AC                                          Fills early    


           Severn Walkway Relay                           30.07.11         Thornbury AC                                                        55 Miles Team Needed (11 legs)




Standish Woodland Chase                    14.08.11        Stroud and District AC                                        10 miles off road


 Castle Coombe 10K                                TBAS                                                                                              Run round road race track




 Malmsbury 10K                                       TBA                                                                                                  All terrain


 Bristol Half                                               TBA                                                                                                 Join 16000 on Portway


 Woodchester Park                                  11.09.11     Stroud and District AC                                            With Hills


Cheltenham 10K                                      TBA    2:09 Events Ltd                                                                 Run Chelt Racecourse


Cirencester Deer Park10K                    TBA    Cirencester AC                                                                   10K with Hill


FOD Rotary Club 5 or 10K                       TBA    Charity event



         Badminton Horseless Trial 5 or 9 miles   TBA  Charity Event                                                           Over eventing jumps


Swindon Half Marathon                           TBA  Charity Event


Hogweed Major Muggle                           TBA  Hogweed Trotters  


Oldbury Power Station 10                       TBA         Thornbury Running Club                               Quick 10 miler


Stroud Half                                               TBA  Stroud and District AC                                            Quick 1/2




Tewkesbury AC Guy Fawkes 5              TBA  Tewkesbury AC     


Sodbury Slog 8.5                                     TBA  Bitton RR                                                                  Busy mudder


Avebury 8                                                TBA  Marlborough Running Club


Castle Coombe Chilly 10K                       TBA  DB Max




FODAC Christmas Tree/Pudding race       TBA         FODAC                                                                 short testing course


Boxing Day 4 Miler                                        TBA         Severn AC @ Pilot                                              Wakey wakey