Heavy rain greeted the 446 runners who made it to the start line, the race having attracted a full 500 entries. Former Great Britain Athlete Dan Robinson was on the start line with them.  Robinson and Lee Rankin from Stroud AC were joined by Rob Minton of Stratford battling through classic Dozen conditions. The heavy rain over the summer and the winters deluges combined with motocross and logging meant that the course was particularly challenging, with mud up to the runners knees as they descended to the New Inn at Waterley Bottom, and even the relatively benign slopes up from the New Inn were very slippery.    


As ever the runners were immediately greeted by the Mur de May Lane, which requires runners to adopt careful course manangement right from the start ie. take it steady.

At the front of the field it was a close run race Rankin leading Robinson out on to the Golf Course after the first ascent but both Stroud Runners were behind Rob Minton. 

Robinson eventually showed his class emerging out of the woods at the top of Whiteway first, whilst Rankin dropped continued to work hard in third position. Even though he was on unfamiliar terrain Robinson was able to pull away from his chasers to win by just under a minute in a time of 01:26:12. Rankin was able to come past Minton to take second place.

This time was almost 7 minutes slower than the 2011 winning time of 01:21:22 giving a fair indication of how difficult conditions were, with runners talking of the conditions adding 10 to 20 minutes on previous times.

              Meeting the Precipice                            Joining the queue                          That's what friends are for!

Annabel Grainger from Bristol and West was the first woman home in 15th place overall and in a time of 01:35:28,also claiming the FV35 prize.It was a long wait for the second woman to come home with Kate Wright of Stratford AC finishing second on a time of 01:44:50, again claiming 1st her gae category FV45, begging the question where were the senior women, the first Senior Woman, Petra Vymetaloia, finished in 01:49:02. 

Logging at the bottom of the precipice as well as the very wet conditions mean that everyone had to take advantage of the ropes at some point to ascend, quite a differnce to the frosty conditions in 2012. 


                      Look no Hands!                                                    !                                                   It is fun really!

Despite having to provide a host of marshals and volunteers for the other tasks involved in putting on one of Dursley’s largest sporting events Dursley Running Club fielded 21 runners. A close race took place between the leading Dursley Runners Daniel Anderson and Laszlo Berdan. Dan, an experienced Ultra Runner, just had the edge on Laszlo, finishing in a time of 01:40:37 in 34th place, Laszlo was 41 seconds behind in 35th place. veteren Dursley runner Kevin Jackson battled with Laszlo for a while but fell back, finishing in 01:40:38, 4th V540, he did keep another Ultra runner Brad Johnson at bay, with Brad finishing 17 second in arreas to Kevin; as ever it should be noted that Kevin ran the Gwent League cross country event the day before the Dozen.  I guess as you get older its more important to warm up!

Kevins near miss of a top three place in his age category was rectified by two other Dursley Runners, Leslie Pedrick was third V65 in 2:30:15 and Kate Browning was 1st FV40 (01:57:24),  having entered late; Ray Williams donating his number and then harassing her around the course with cries of "do my number proud". Adding to this Alice Lewis and Zoe Johnson both achieved top 10 finishes in their age categories. There were a whole host of good runs to achieve category wins with David George and Neil Grants runs standing out in the MV55 and MV60 categories and the Dozen was pleased to welcome back Jenny Mills from Launceston Road Runners who again finished first in her category in just over 2 hours.

Towards the back end of the race there were a number of Dozen initiates from the club, who showed that a sensible approach to the race combined with regular training will get you around, Margaret Johnson running with Racheal Johnson ran well to finish in just over 2:20 with Zoe Fowler and Rachal Carter only 8 minutes behind the Johnsons. Perhaps is Zoe and rachel had dispensed with their black bin liners they might have had to run a bit faster just to keep warm.


Zoe declared the dozen to be muddier that the Mudrunner! Mathew Sutton was Dursley's Lanterne Rouge, and as with the Tour de France, just getting around is something to be proud of. Checking out the photos below the Dursley Runners all finished with a smile on their faces and some of them even had a smile on them during the run, of course it was not just the Dursley runners who revelled in the challenge presented to them.

 Full results are available from DB Max http://www.dbmax.co.uk/assets/results/1175/original/Dursley.html?1360503781

 And here are the photos! Two Albums as we have so many sorry there are no links to your race numbers but enjoy anyway....




Category Winners

FV35 Annabel Grainger     Bristol and West AC                   01:35:28

FV40 Kate Browning         Dursley AC                                01:57:24

FV45 Kate Wright             Stratford AC                               01:44:50

FV50 Sue Tanner              Chippenham Harriers                  01:59:15

FV60 Jenny Mills              Launceston Road Runners          02:02:47

MV40 Miguel Mundinano    Cheltenham & County Harriers    01:30:38

MV45 Christopher Harrhy  Liswerry Runners                       01:35:36

MV50 Stephen Goulding    Swindon Harriers                       01:34:58

MV55 David George          Westbury Harriers                      01:49:11

MV60 Neil Grant              Chepstow Harriers                      01:49:41

MV65 Robert Anderson     Liswerry Runners                       02:18:19

Dursley AC Results: Daniel Anderson 34th 01:40:37; Laszlo Berdan 35th 01:41:20; Kevin Jackson 47th 01:43:58; Braddan Johnson 50th 01:44:15; Hayden Smith 68th 01:47:40; Gareth Bradbury 116th 01:53:48;  Ian Hobbs 125th 01:55:33; Kate Browning 259th 02:12:17; Richard Clarke 166th 02:01:34; Joe Browning 259th 02:12:17; Zoe Johnson 281st 02:15:10; Mike Leeson 289th 02;16:38; Margaret Johnson 329th 02:21:49; Rachael Johnson 330th 02:21:49; Jerry Fowler 340th 02:23:52; Leslie Pedrick 363rd 02:30:15: Sarah Crabtree 366th 2;30:52; Alice Lewis 391st 02:35:19;   Zoe Fowler 428th 02:47:18; Rachel Carter 429th 02:47:22; Mathew Sutton 435th 02:50:42

 What the runners said (courtesy of Runners World Website)

Running Goat.

In short: it was billed as the hardest race ever and it is one of the hardest I've done
In full: Never ran this race before but had heard lots of good things about it and they were all true :-)Brilliantly organised marshals were great under terrible conditions ! Lots of hills,so much mud,and plenty of rain i had a awesome time!! Loved every minute of it! I will be back next year 

Mason 10

In short: Toughest, But Best race around.
In full: Hideous conditions made this a real toughie this year, but still best race around. Special thanks to marshalls & jelly babies.

James Cheseldine

In short: Insane. 
In full: Awful conditions made this really tough. Endless mud. Impossible hills. Wind and rain. Every mile seemed like 2. 
Great tea and cakes at HQ. showers were cold at an early stage which was a shame. A special mention to Dave who spent ages helping me and others get our atrophied shoes off at the race HQ. marshalling generally awesome on a rubbish day weather wise. 

Rhy Pippard

In short: Hardest race around! 
In full: The hardest race around was even harder this year - with torrential rain, knee-deep mud, and truly extraordinary hills - half the course was unwalkable, let alone unrunnable. This was the hardest 12 miles imaginable. Fortunately it was also the well organised and had great marshaling. I will definitely be running this one next year. 

Again many thanks go to the race organisers, volunteers and other helpers without who this iconic race could not take place, it does not happen over night and when the runners are on their way home are busy taking down course markings, cleaning showers and generally sorting things out, many thanks for all your help and again the many positive comments that we receive on the day and afterwards testify that your efforts are all to the good. A special thanks this year to the marshals who had to endure pretty harsh conditions. Also thanks to Gloucester Sports who supported the event by providing race numbers  www.gloucestersports.com 


Well done everyone see you in 2014