Interested in joining us?
Have look and join our Facebook page, this gives a really good view  of  both eh activities sand friendliness of the club, alternatively give us a ring and have a chat if you are interested or come along to the Dursley Rugby Club at Stinchombe on a Tuesday at 6.15 for an ever optimistic 6.30 start. We also run on Thursday at 7pm, this includes structured training both in winter and summer with a focus on doing something different, speed, hills and or working on running form.

Dursley Running club welcomes all levels of runners from those wanting a little bit of gentle exercise to those competing in Ultra Marathons and other crazy events. The club also has an active triathlon section. The latter train both a local pools Stroud, Thornbury and Dursley as well as at the Lakes in South Cerney. There is also a fairly active group of cyclists who o on fairly regular rides. 

The club is registered with both the British Triathlon Association, UK Athletics and the Association of Running Clubs.

Why join? Well the club has a well supported club night on a Tuesday with wide variety of groups to suit all levels of runner and also organises runs on other days of the week via our face book page and members e-mail, but apart from these opportunities to enjoy running around Dursley and another areas of the country with a friendly bunch there are a number of good reason to join:

Club running will help you improve

The club affiliations provide reduced entry fees to races, for those entering regularly the savings made are likely to outweigh your membership fees.

As a member of UK Athletics via the club you will also get discounts at Sweatshop.

As the club gets discounts of training courses we are developing our coaching resources in the club, which means as a runner you can take advantage not only or wealth of experience but also our Run Leaders and Coaches can give you up to date advice training. If you are interested in coaching and willing to commit to a minimum number of hours contribution the club will consider supporting your attendance at UKA courses.

We also run structured sessions, sometime stand alone such as “Walk Run”, “Running Slightly Faster than Normal” and speed endurance sessions, clubs nights also feature structured training sessions to help members improve their running. All sessions are built around the abilities of those participating.

The club also runs a number of races; the famous Dursley Dozen and the Berkeley 10k are both open races. The former event is a key event for the club and so members can only run if they can provide a substitute marshal. We encourage as many members as possible to run the Berkeley 10K event, the latter event being considerably easier to marshal. Over the summer the club runs a “members only” handicap series. Over 4 races this fastest start last series is great fun and offers everyone a chance to win a prize.

In the winter we expect all runners to have a hi-viz jacket, gillet or bib, not only for their safety but for fellow runners, for runners in groups 1, 2 and 3 we would recommend a head torch as these groups will often run on country lanes where potholes as much as oncoming cars are an issue.

We don’t expect anyone to join straight away, but we won’t stop you if you want to! Please feel free to run with us for 2-3 weeks but after that point if you are coming along on our runs we require you to have submitted your membership application form and subs. See our on-line membership application by using the following link

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