The Second of September saw the final Fitness Run if the season, although there was little in the way of wind it was quite a warm evening and this would have had an impact on the runners. As ever this event for aspirant runners attracted a large field of 99 runners. Kim Stevenson ran an excellent PB, 28:28  to be 3rd Lady home, knocking 1:47 of her previous best time, and this having run the Tuesday night handicap as well; suggesting there is more to come from her, if not this season the certainly next. Paul Wellings ran a consistent 25:24 his second quickest time of the season. After consitent running over the series finishing with mid 28s John Delafield showed good progression to a new PB of 28:12. John Spicer ran 33:35 slightly slower than his last outing but there was not the incentive of keeping ahead of Leslie Smee




Paul Wellings                25.24    12th

Dave Halford                 26.59    19th

John Delafield                28.12    26th 

Kim Stevenson              28.28    39th  

John Spicer                   33.35    66th


The August Four miler took place in good conditions with again an excellent turn out from the club with Paul Wellings coming in first, Severn AC had him down as Paul Weller, well "That's entertainment"! He ran just over 30 seconds faster than his previous outing in June.  John Delafield knocked a huge 40 seconds of his July time making it his quickest time this year. Lesley Smee knocked 1 minute and 21 seconds of her previous attempt, still working on catching John Spicer though!


Paul Wellings                   25.11

Dave Woods                     25.32

John Delafield                  28.34

Ray Williams                    28.42

Mark Waller                       29.10

Mel Williams                     31.09

Avrill Yearsley                   31.58

John Spicer                     32.06

Lesley Smee                   32.49


July Four Miler 2010

Another good turn out from the club at Severn ACs July's Fitness run was greeted with testing conditions. Whilst the temperature was not as high as it has been recently, it was still warm when the race began and a very stiff breeze faced the runners both at the half way stage and then on the uphill drag on the return leg.

Dave Durden was first Dursley runner home but was disappointed with both time and placing, claiming a hangover from the Cotswold relay. However John Spicer was  over the moon having run the event 2 minutes quicker than his previous outing. Lesley Smee was unlucky not to give John a good run for his money but some vociferous spectators gave her the impression that the finish was sooner than it actually was. She came steaming into the last 300ms thinking it was the last 50. A slight re-adjustment needed to be made and Lesley cruised to the line having almost keeled over with her attempt to catch John! Dave Halford ran faster than his May outing which was impressive given the conditions. 

Dave Durden         4th    24:49

Dave Halford         17th   27:21

John Delafield       29th   29:14

Kim Stephenson   40th   31:33

John Spicer          61st   33:41

Lesley Smee        62nd  34:10

Alice Lewis          89th   39:10 

June Four Miler 2010

The second four miler saw a distinct change in the weather, with the sun out the conditions were warm for running. This did not stop a fantastic turn out from the club with 13 Dursley Runners making it up to the Pilot. First Dursley runner home was Dave Wood (running on the road surely not!!!!!) closely followed in by Paul Wellings, getting some lactic work in for Frampton 10K. Mel Williams was first Dursley Lady hotly pursued by Kim Stevenson.

It was unlucky thirteen for Fred Yearsley who was not holding Avril's hand when she finished. Rumour has it that he was saving himself for the Half Iron Man in North Wales the following week, although this did not stop Ray and Andy from completing the course. Sue Peachy ran a personal best after her steady 10K at Berkely and it is great to see John Spicer back at the event. 

Dave Wood               25.43           9

Paul Wellings           26.06          13

Ray   Williams          26.50          20

John Delafield           28.38          32

Andy Kilby               29.23          37

Mel Williams            30.38          44 1st dursley lady

Kim Stevenson         31.22          47

Sue Peachy             32.56(pb)     58

Avrill Yearsley          33.26           62

Lesley Smee            33.49          68

John Spicer              35.36          81

Alice  Lewis             38.37         92

Fred Yearsley          DNF  

May Four Miler 2010

The club had an excellent showing at the opener to the Fitness Four Miler series on election day 2010, with 7 runners from Dursley making the short  trip to the Pilot Inn.The series commenced with the now routine sight of Dave Durden crossing the line after 24 minutes had passed, placing second behind Nick Hitchens of Malvern Joggers.

John Burt finished well in 26.20 8th Position with Dave Halford PB-ing in 27;40 16th place, next month an early supper will now doubt lead to further improvement as Dave felt he was running on empty for the last mile. Fred Yearsley pronounced himself happy with this sub 30 run, although he should be a worried man with Kim Stephenson, Avril Yearsly and Alice Lewis who was running for the first time, following him in quick succession.

A few pints/oranage juices were then consumed as just reward for the effort.  Don't forget this excellent event is the first Thursday of every month from now til September.

Dave Durden     24:13

John Burt         26:20

Dave Halford     27:40

Fred Yearsley   29:11

Kim Stevenson 30:15

Avril Yearlsy     33:02

Alice Lewis       34:13