A mere 48 DRC runners made it to parkrun with the majority going to Wotton to celebrate Nicki Cowle and Julie Froggatts’ 50th parkruns.

Mark Brasier delivered the fastest DRC parkrun of 19:03 at Wotton with the highest age grading of the week at 73.32% with Annette Heylings reaching 70% at Kingsway. Steve Barnes was first home at Kingsway. Pbs (or course bests) were all at Wootton: well done Chris Barnes, Mike Hanman, Julie Fenn, Sam Martin, Margaret Badger, Terry Cother, Veronica Higgins and Carley Heath. Charley Palmer did some parkrun tourism in deepest Dorset, 12h home at the Moor Valley event

Kingsway: Steve Barnes, 119th , 27:24; Annette Heylings, 128th, 28:09; Ian Cole, 239th, 39:14;  Anne Harris, 252nd, 58:47. Andover: Neil Hodgson, 23rd, 20:25 

Moors Valley Country Park , Dorset: Charley Palmer, 12th, 25:31, First Timer:

Stonehouse: Erica Fuller, 35th, 27:47. Wotton: Mark Brasier, 3rd, 19:03, PB; Shona Darley, 29th, 24:20; Catherine Pinnock, 35th, 24:52; Chris Barnes, 45th, 26:24, PB; Sam Cother, 65th, 27:45; Tracey Strickland, 68th, 27:52; Mike Hanman, 71st, 28:08, PB; Garry Strickland, 73rd, 28:09; Pete Dunn, 77th, 28:15; Steve Rugman, 94th, 29:24; Debi Jones, 105th, 30:20, First Timer; Oliver Norris, 110th, 30:31; Becky Court, 113th, 30:39; Deborah Moulder, 114th, 30:43, First Timer; Julie Froggatt, 117th, 30:47; Nicki Cowle, 118th, 30:48; Julie Fenn, 119th, 30:49, PB; Andrew Eades, 120th, 30:50; Lisa Hindshaw, 121st, 30:52; Sam Martin, 122nd, 30:54, PB; Antony Ball, 123rd, 30:55; Margaret Badger, 124th, 30:56, PB; Jackie Pennington, 129th, 31:07; Terry Cother, 136th, 31:26, PB; Rachael Goatman, 139th, 31:44; Clair Norman, 141st, 31:54;Nicki Squire, 142nd, 31:57, First Timer; Veronica Higgins, 144th, 32:04, PB; Jo Fearns, 145th, 32:05, First Timer; Angie Sinton, 146th, 32:11;Carly Heath, 149th, 32:33, PB; Janet Matthews, 154th, 33:52; Ian Roberts, 155th, 33:53; Aby Cairns, 158th, 34:42; Tracey Goodwin, 159th, 34:43; Lisa Young, 161st, 34:58; Sam Stevens, 163rd, 35:17; Charlotte Taylor, 164th, 35:18, First Timer; John Delafield, 171st, 37:12; Denise Billings, 172nd, 37:31, First Timer; Matt Hazel-Livall, 178th, 39:06;



Twenty-Eight DRC runners completed a parkrun on Saturday at the weekend with three runners under 20 minutes led by Neil Hodson at Sounth Manchester in 19:02, Tim Ennis first home for DRC and second overall at Wooton in 19:32 with Nigel Burford just behind him, with an impressive 77.8 age grading, both running PBs.

Other parkrun PBs were Tracey Strickland and Pete Wintle also at Wotton, Deborah Moulder at Kingsway and Soos Moss at Pomphrey (nb some may be course bests). A number where close to their best including Lisa Gillooly, Lise Hindshaw, Jackie Pennington and Elieen Hieron. Well done to Moira Woodward and Ollie Norris running a for the first time at Wotton, Moira with an impressive 65% age grading (rounded up!). Also a couple of tourists out there, Neil at Manchester and Sam Hill at the delightfully named Tamar Lakes.

Kingsway: Julie Froggatt, 102nd, 27:56, (62.35%); Lisa Gillooly, 146th , 30:36;  Jo Fearns, 153rd , 30:47; Jane Lamper, 158th , 31:07; Deborah Moulder, 167th , 32:12, PB; Kelly Gabb, 182nd, 33:47; Louise Beck, 198th , 34:34; Rachael Goatman, 206th , 36:12; Terry Cother, 208th , 36:18; Aby Cairns, 209th , 36:19; Shona Darley, 212th , 36:27

Wotton: Tim Ennis, 2nd, 19:32, 66.55%, PB; Nigel Burford, 3rd , 19:55, (77.82%), PB; Lisa Hindshaw, 22nd, 24:47, (63.48%); Louise Biddell, 26th , 25:28; Steve Rugman, 31st , 27:10; Tracey Strickland, 33rd, 27:21, 64.47%, PB; Pete Wintle, 37th , 28:05, 57.63%, PB; Moira Woodward, 38th, 28:25, (64.57%); Nicki Cowle, 39th, 28:47; Jackie Pennington, 44th, 29:41; Oliver Norris, 47th , 30:09; Eileen Hieron, 48th , 30:16, (78.69%); Garry Strickland, 49th, 30:17; Tracey Goodwin, 59th , 33:36. South Manchester: Neil Hodgson, 9th , 19:02, (73.91%).

Pomphrey: Suzanne Louise Moss, 200th , 31:47, PB; Tamar Lakes; Samantha Hill, 91st, 35:11, 


On a hot Saturday morning there was just the one PB at parkrun, but just getting around was hard enough, well done Liz Halford PB, and Luke Davis DRC Junior and first home for DRC at Wotton! At Kingsway Anne Harris was just a second of a PB and first home in 22:35,with Cath Hall supported to the finish By Sarah Willcox. Terry Clother and Ian Cole, were first timers to park run. Neil Hodgson was unsurprisingly fastest DRC male and given heat was not far off his best at Andover.

Andover:Neil Hodgson, 6th , 18:57. Stonehouse: Nichola Springer, 94th , 37:49; Chipping Sodbury: Tracey Strickland, 150th , 27:17; Garry Strickland, 151st , 27:17; Steve Rugman, 152nd , 27:20;

Kingsway: Anne Harris, 45th , 22:35; Antony Ball, 62nd , 23:42; Charley Palmer, 112th , 26:34; Shona Darley, 124th , 27:06; Oliver Norris, 173rd , 30:18; Louise Biddell, 195th , 31:11; Deborah Moulder, 262nd , 35:03; Terry Cother, 263rd , 35:11; Ian Cole, 275th , 36:14; Aby Cairns, 276th, 36:15; Sarah Willcox, 316th , 43:36; Catherine Hall, 317th , 43:39;

Wotton: Luke Davis, 12th , 23:36; Liz Halford, 38th , 27:43:00, PB; Pete Wintle, 56th , 31:24; Diana Gore, 58th , 31:43; Richard Smith, 65th , 33:35; Julie Fenn, 84th , 37:56; Lisa Hindshaw, 85th , 37:56; Clair Norman, 86th , 37:57; Nicki Cowle, 87th , 37:57; Tracey Goodwin, 89th , 38:53.



Twenty seven DRC athletes were parkrunning this weekend. It was welcome back to Neil Hodgson at Kingsway, who cruised around in 18:45 just 10 seconds off his course best recording DRC’s fastest parkrun of the weekend.

Behind him at Kingsway Richard Pitts, Shona Darley and Anne Harris all impressed with their age grading, with Shona still very consistent off her marathon training. Mike Thomas and Andy Hara posted PBs at Kingsway. The summer is helping plenty of Wotton PBS with Mark Brasier leading the team home in 19:09, another excellent run around this testing course and a personal best, with Garry Strickland, Paul Lewington, Lise Hindshaw and Veronica Higgins also achieving PBs. Pete Wintle and Sam Stevens ran close to PBs at Kingsway. All good things come to those who wait, getting close to a PB is generally a good sign! Junior Ruby Heath kept up her her impressive running at Kingsway!

Kingsway:  Neil Hodgson, 3rd , 18:45, 75.02%; Richard Pitts, 10th , 20:03, 74.73%; Shona Darley, 48th , 23:02, 67.29%; Anne Harris, 56th , 23:19, 65.19%; Mike Thomas, 71st , 24:06, PB; Andrew Hara, 94th , 25:31, PB ; Steve Barnes, 118th , 26:37; Pete Wintle, 157th , 28:32; Mike Hanman, 163rd , 28:45; Sam Stevens, 205th , 31:10; Carly Heath, 253rd , 35:09; Ruby Heath, 254th , 35:15; Paul Dunn, 266th , 36:18; Julie Fenn, 270th , 36:32; Kelly Gabb, 271st , 36:35. Stonehouse: Russell Rolls, 30th , 23:49.


Wotton; Mark Brasier, 5th , 19:09, 72.93% PB; Garry Strickland, 19th , 21:42, 70.20% PB; Paul Lewington, 46th , 25:00, 64.13%PB; Lisa Hindshaw, 47th , 25:02, 62.85% PB; Louise Biddell, 63rd , 26:08; Steve Rugman, 77th , 26:49; Tracey Strickland, 103rd , 29:16, 60.25% PB; Diana Gore, 116th , 30:25, 62.03% PB; Jackie Pennington, 117th , 30:26; Veronica Higgins, 132nd, 32:16; Tracey Goodwin, 159th , 35:47,



Fifty-one DRC athletes took part in park run with thirty seven DRC athletes runners out at Kingsway parkrun led home by speedsters Tim Ennis and Robyn Jackson, running the course in 19;13, (9th)from Tim and 19:14 for Robyn for the first time she posted a time of 19:14 (11th) with an age grading of 76.95.

At the off road Wotton parkrun Mark Braiser ran a scintillating 19:19 a mere 5 seconds off his parkrun best achieved at Kingsway pancake flat course. Fifteen athletes achieved personal bests, at Kingsway: Kris Rymer, Mark Owen, Andrew Eades, Andy Hara, Chris Curry,

Ben Houghton, Sam Stevens, Sarah Willcox, Samantha Hill, at Wotton: Mark Brasier

Alice Lewis, Anthony Matthews, Caroline Whitlock and Pete Wintle. Alan Honey came 4th overall and won his age category at the Okanagan Park Run in 22:32 min yesterday, helped by the small field of 49. This was the first Park Run in Canada and only started last August.

Kingsway:  Tim Ennis 9th , 19:13 (1st SM30-34); Robyn  Jackson, 11th , 19:14; Gareth Bradbury, 17th, 19:35; Jadie Cotterell, 52nd, 21:58; Kris Rymer, 75th, 23:24, PB; Shona Darley, 77th, 23:32; Tara Truman, 78th, 23:32; Joe Ball, 80th, 23:34; Mark Owen, 82nd, 23:39, PB; Antony Ball, 85th, 23:53; Tony Waye, 95th, 24:14, First Timer; Mark Western, 96th, 24:14; Andrew Eades, 115th, 25:28, PB; Steve Barnes, 152nd, 26:42; Neil Malpass, 164th, 26:53; Andrew Hara, 178th, 27:34, PB; Luke Davis, 181st, 27:38; Liz Halford, 195th, 28:06; Chris Curry, 196th, 28:06, PB; Ben Houghton, 228th, 29:49, PB; Dave Halford, 237th, 30:08; Oliver Norris, 243rd, 30:25; Louise Biddell, 244th, 30:25; Sam Stevens, 258th, 31:00, PB; Sarah Willcox, 266th, 31:16, PB; Nicola Evered, 267th, 31:16; Veronica Higgins, 273rd, 31:48; Samantha Hill, 289th, 32:35, PB; Cara Zoglowek, 322nd, 34:03; Lila Heath, 340th, 35:55; Ruby Heath, 343rd, 36:04; Carly Heath, 345th, 36:09; Julie Fenn, 376th, 37:57; Catherine Griffiths, 388th, 38:46; Leigh Allen, 412th, 42:30; Catherine Hall, 413th, 42:31; Emma Boxall, 417th, 42:41;

Wotton: Mark Brasier, 4th, 19:19, PB; Alice Lewis, 31st, 22:53, PB; Anthony Matthews, 49th, 23:52, PB; Steve Rugman, 67th, 25:12; Caroline Whitlock, 70th, 25:29, PB; Janet Matthews, 71st, 25:30;

Pete Wintle, 104th, 28:10, PB; Mike Hanman, 112th, 28:59, First Timer; Tracey Strickland, 120th, 29:15; Garry Strickland, 121st, 29:15; Diana Gore, 128th, 30:10; Jackie Pennington, 129th, 30:13

Monmouth: Charley Palmer, 47th, 26:04, First Timer; John Hookway, 85th, 29:31.



Parkrun 29.04.17

Thirty-five DRC athletes completed a parkrun at the weekend, Neil Hodgson had a week off from being a fastest and was replaced at the tip of the leader board by Luke Davis DRC Junior who ran 21:25 at Chipping Sodbury to pip Mark Brasier, 21:27 at Wotton, to the fastest parkrun time of the weekend, both running PBs in the process. Mark achieved his PB off his London Marathon as did Shona Darley who smashed her previous best at Kingsway. Joining them with PBs were (Kingsway) Mark Westerns, Michelle Ball, Pete Wintle, Sue Jones ,Veronica Higgins Catherine Hall, Liz Miller, (Wotton) Pete Dunn, Janet Mathews, Diana Gore, Nicki Cowle, Tracey Goodwin and Cahroltte Strickland (Chipping Sodbury).

A number were very close to their best this included Louise Biddell, Lisa Gillooly and Paul Lewington. Running at Kingsway Alice Smith made her debut on the course whist Andrew Eades and Andy Hara completed their first ever parkruns.

DRC as ever had a host of runners at the top of or near to the top pf ther age categories, With Shona Darley and Luke Davis with the highest age gradings of 68.03 and 60.42 respectively 

 Kingsway: Shona Darley, 33rd, 22:47, (1st VW40-44), 68.03%, PB; Mark Western, 62nd, 24:11, (6th VM50-54) PB; Louise Biddell, 79th , 25:34, (4th VW35-39); Andrew Eades, 80th, 25:45, VM35-39; Michelle Ball, 83rd, 25:53, (8th VW40-44), PB; Pete Wintle, 119th, 28:08, (4th VM60-64), PB; Mike Hanman, 125th, 28:25, (5th VM60-64), Charley Palmer, 144th, 29:49; Andrew Hara, 146th, 29:54; Lisa Gillooly, 166th, 30:29; Jo Fearns, 177th, 31:04; Sue Jones, 179th, 31:09; Ronnie Williams, 180th, 31:17; Veronica Higgins, 184th, 31:25, PB; Alice Smith, 194th, 32:24; Sara Eden, 213rd, 33:46;  Peter Western, 215th, 34:20; Emma Richards, 231st, 35:01; Lila Heath, 250th, 36:54, (5th JW10), Carly Heath, 251st, 36:59; Ruby Heath, 256th, 37:06, (6th JW10); Catherine Hall, 280th, 42:07, SW30-34, PB; Oliver Norris, 282nd, 42:08, (10th JM11-14), Liz Miller, 285th, 42:12, VW40-44, PB. Andover: Neil Hodgson, 49th, 23:04, VM40-44, PB stays at 00:18:34; Wotton: Mark Brasier, 10th, 21:27, (1st VM40-44), PB; Pete Dunn, 17th, 23:29, (2nd VM40-44), PB; Janet Matthews, 31st, 25:06, (1st VW35-39), PB; Paul Lewington, 34th, 25:50, (1st VM60-64); Diana Gore, 51st, 28:48, (1st VW55-59), PB; Nicki Cowle, 52nd, 28:56, (4th VW40-44), PB; Jackie Pennington, 55th, 29:28, (4th VW50-54), PB; Tracey Goodwin, 82nd, 33:47, (6th VW50-54), PB; Chipping Sodbury: Luke Davis, 45th, 21:25, (2nd JM11-14), PB; Charlotte Strickland, 125th, 24:45, (1st SW20-24), PB.

Parkrun 22.04.17

Neil Hodgson was again fastest DRC parkrunner, this time at Andover with a course best. Rebecca Fowler Topham looked good at Wotton, 2nd woman  home with a PB  and a 70% age grading. Neil Truelove also rana PB in close attendance, and it was great to see Deb Peake return to parkrun. Alice Lewis on her own at Chipping Sodbury but a PB and 81% age grading made up for the loneliness! Other PBs Ian Roberts, Steve Rugman, Pete Wintle, Diana Gore, Veronica Higgins,  Nicki Cowle (course best), Sam Stevens, Tracey Goodwin, Chris Curry, Rach Goatman-Thomas, Lisa Gillooly, Jane Lamper,  Sarah Willcox, Cara Zoglowek, Denise Billings, Kelly Gabb.


Parkrun 25.03

It was quiet weekend for Dursley Running Club with parkrun being the main attraction. Thirty-four DRC athletes travelled far and wide to take part in the mass participation event. With Kate Browning notching up another marathon on her way to the100 club and Annette Heylings completing the Cheshire 10K. 

There were a number of highlights at parkrun. James Everett broke Dursley’s parkrun record time running at York in his first ever parkrun. Finishing in 17:06 just ahead of his brother he still only placed 4th with the first placed runner coming home in just over 15 minutes! Jadie Cotterell was first woman home at Kingsway in a  very impressive 21:56, with Fran Amigoni not far behind the second woman home. A minute up the path was Luke Davis DRC junior recording a PB and placing first in category. Alice Lewis was first woman home at Wotton, still muddy, although drying up, and Alice topped the age grading charts with a 78.26% higher than James! Pete Dunn was first VM 10 at Wotton, which will be a pleasant novelty for him and 22 others joined him the top ten of their respective age categories

There was a plethora of PBs. Luke Davis (Junior), Jadie Cotterell, Louse Biddell, Liz Halford, Clair Norman, Chris Curry, Ruby Heath (Junior) Aby Cairns, Carly Heath at Kingsway, Andy Kilby at Ashton Court, Alice Lewis and Pete Dunn at Wotton, and DianaGore at Chipping Sodbury. Ronnie Williams was just 6 seconds off her best at Kingsway and was 6th woman overall.  Margaret Badger completed her first ever parkrun. All the Dursley Juniors all thoroughly enjoyed their parkrun. Apart from James in York this week’s tourist were Rob Woodward, joining Andy Kilby on his home turf in Bristol, with Charley Palmer and John Hookway travelling up to Arrow Valley in Redditch for their parkrun fix.

Kingsway: Mark Brasier, 16th , 20:31 (3rd VM40-44) 67.51%; Luke Davis, 20th,20:58 (1st JM11-14) 70.91%, PB; Jadie Cotterell, 30th,21:56 (1st SW30-34) 67.55%, PB; Francesca Amigoni, 40th ,22:57 (2nd SW30-34) 64.78%; Dave Halford, 43rd,23:18 (6thVM40-44); Kevin Higgins, 48th, 23:36 (2nd VM60-64) 69.14%; Antony Ball, 52nd, 23:47 (9th VM45-49) 61.04%; Ronnie Williams, 56th, 23:54 (5th SW30-34), 61.92%; Shona Darley, 68th, 24:56 (2nd VW40-44) 62.17%; Janet Matthews, 72nd, 25:07 (2nd VW35-39) 60.25%; Louise Biddell, 77th, 25:25 (4th VW35-390 PB; Liz Halford, 82nd, 25:42 (3rd VW40-44) 60.31%, PB: Clair Norman, 117th, 27:49 (9th VW35-39) PB; Chris Curry ,156th ,30:13, PB: Ruby Heath, ,203rd, 33:06, (2nd JW10) PB; Aby Cairns, 206th 33:18, PB; Veronica Higgins ,208th          33:41; Lila Heath, 216th, 34:20 (4th JW10) PB; Carly Heath ,218th 34:33, PB; Margaret Badger, 226th, 35:34; Sue Jones, 248th, 40:53.

Aston Court: Rob Woodward, 284th, 28:41 (6th VM60-64); Andy Kilby, 292nd 28:47, (7th VM60-64) PB.

York: James Everett, 4th,17:06 (1st VM35-39) 77.10%.

Arrow Valley: Charley Palmer, 224th, 28:22; John Hookway, 292nd,30:31;

Wotton: Alice Lewis,10th, 23:46 (1st VW55-59) 78.26%, PB;Pete Dunn,13th, 25:00(1st VM40-44) PB

Chipping Sodbury: Thomas Smith, 9th,19:30 (2nd JM15-17) 69.23%; Nicki Cowle,192nd 27:34, (6th VW40-44); Diana Gore, 233rd, 29:13 (6th VW55-59) 63.66% PB;Jackie Pennington, 239th, 29:30 (5th VW50-54); Julie Fenn, 332nd, 33:05; Ian Roberts, 333rd,33:07.                                                                                                        

Parkrun 18.03

With Tom Smith taking the day off for his Birthday Neil Hodgson ran the fastest parkrun of the weekend at Andover, just warming up for a Half Marathon the next day! 

At Basingstoke Mike Crompton was a tad more circumspect in advance of the Reading Half. In all thirty five DRC parkrunners out there from Kingsway to New Zealand, with eight DRC Juniors running. Lisa Hindshaw Louise Biddell and Eileen and John Hieron all ran PBs. With Garry Strickland and Steve Rugman parkrun tourists at Cardiff, Charley Palmer and John Hookway at Evesham, Chris Ashworth in the Forest and Louis Bowcock in Brighton.

Kingsway: Nigel Sankey, 11th, 20:07, VM35-39, 65.95%; Kevin Higgins, 48th, 24:11, VM60-64, 67.47%,; Lisa Hindshaw, 71st, 25:52, VW40-44, 60.37%, PB; Nicki Cowle, 101st, 27:54, VW40-44; Julie Froggatt, 108th, 28:32, VW50-54, 61.04%; Liz Halford, 128th, 29:34, VW40-44; Sally Williams, 138th, 30:43, VW45-49; Jo Fearns, 149th, 31:11, VW40-44; Isabelle Hughes, 182nd, 33:34, JW11-14; Sam Martin, 183rd, 33:46, VW35-39; Veronica Higgins, 184th, 33:47, VW55-59; Ruby Heath, 204th, 35:33, JW10; Lila Heath, 207th, 36:02, JW10; Carly Heath, 211th, 36:13; Olive Jones, 215th, 36:23, JW10; Charlie Jones, 216th, 36:23, JM10; Caroline Jones, 217th, 36:37, VW35-39; Aby Cairns, 224th, 37:01, VW40-44; Layla Grant, 225th, 37:03, JW10.

Brighton and Hove: Louis Bowcock, 370th, 31:43, JM10.

Cardiff: Steve Rugman, 444th, 30:22, VM55-59; Garry Strickland, 445th, 30:26, VM50-54, ,

Basingstoke: Mike Crompton, 183rd , 27:33, SM30-34. 

Andover: Neil Hodgson, 4th, 19:06, VM40-44, 73.65%.

Wotton: Louise Biddell, 26th, 27:28, VW35-39, PB; Tracey Strickland, 31st, 30:07, VW50-54

Chipping Sodbury: Diana Gore, 49th, 33:11, VW55-59; Jackie Pennington, 250th, 33:12, VW50-54.

 Crissy Field New Zealand: Eileen Hieron, 7th, 31:36, VW70-74, 75.37%, PB

John Hieron, 58th, 32:12, VM80-84, 65.27%, PB.

Evesham: Charley Palmer, 81st, 29:22, VW40-44; John Hookway, 91st, 30:59, SM30-34.

Forest of Dean: Chris Ashworth, 45th, 26:50, VM60-64, 60.81%.


11th of March 

The Weekend saw Parkrun PBs for Jadie Cotterell, Julie Fenn, Jo Fearns, Claire Searle, with Andy Kilby making
a debut appearance at Ashton Court Tom  Smith quickest of the weekend with good time of 19:19 @ Kingsway. Luke Davis DRC Junior ran a very impressive 21:50!

 Kingsway: Thomas Smith, 5th , 19:19, JM15-17, 70.92%,; Luke Davis, 16th, 21:50, JM11-14, 68.09%,; Jadie Cotterell, 20th, 22:02, SW30-34, 67.25%, New PB!; Antony Ball, 48th, 24:19, VM45-49, 59.70%; Nicki Cowle, 103rd, 27:13, VW40-44, 56.52%; Julie Fenn, 104th, 27:13, VW35-39, 54.93%, New PB!; Ian Roberts, 106th, 27:15, VM40-44, 51.25%; Richard Pitts, 125th, 28:59, VM50-54, 51.70%; Mike Hanman, 133rd, 29:31, VM60-64, 55.79%; Jo Fearns, 148th, 30:46, VW40-44, 50.76%, New PB!; Sam Stevens, 155th, 31:27, SW30-34, 47.16%;Pete Wintle, 163rd, 31:46, VM60-64, 50.94%; Clair Norman, 178th, 32:53, VW35-39, 45.77%, First Timer!; Aby Cairns, 213th, 35:19, VW40-44, 43.89%, First Timer!

Ashton Court: Andy Kilby, 278th, 29:10, VM60-64, 54.97%, First Timer!

Wotton; Steve Rugman, 15th, 28:36, VM55-59, 54.20%; Claire Searle, 17th, 28:52, VW50-54, 60.33%, New PB!; Pete Dunn, 28th, 31:14, VM40-44, 44.34; Jude Rugman, 46th, 35:44, VW50-54, 49.35%,

Chipping Sodbury: Russell Rolls, 65th, 23:31, VM40-44, 58.47%; Lisa Hindshaw, 137th, 26:26:, VW40-44, 59.08%, ; Diana Gore, 224th, 29:37, VW55-59, 62.80%; Jackie Pennington, 230th, 29:52, VW50-54, 57.53%; Tracey Goodwin, 323rd, 34:58, VW50-54, 47.95%, New PB!

DRC tourists:

Longrun Meadow  Taunton; Charley Palmer, 186th, 29:40, VW40-44, 51.85%; John Hookway, 243rd, 32:59, SM30-34, 39.57%.

Pangshanger, St Albans: Julie Froggatt, 163rd, 29:28, VW50-54, 59.11%,

Parkrun 04th March 2017 

Tom Smith was again quickest around the park for Dursley in the slippery conditions at Wotton with arejuvinated Steve “the Hurricane” Watson not far behind, with firt timer Tony Ball placing 9th just ahead of Rebecca Topham to make 4 DRC runner in the first 10, not to mention a race director and some marshals.Shona Darley manged a personal best despite the wet conditions. At Stonehouse the Denton Family had two PBs Matt and Daisy! with Emma some way of her best! Annette Keevil was pleased with a 5k PB at Kingsway  and first in category, Annie Hidden 3rd in category and a PB, with Diana Gore using the “no wine Friday night” tactic to run a PB, she should try the three pints of cider programme!

Prize for the parkrun tourist goes to Gary Strickland over at the “Humber Bridge Country Park event. Placing a respectable 5th in category he was one of many DRC runners achieving over 60% on age grading

Chipping Sodbury: Russell Rolls,100th,24:52: Diana Gore, 217th, 29:21, (4th VW55-59), 63.37%,PB; Jackie Pennington, 245th, 30:28:00, (7th VW50-54)

Humber Bridge: Gary Strickland , 31st, 23:46, (5th VM50-54), 64.10%

Kingsway: Annette Keevil, 64th, 25:18, (1st VW40-44), 60.47%; Neil Malpass, 74th (5th VM50-54, 26:22; Michelle Ball, 93rd, 27:34, (5th VW40-44); Julie Froggatt, 109th, 28:47,(2nd VW50-54) 60.51%; Annie Hidden, 132nd, 30:59, (3rd VW50-54)(PB):

Stonehouse: Emma Denton, 46th, 31:23; Matthew Denton, 47th, 31:44, PB;

Wotton: Thomas Smith, 1st, 22:26, (1st JM15-17), 61.07%; Stephen Watson, 3rd, 23:18, (1st VM45-49), 61.30%; Antony Ball, 9th, 26:09, (2nd VM45-49); Rebecca Topham, 10th, 26:12, (1st VW45-49), 61.20%; Shona Darley, 12th, 26:46, (1st VW40-44),PB; Lisa Hindshaw, 18th, (2nd VW40-44),29:14; Steve Barnes, 27th, 31:26, (3rd VM60-64); Steve Rugman, 29th, 31:43, (1st VM55-59); Tracey Strickland, 30th, 31:49, (1st VW50-54); Charley Palmer, 39th, 35:42, (5th VW40-44); Samantha Hill, 44th, 38:27, (1st VW35-39); Tracey Goodwin, 45th, 40:31, (5th VW50-54).

25th of February

This weekends parkrun saw very blustery conditions but this did not stop a host of Dursley Running Club athletes in the 60% plus age grading with Alice Lewis recording an awesome 79.21% at Kingsway, Garry Strickland was over 70% at Chipping Sodbury, Jadie Cotterell 68% down in Cornwall and Neil Truelove an impressive 62% at Wotton after his return from a long layoff. Tom Smith was quickest with a time of just over 20 minutes, with Joe Ball just 52 seconds behind him at Kingsway. This weekend’s personal best were, Kingsway: Liz Halford, Pete Wintle, Sam Stevens and Tina Winfield and at Wotton: Neil Truelove. A number went close Julie Fenn just 3 seconds away at Kingsway, with Claire Searle 8 seconds away at Chipping Sodbury, Jude Rugman and Carolyn Thraves were not far off their bests.

Kingsway: Thomas Smith, 5th , 20:02, (1st JM15-17), (68.39%); Joe Ball, 9th, 20:52, (2nd SM18-19); Alice Lewis, 27th, 23:29, (1st VW55-59), (79.21%); Stephen Watson, 42nd, 24:39, (4th VM45-49); Shona Darley, 52nd, 25:28, (1st VW40-44); Antony Ball, 54th, 25:32, (7th VM45-49); Liz Halford, 61st, 26:37, (3rd VW40-44) PB; Lisa Hindshaw, 72nd, 27:12, (6th VW40-44); Nicki Cowle, 75th, 27:32, (7th VW40-44); Julie Fenn, 76th, 27:34, (2nd VW35-39); Pete Wintle, 111th, 30:24, (2nd VM60-64) PB; Rachael Goatman, 112th, 30:32, (5th VW45-49); Steve Barnes, 115th, 30:52, (3rd VM60-64); Sally Williams, 121st, 31:01, (6th VW45-49); Sam Stevens, 124th, 31:09, PB; Tina Winfield, 183rd, 33:53, PB; Tracey Goodwin, 209th, 36:40, (8th VW50-54); Avril Bagnall, 217th, 37:14, (10th SW25-29).

Wotton: Neil Truelove, 12th , 25:08, (1st VM55-59) PB, (62.73%); Rebecca Topham, 51st, 35:14.

Forest Rec. (Nottingham) Carolyn Thraves, 101st, 26:52, (1st VW35-39).

Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 21st , 21:28, (2nd VM50-54), (70.96%); Steve Rugman, 136th, 26:56, (8th VM55-59); Claire Searle, 143rd, 27:11, (2nd VW50-54), 63.21%; Tracey Strickland, 157th, 27:33, (3rd VW50-54), (64.00%); Jackie Pennington, 245th, 30:25; Diana Gore, 264th, 30:55, (4th VW55-59); Jude Rugman, 270th, 31:11.

Penrose (Cornwall) Jadie Cotterell, 28th , 21:44, (2nd SW30-34), (68.17%)

 18th February 

Yet again the fastest two parkrunners were Neil Hodgson, Andover, and Tom Smith, Chipping Sodbury, having both sampled the slog of a wet Wotton parkrun, they returned to some fast tracks to record a course best for Neil and close to one for Tom, both into 70% age grade times as was Richard Pitts who looked to be cruising around Kingsway. 

Dave Halford posted a good time at Kingsway close to a PB, as did Liz Halford. Achieving PBs at Kingsway were Charlotte Taylor and Veronica Higgins, Kris Rymer did so at Wotton with Charlie Strickland, Lise Hindshaw, Diane Gore and Tracey Goodwin at Chipping Sodbury.


Neil Hodgson, 4th, 18:35, (2nd VM40-44), 75.70%, Course Best.

Kingsway: Richard Pitts, 10th, 20:56 (1st VM50-54), 71.58%;

Dave Halford, 12th, 21:20 (3rd VM40-44), Kevin Higgins, 35th, 23:48(1st VM60-64);  

Shona Darley, 54th, 24:45, (2nd VW40-44); Liz Halford, 86th, 27:08;

Charley Palmer, 94th, 27:38; Charlotte Taylor, 157th, 32:35, PB;

Veronica Higgins, 167th , 33:18, (2nd VW55-59),PB; Tina Winfield, 191st, 35:37;

Paul Dunn, 203rd, 39:19;  Sue Jones, 219th, 43:16;

Chippenham: John Hookway , 110th , 30:36, (7th SM 30-34),

Wotton: Kris Rymer, 14th , 25:05, (4th VM35-39), PB;

Paul Lewington, 35th, 27:47(3rd VM60-64);

Steve Rugman, 52nd , 33:16, (3rd VM55-59),

Chipping Sodbury: Thomas Smith, 12th, 0_club_mini.jpg19:13, (2nd JM15-17);

Charlotte Strickland, 97th, 24:49, (3rd SW20-24) PB;

Lisa Hindshaw, 136th, 26:23, (1st VW40-44) PB;

Nicki Cowle, 147th, 26:44, (3rd VW40-44); Diana Gore, 224th, 29:49, (5th VW55-59), PB;

Jackie Pennington, 242nd, 30:20; Sam Stevens, 276th, 32:24, (5th SW30-34);

Emma Barrand, 315th, 35:44; Tracey Goodwin, 333rd, 37:21, PB.

11th February 2017

With Neil Truelove as Race Director a host of DRC were marshalling Saturday for Wotton parkrun, out in the snow were Nicki Cowle, , Pete Dunn, Julie Fenn, Ann Fitzjohn, David Fitzjohn, Lisa Hindshaw, , Margaret Johnson, Alice Lewis, Charley Palmer, Ian Roberts, and Rose Stephenson.Neil Hodgsons 68% age grading a Wotton shows how difficult that course is especially in when sodden, but he posted the quickest parkrun of the weekend with Thomas Smith a minute and a quarter behind.

PBs for Kris Rymer at Wotton, a fifth consequtive PB for Graham Tudor at Kingsway, moving up toward a 73% age grading with Tina Winfield also running personal best. John and Eileen Hieron are Wintering in New Zealand and John posted a PB at Western Springs with the husband and Wife first in age categories



Wotton( Race Director Neil Truelove): Neil Hodgson, 1st, 20:29, (1st VM40-44); Thomas Smith, 4th, 21:42, (1st JM15-17); Nigel Sankey, 9th, 23:20, (2nd VM35-39); Peter Chaffer, 11th, 23:52, (1st VM55-59); Kris Rymer, 21st, 25:27, (4th VM35-39) PB; Chris Ashworth, 43rd, 28:51, (2nd VM60-64); Shona Darley, 44th, 28:53, (2nd VW40-44); Steve Rugman, 49th, 29:19, (3rd VM55-59); Anthony Matthews, 54th, 29:44; Dave Halford, 59th, 31:05; Liz Halford, 60th, 31:06; Becky Court, 61st, 31:06, (3rd VW35-39); Janet Matthews, 77th, 34:51; Sam Stevens, 90th, 39:12; Jude Rugman, 92nd, 39:40, (3rd VW50-54)

Kingsway: Graham Tudor, 33rd, 22:16, (1st VM60-64) PB; Annette Heylings, 100th, 29:46, (1st VW60-64); Pete Wintle, 128th, 31:51; Tina Winfield, 155th, 33:57, (3rd VW40-44) PB

Western Springs New Zealand: John Hieron, 69th, 32:24, (1st VM80-84) PB; Eileen Hieron, 75th, 33:43, (1st VW70-74). Bideford:John Hookway, 62nd, 29:18, SM30-34,

 5th February 2017

30 DRC parkrunners were out and about on the first Saturday in February. As ever DRC placed well in the age categories. Neil Hodgson was quickest in 18:39 at Newbury with a 75.42% age grading, Alice Lewis recorded just over 72 percent and Wotton with Graeme Tudor going over 70% with his third consecutive PB at Kingsway, Tina Winfield also PBd in a a time of 36:07.  With a number taking an away day down to Chipping Sodbury there were a number of course bests on what is amore difficult course than the Kingsway flat track, this included Nicki Cowle and Julie King, with Liz Millar completing her first very parkrun. 

Newbury : Neil Hodgson, 4th,18:39, (1st VM40-44): Kingsway: Graham Tudor, 29th, 22:51, (1st VM60-64),(PB); Charley Palmer, 61st, 25:41, (1st VW40-44); Shona Darley, 73rd, 26:40, (3rd VW40-44); Steve Barnes, 85th, 27:21, (4th VM60-64); Annie Hidden, 129th, 31:45, (5th VW50-54); Julie Furneaux, 143rd, 32:35, (4th VW45-49); Veronica Higgins, 151st, 33:29, (3rd VW55-59) Tina Winfield, 174th, 36:07 (PB).

Wotton: Alan Honey, 10th, 25:04, (1st VM55-59) (Bristol Orienteering); Alice Lewis, 15th, 25:48, (1st VW55-59); Rachael Barker, 20th, 27:47, (1st SW30-34); Pete Dunn, 22nd, 27:50, (3rd VM40-44); Emily Renninson, 30th, 29:29, (3rd SW30-34); Steve Rugman, 33rd, 30:29, (2nd VM55-59); Tracey Strickland, 41st, 32:58, (3rd VW50-54); Garry Strickland, 42nd, 32:59, (3rd VM50-54); Dave Halford, 44th, 33:33, (5th VM40-44); Chris Ashworth, 45th, 33:35, (5th VM60-64); Liz Halford, 73rd, 49:39, (3rd VW40-44).

Chipping Sodbury: Nicki Cowle, 148th, 26:40, (8th VW40-44), Course Best; Lisa Hindshaw 149th, 26:44, (9th VW40-44); Emma Boxall 268th, 31:17; Rachael Goatman 287th, 32:33, Vicci Phillips  299th, 33:30; Amanda Hensman 301st, 33:33; Sarah Willcox, 311th, 34:08;Julie King, 356th, 39:20, (CB); Sara Eden, 360th, 41:27; Liz Miller, 373rd, 46:59.

 28 January 2017

The weekend saw 23 DRC athletes parkrunning with Graeme Tudor fastest for the club in 23:02 placing 2nd in category at Kingsway with a new personal best. There were several course bests: Shona Darley, Chippenham 24:59, Lisa Hindshaw, Chipping Sodbury 26:34 and Pete Dunn 28:14 at Pomphrey Hill,

Pete clearly needing to warm up before the Staverton 10 miler! Ronnie Williams returned to Kingsway and was close to running a PB placing 1st SW30-34. Nick Fennel and Audrey Harris ran their first ever parkruns, Audrey’s fuelled by gin apparently, this didn’t stop her placing 3rd in her category and Janet Mathews first in hers! John Hieron was another category winner 1st VM80 at Kingsway, recording a 65% age grading, with Kevin Higgins and Graeme Tudor recording 67% 70% respectively. 

Kingsway: Graham Tudor, 24th, 23:02, (2nd VM60-64); Ronnie Williams, 37th, 23:59, (1st SW30-34); Kevin Higgins, 39th, 24:17, (3rd VM60-64); Steve Rugman, 56th, 26:23, (4th VM55-59); Nick Fennell, 72nd, 27:49, (4th SM30-34); Steve Barnes, 79th, 28:16, (5th VM60-64); Tracey Strickland, 84th, 28:28, (2nd VW50-54); Garry Strickland, 85th, 28:28, (4th VM50-54); John Hieron, 129th, 31:53, (1st VM80-84); Jude Rugman, 134th, 32:24, (7th VW50-54); Veronica Higgins, 154th, 34:59, (3rd VW55-59); Tina Winfield, 167th, 37:25.

Stonehouse: Paul Lewington, 41st, 27:34, (3rd VM60-64). Pomphrey Hill; Pete Dunn, 22nd, 28:14

Chippenham: Shona Darley, 9th, 24:59, (3rd VW40-44); Charley Palmer, 80th, 29:03, (7th VW40-44); Julie Furneaux, 138th, 36:56, VW45-49.

Chipping Sodbury; Lisa Hindshaw, 129th, 26:24, (3rd VW40-44); Julie King, 383rd, 43:53.

Bognor Regis: Janet Matthews, 77th, 26:36, (1st VW35-39); Audrey Harris, 78th, 26:37, (3rd VW40-44); Becky Court, 126th, 29:06, (5th VW35-39); Debi Jones, 156th, 31:02.


21st January 2017

The weekends parkruns saw business as usual in some ways with Neil Hodgson fastest for DRC running his best ever parkrun by 15 seconds in Middlesbrough. Closer to home Tom Smith ran a course best at Chipping Sodbury with Jo Ball running a PB. With no event at Kingsway, an away day to Chipping Sodbury took place, this saw many runner achieving course bests, indicating that the course is slightly tougher than the pancake flat Kingsway track At the off road Wotton event Nigel led the DRC athletes home with Alice Lewis and Julie Frogatt both achieving course bests, the Wotton saw the return of Neil Truelove to parkrun after a back issue he swept up and placed 2nd VM55,, you have to be in it to win it, or podium!

Stewart parkrun Middlesborough: Neil Hodgson , 4th , 18:30, (1st VM40-44), (AG 76.04%), PB,

Wotton: Nigel Sankey, 10th , 22:44, (2nd VM35-39); Alice Lewis, 18th, 24:50, (1stVW55-59), 74.90%, (Course Best CB); Shona Darley, 31st, 27:05, (2nd VW40-44); Paul Lewington, 42nd, 28:16, (2nd VM60-64); Becky Court, 50th, 29:24, (3rd VW35-39); Dave Halford, 51st, 29:24, (6th VM40-44); Julie Froggatt, 54th, 29:36, (3rd VW50-54), (CB); Neil Truelove, 108th, 52:19, (2ndVM55-59); Chipping Sodbury; Thomas Smith, 6th, 19:04, (1st JM15-17), (AG 71.85%) (CB); Joe Ball, 15th, 20:26, (1st SM18-19), (PB); Darren Richards, 30th, 21:54, (4th VM40-44), CB; Antony Ball, 60th, 23:32; Garry Strickland, 61st, 23:33, (6th VM50-54); Lisa Hindshaw, 162nd, 27:35, (5th VW40-44); Claire Searle, 165th, 27:39, (4th VW50-54); Nicki Cowle, 166th, 27:39, (6th VW40-44), 55.64%, (CB); Julie Fenn, 167th, 27:40; Ian Roberts, 168th , 27:40; Emma Keating, 180th, 28:05, (8th VW40-44); Jude Rugman, 261st, 31:31; Jo Fearns, 280th, 32:18, VW40-44, (CB); Lisa Gillooly, 302nd, 33:22; Sarah Willcox, 332nd, 34:46; Louise Beck, 349th, 36:04; Emma Richards, 359th, 36:49. Stonehouse: Richard Pitts 79th 28:19 (6th VM50-54)

14 January 2017

This Saturday saw an impressive parkrun turn out again, with a significant number using it as a warm up for the Riverbank Rollick. Neil Hodgson travelled to Salisbury to record the fastest parkrun of the weekend for DRC of 18:48, just 3 seconds short of his parkrun all-time best. His impressive age grading was knocked into a hat by Alice Lewis running Chipping Sodbury for the first time in 23:11 to record 80.11% AG.

Dave Halford ran a PB at Wootton, in a impressive time of 23:55 having run over to the event. Graham Tudor, Richard Hensman Karen Eadon and John Hensman also PB’d at Kingsway, Tracey Godwin at Wotton and Tom Roper at Chipping Sodbury.


Neil Hodgson , 2nd , 18:48, (1st VM40-44, 74.82%;

Kingsway: Richard Pitts, 9th , 20:14, (2nd VM50-54), 74.05%; Graham Tudor, 34th , 23:16, (2nd VM60-64), 69.56%, PB; Richard Hensman, 57th, 25:35, (10th VM40-44) PB; Steve Barnes, 69th, 26:59, (5th VM60-64); Nicki Cowle, 82nd, 27:40, (3rd VW40-44); Annette Heylings, 111th, 30:03, (1st VW60-64), 65.50%; Karen Eadon, 115th, 30:27(6th VW45-49)PB; Amanda Hensman, 149th, 34:55(10th VW40-44); John Hensman, 171st, 36:35, PB.

Wotton: Dave Halford, 9th, 23:55, (2nd VM40-44), 57.91%, PB; Kris Rymer, 26th, 27:51(2nd VM35-39); Paul Lewington, 28th, 28:22, (2nd VM60-64); Lisa Hindshaw, 30th, 28:24, (2nd VW40-44); Jude Rugman, 82nd, 37:06, (4th VW50-54); Tracey Goodwin, 85th, 38:57, (5th VW50-54) PB.

Chipping Sodbury: Alice Lewis, 71st, 23:13, (1st VW55-59), 80.11%; Tom Roper, 86th, 24:04, PB.

Pomphrey Hill: Shona Darley, 98th, 25:18, (2nd VW40-44); Charley Palmer, 351st, 37:53.

Burnham And Highbridge: John Hookway, 146th, 31:27.

7th January 2017

Saturday saw 21 DRC athletes at parkrun. Neil Hodgson ran a course best at Andover to record DRCs fastest parkrun of the weekend of 19:05 (73.71%). Graeme Tudor and Ronnie Williams ran well at Kingsway, with Graeme first home for DRC and 2nd VM60, with a high age grading of 68%, whilst Ronnie ran a PB of 23:49 and was 2nd SW30-34. Charlotte Palmer and Shona Darley both achieved the 50 parkrun mark at Kingsway and looked very fetching in their t-shirts, with Shona also sporting some very fetching colour coordinated tights! So she looked good coming in first VW40-44. There were a number of first timers out on courses, Emma Keating at Kingsway and Louise Biddell and 

At Wotton, Garry Strickland was first home with Racheal Barker first DRC lady home with a PB of 27:18 (1st VW30-34). Claire Searle and Louise Biddell experiencing the "cross country" course that is Wotton for the first time, with Claire coming in 1st VW50-54. Dave Halford and Pete Dunn ran over to the event Pete putting in almost 12 miles whilst Dave completed just over 20 miles including his park run, impressive!

Meanwhile Jo Fearns was THE DRC parkrun tourist of the weekend, off to Hertfordshire  to run the Cassiobury (do they make watches there?) parkrun.

New Year 2017

On the News Year’s Eve Tom Smith was the fastest DRC athlete with 18:54 at Kingsway, piping Neil Hodgson by a few seconds.  Steve Watson, Sadie Cotterell, Tony Ball, Sam Martin and Damian Lai all ran PBs at Kingsway. At Dalby Forest DRC tourists Garry and Tracey Strickland accompanied by Steve and Jude Rugman all ran course bests.

Dave Durden, Alice Lewis and Neil Hodgson were all into the 70% age grading categories. Wotton saw a good turn out and Richard Hogg placed third in 22:30, with Alan Honey and Alice Lewis both running well. Charley Palmer and Julie King returned to the fray on a pretty testing course!

On New Year day Nigel Sankey, Jon Tudor, Graham Tudor completed a double header of Chipping Sodbury and Pomphrey Hill parkruns on the same morning. It was Jon Tudors first ever park run and Chipping Sodbury, he enjoyed so much he had to go and do another one straight away! Jon showed a good turn of speed on his first outing, sub 21 minutes and produced a decent second run of just over 23 minutes.

Jadie Cotterell, 42nd, 23:10, PB; Pete Dunn, 48th, 23:28; Antony Ball, 50th, 23:31, PB

Sam Martin, 52nd, 23:34, PB; Mark Owen, 53rd, 23:46; Damian Lai, 70th, 24:54, PB

Nicki Squire, 101st, 26:35; Steve Barnes, 108th, 27:09; Nicki Cowle, 111th, 27:28,

Emma Boxall, 162nd, 30:52; Jo Fearns, 173rd, 31:33; John Hieron, 177th, 31:48,

Cara Zoglowek, 211th, 34:54; Sarah Willcox, 212th, 35:06. Sedgefield; Neil Hodgson, 8th, 19:01;

Wotton: Richard Hogg, 3rd, 22:30; Alan Honey, 21st, 24:38; Alice Lewis, 24th, 25:11;

Chris Ashworth, 32nd, 26:20; Carolyn Thraves, 47th, 28:32; Julie Froggatt, 65th, 31:16;

John Hookway, 81st, 35:29; Charlotte Palmer, 82nd, 35:37; Pete Wintle, 86th, 37:04;

Veronica Higgins, 87th, 37:13; Julie King, 93rd, 49:37; Conway: Jo Shean, 192nd, 30:20,

Dalby Forest; Garry Strickland, 34th, 22:27, PB; Steve Rugman, 81st, 26:48, PB

Tracey Strickland, 102nd, 28:46, PB; Jude Rugman, 133rd, 32:48, PB

New Year . Chipping Sodbury: Nigel Sankey, 19th, 20:33; Jonathan Tudor, 24th, 20:43;

Graham Tudor, 96th, 24:29; Pete Dunn, 100th, 24:40; John Hookway, 233rd, 32:01;

Pomphrey Hill: Nigel Sankey, 33rd, 21:35; Jonathan Tudor, 61st, 23:15;

Graham Tudor, 171st, 27:04;

Kingsway, , ,

Thomas Smith, 4th, 18:54; David Durden, 10th, 19:46; Stephen Watson, 19th, 20:51, PB;

Christmas Eve 2016

Saturday saw a good turnout for the Christmas Eve parkruns with thirty-four Dursley athletes running across the Country. Fastest over the weekend was Neil Hodgson, running for the first time in Sedgfield with an impressive 75% age grading. Thomas Smith continues to run well at Kingsway, coming home 4th overall, a minute ahead of Dave Durden who was second home for DRC, both Smith and Durden were first in their age categories and were joined by Joe Ball and Annette Heylings. Despite the windy conditions Antony Ball and Julie Fenn both ran personal bests at Kingsway with Pete Dunn achieving one at Wotton. Robyn Jackson, a relative new comer to DRC, but an experienced runner, showed her speed at Stonehouse coming home fourth overall in 20:39, first in her category and over 71% age grading. Nigel Sankey led DRC home at Chipping Sodbury, with Garry Strickland and Steve Rugman both reaching their 50th parkrun on the day. Over in the Forest of Dean, John Hookway was first home for DRC and 3rd SM30-34. Other category winners were Charlotte Strickland at Chipping Sodbury and Carolyn Thraves at Wotton, with a whole host of DRC athletes either on their age category podiums or the top ten.  

Sedgefield: Neil Hodgson, 4th, 18:45, (1st VM40-44). Kingsway: Thomas Smith, 4th, 18:59,(1st JM15-17);

David Durden, 6th, 20:02, (1st VM50-54); Joe Ball, 14th, 21:15, (1st SM18-19); 

Antony Ball, 40th, 23:45, (5th VM45-49),PB; Alan Honey, 47th, 24:18,(1st VM55-59);

Shona Darley, 56th, 24:53,(1st VW40-44); Lucy Fairall, 82nd, 26:25,(4th VW35-39);

Mark Western, 88th, 26:48,(8th VM50-54); Nicki Grant, 93rd, 27:22; Julie Fenn, 96th, 27:31,(6th VW35-39), PB;

Nicki Cowle, 97th, 27:34, (2nd VW40-44); Annette Heylings, 109th, 28:48, (1st VW60-64),

Jo Fearns, 145th, 31:42, (8th VW40-44); Chris Sweet, 180th, 34:01, VM40-44,  

Forest Of Dean: John Hookway, 114th, 32:04, (3rd SM30-34); Julie Furneaux, 150th, 49:42;

Charlotte Palmer, 151st, 49:45; Stonehouse; Robyn Jackson, 5th, 20:39, (1st SW25-29);

Chris Young, 22nd, 24:09, (2nd VM45-49); Jay Jackson, 62nd, 27:26, (3rd SW30-34).

Wotton: Mark Waller, 18th, 25:32, (2nd VM40-44); Pete Dunn, 19th, 25:36, (3rd VM40-44), PB;

Carolyn Thraves, 35th, 27:54, (1st VW35-39); Paul Lewington, 39th, 28:25, (2nd VM60-64),  

Chipping Sodbury: Nigel Sankey, 25th, 20:23, (6th VM35-39); Steve Rugman, 127th, 25:52, (3rd VM55-59);

Charlotte Strickland, 131st, 25:58, (1st SW20-24), Garry Strickland, 150th, 26:36;

Tracey Strickland, 230th, 29:08, (6th VW50-54); Jude Rugman, 340th, 33:50, VW50-54,

Penrith:Kevin Higgins, 57th, 25:45, (2nd VM60-64); Veronica Higgins, 153rd , 35:21, (6th VW55-59)


17th December 2016

Thomas Smith again the quickest DRC athlete with just over nineteen minutes at Kingsway, with Charlotte Palmer and Annette Heylings running PBs on the same course. Annette almost at 71% age grading with Thomas approaching 72%.

Kingsway: Thomas Smith, 2nd , 19:05, (1st JM15-17); Charlotte Palmer, 54th, 24:58, (2nd VW40-44), PB; Shona Darley, 57th, 25:15, (3rd VW40-44); Nicki Cowle, 85th, 27:45;  Annette Heylings, 87th, 27:51, (1st VW60-64), PB; Chris Sweet, 158th, 34:39, VM40-44;

Worcester: Dave Halford, 204th, 28:52; Liz Halford, 213th, 29:01.

Long Eaton: Steve Barnes, 45th, 27:06, VM60-64.

Wotton: Rebecca Topham, 14th, 24:25, (1st VW45-49); Kevin Higgins, 21st, 26:32, (1st VM60-64); Rob Woodward, 38th, 30:38, (2nd VM60-64),

 05th November 2016 

Graeme Hawkins ran the fastest parkrun of the weekend at Kingsway, running a very impressive 22:22 producing an aged graded run of 77.12 and placing first MV65, only thing was he wasn’t wearing a DRC vest! Jo Fearns and Luci Lai both ran personal bests on the same course, with Julie Froggatt just a matter of seconds off her best and first VW50. In what was probably a tactically astute move John Hookway, Charlie Palmer and Julie Furneaux travelled up to Tewkesbury to run as parkrun tourists. With the Guy Fawkes five miler on the following day they took advantage recording 2nd, 4th and 2nd in their respective categories. Well done guys! 

Kingsway: Graeme Hawkins, 22:22, 30th , VM65-69, PB; Mark Western, 24:27, 50th (7th MV50);  Julie Froggatt, 26:19, 71st, (1st VW50-54); Jo Shean, 30:47, 134th; Jo Fearns, 30:48, 135th, PB;  Cara Zoglowek, 35:22, 168th; Luci Lai, 35:54, 175th PB. Andover:Neil Hodgson, 24:23, 79th;

Chipping Sodbury: Russell Rolls, 24:04, 80th; Steve Rugman, 26:19, 135thJude Rugman, 32:01, 285th; Tracey Strickland, 32:06, 286th;

Tewkesbury; John Hookway, 32:21, 47th, (2nd SM30-34); Charlotte Palmer, 32:23, 48th, (4th VW40-44); Julie Furneaux, 32:28, 49th, (2nd VW45-49).

30th October 

27 Dursley athletes took part in parkruns the length and breadth of England. Closest to home were the runners at Wotton. At the second running of this event, Zoe Lammerton brought the DRC team home placing first VW35, with Rebecca Topham and Lisa Hindshaw also first in their age categories, all running personal bests. There were a number of parkrun flyers out for DRC, with Thomas Smith running the fastest DRC parkrun of 18:40 at Kingsway, behind him Richard Pitts was not far off a PB in 19:55; Neil Hodgson was 4 seconds of his best of 19:12 at Andover, all three above 70% in their age grades. Nigel Sankey was just outside a nineteen-minute run at Huddersfield. At Kingsway a number of runners closed in on personal bests with Damian Lai, Richard Hensman, Sally Williams and Lucy Lai all running PBs. On the south coast, parkrun tourists, Sue and Julian Peachy ran over the finishing line together at Bournemouth in 27:14

Kingsway; Thomas Smith, 4th, 18:40, (1st JM15-17); Richard Pitts, 6th, 19:55, (1st VM50-54); Shona Darley, 38th, 24:30, (1st VW40-44); Antony Ball, 43rd, 24:39, VM45-49;Damian Lai, 49th, 25:10 PB; Richard Hensman, 56th , 25:46, PB; Julie Froggatt, 69th, 26:51, (1st  VW50-54); Charlotte Palmer, 82nd, 27:59; Sally Williams, 100th, 29:13, PB; Amanda Hensman, 101st, 29:14; Julie Furneaux, 134th, 31:47; Annie Hidden, 142nd, 32:26; Ian Roberts, 144th, 32:28; Luci Lai, 184th, 37:07, PB; John Hensman, 187th, 37:31.

Wotton: Zoe Lamerton, 18th, 22:30, (1st VW35-39); Rebecca Topham, 24th, 23:16, (1st VW45-49); Chris Ashworth, 45th, 24:47, (2nd VM60-64); Russell Rolls, 49th, 24:52; Lisa Hindshaw, 58th, 25:21, (1st VW40-44); Paul Lewington, 62nd, 25:35; Eileen Hieron, 131st, 44:18, (2nd VW70-74). Andover: Neil Hodgson, 6th, 19:16, (2nd VM40-44)

Bournmouth: Susan Peachey, 230th, 27:14; Julian Peachey, 231st;

Huddersfield: Nigel Sankey, 23rd, 20:05, VM35-39; 

Chipping Sodbury; Claire Searle, 206th, 31:36.

22nd of October 

Saturday saw the inaugural Wotton Parkrun, a course with a difference, all off road, as with all parkruns quite few tourists were keen to check-in at the “first running” and the event saw 304 runners on the start line including seventeen DRC athletes with twelve 12 DRC members volunteering to help the event. Nigel Sankey was the fastest parkrunner at the weekend at Wotton, with Tony Wooldridge posting an impressive 77.95% age grading, and Zoe Lammerton first woman home for Dursley in an impressive 22:57. Dursley Tourists Tony Ball and Richard Bromley both recorded PBs at Barnstaple and York. With Chris Ashworth and Jo Fearns both running PBs at Kingsway.



Kingsway: Chris Ashworth, 48th, 24:51; Steve Barnes, 71st, 26:48; Jo Fearns, 117th, 31:37;  York: Richard Bromley, 146th, 23:29; Barnstaple: Antony Ball, 57th, 24:37:00

Wotton: Nigel Sankey, 15th, 20:37; Tony Wooldridge, 22nd, 21:19; Garry Strickland, 27th, 21:51; Zoe Lamerton, 49th, 22:57; John Delafield, 56th, 23:30; Rebecca Topham, 81st, 24:43; Rob Woodward, 118th, 26:12; Lisa Hindshaw, 138th, 27:33; Tracey Strickland, 143rd, 27:38; Dave Halford, 148th, 27:48; Steve Rugman, 164th, 28:25; Ian Roberts, 176th, 28:54; Vicci Phillips, 179th, 29:04; Liz Halford, 190th, 29:48; Karl Rust, 191st, 29:50; Julie Furneaux, 221st, 31:22; Jude Rugman, 285th, 37:49.

October 15th

Parkrunners were again out in force at the weekend with Mike Crompton completing Kingsway for the first time and recording a parkrun best time of 17:51 a mere 8 seconds behind DRCS course record of 17:43 set by Dan Anderson. Sara Eden went soo close again to a PB, it WILL happen soon! At Chipping Sodbury a number of runners were close to PBS, Steve Rugman, Claire Searle and Julie Froggatt, with Jude Rugman recording the solitary PB for DRC of 30:50. Significant age graded results were Mike Crompton, 73.11, Richard Bromley, 72.08, at York (1st VM65), and John Hieron 65.07%.

 Kingsway: Mike Crompton, 2, 17:51, (1st SM30-34), 73.11%, PB; Nicki Squire, 88th, 27:07, (3rd VW35-39); Steve Barnes, 90th , 27:24; Ethan Cowle, 98th, 28:02; Nicki Cowle, 99th, 28:04; Sara Eden, 127th, 29:57; John Hieron, 143rd, 32:18, (1st VM80-84).  York: Richard Bromley, 163, 23:42, (1st VM65-69).Chipping Sodbury: Steve Rugman, 111th, 26:10; Claire Searle, 133rd  , 27:09, (3rd VW50-54). Julie Froggatt, 143rd, 27:34; Annette Heylings, 177th , 29:11, (2nd VW60-64); Jude Rugman, 215th, 30:50, PB; Garry Strickland, 221st, 31:09.

October 1st

Joe Ball posted the clubs fastest time of 21:23 and was first in his category at Kingsway with Steve Barnes 3rd MV60. At Kingsway the usual suspects Garry and Tracey Strickland were joined by Tom Roper. Tracey Strickland placed 2nd VW50-54. It was not a weekend for PBs, but Sara Eden on the road back from injury was close at Kingsway, whilst Car Zoglowek celebrated her years free membership, awarded at the previous night AGM, with a workout around Kingsway. Down in Yeovil Neil Malpass was 5th MV55 on his first attempt at the course.  

Kingsway: Joe Ball, 4th, 21:23, (1st  SM18-19); Antony Ball, 35th, 25:17, (7th VM45-49); Richard Hensman, 45th, 25:54, (5th  VM35-39); Steve Barnes, 81st, 28:59, (3rd VM60-64); Ian Roberts, 86th, 29:54, (8th VM40-44); Sara Eden, 87th, 30:03, (6th  VW45-49);Amanda Hensman, 88th , 30:09:00, (3rd VW40-44); Cara Zoglowek, 134th, 36:39.

Chipping Sodbury: Tom Roper, 94th, 25:13; Tracey Strickland, 120th, 27:11, (2nd VW50-54); Garry Strickland, 121st , 27:11. Yeovil Montacute: Neil Malpass, 127th, 29:21, (5th VM55-59)

September 13th

DRC “took over” Kingsway parkrun, with Race Director Neil Truelove directing his fellow members the club ensure that the 66th Kingsway parkrun ran smoothly. Being in charge did not prevent DRC taking part, although it did mean Nicki Cowle was prevented from acquiring another PB, normal service will probably be resumed next week! Tom Smith fought it out with Gareth Bradbury for the honours of the fastest parkrun of the weekend, Smith won out, placing second overall although Bradbury could be happy with a PB, he was joined by Kevin Higgins, Nicki Squire and Richard Hensman. Nicki Squire will have been disappointed by the absence of her father Mike Hanman as her time would have put her in striking distance of the old man. The club as ever showed strongly in age category results, Smith, Bradbury, Higgins Margaret Johnson all first in their respective categories with Oliver Norris third JM10. Veronica Higgins ran her first parkrun at Kingsway. At Stonehouse Emma Denton showed she is in good form with a 21:20 run to be first woman home and first in category.


Results: Thomas Smith, 2nd, 18:51, (1st  JM15-17); Gareth Bradbury, 3rd, 19:05, (1st  VM40-44), PB; Kevin Higgins, 38th, 23:28, (1st  VM60-64), PB; Nigel Sankey, 48th, 23:45; Margaret Johnson, 64th, 24:53, (1st  VW50-54); Neil Malpass, 82nd, 26:21; Nicki Squire, 83rd, 26:23, PB; Amanda Hensman, 110th, 29:07; Shona Darley, 120th, 30:05; Veronica Higgins, 158th, 36:50; John Hensman, 159th, 36:50,PB; Richard Hensman, 160th, 36:52; Oliver Norris, 177th, 47:39, (3rd  JM10); Louise Biddell, 178th, 47:40. Stonehouse: Emma Denton 6th, 21:10 (1st VW35-39): Wakefield Thornes: Steve Barnes 110th, 28:16 (3rd VM60); Chipping Sodbury: Tracey Strickland, 110th 26:42 PB; Garry Strickland, 111th, 26:43.



11 June

Anyone for seconds?

Another fantastic turn out from Dursley Running Club at Kingsway parkrun, with 32 runners on the start line for the runs first birthday. Garry and Charlotte Strickland at Chipping Sodbury. It was question of seconds for quite a few, Dave Durden led the club home in 19:39 having been rudely awoken from his cider induced torpor by Neil Truelove to place second in his category, Nigel Sankey, Dave Halford, Neil Truelove and Louise Biddell all emulated him in their respective categories. Jo Ball, Luke Davis, Molly Willcox and Shona Darley all broke the mould to claim 1st in their categories. Ethan Mathews was 3rd U11 in his first run at Kingsway.

Dave Durden ran a course best, Luke Davis, Carolyn Thraves, Sarah Willcox and Julie King all ran PBs, with Shona Darley, Neil Malpass Louise Biddell Jo Fearns and Mike Hanman all getting close. The run saw Kris Rymer, Anthony Mathews and John Hensman making their debuts. A number of runners were supported around the course by family or friends; with Anya Wood and Cara Zoglowek helping Sarah Willcox and Julie King achive PBs.

Dave Durden led the age gradings at 75.66 with Richard Pitts hard on his heels in percentage terms  and just in front of Neil Truelove, Luke Davis’ run put into perspective with a rating of over 71%. At Chipping Sodbury Charlotte Strickland was close to her PB with her father by her side.

Results. Kingsway: David Durden, 8th, 19:39, (2nd VM50-54), CB; Tim Ennis, 9th, 19:45, (2nd SM30-34); Richard Pitts, 10th, 20:17, (3rd VM50-54); Nigel Sankey, 11th, 20:28, (2nd VM35-39);  Joe Ball, 15th, 21:03, (1st SM18-19); Dave Halford, 19th, 21:26, (2nd VM40-44);Luke Davis, 20th, 21:29, (1st JM11-14), PB; Neil Truelove, 21st, 21:37, (2nd VM55-59),  Molly Willcox, 36th, 23:04, (1st SW18-19); Shona Darley, 41st, 23:33, (1st VW40-44), Neil Malpass, 43rd, 23:35, (4th VM50-54); Kris Rymer, 50th, 24:04, (10th VM35-39), Anthony Matthews, 72nd, 25:31; Carolyn Thraves, 87th, 26:29, (4th SW30-34), PB;Antony Ball, 88th, 26:31:00, (4th VM45-49); Mike Hanman, 89th, 26:37, (6th VM60-64); Louise Biddell, 92nd, 26:47, (2nd VW35-39);Amanda Hensman, 123rd, 28:59, (7th VW40-44), Julie Fenn, 151st, 30:35 (9th SW30-34); Ian Roberts, 152nd, 30:36, VM40-44, Charlotte Palmer, 158th, 30:58; Ethan Mathews, 161st, 31:18, (3rd J10); Sally Williams, 167th, 31:30; Janet Matthews, 175th, 32:06; Jo Fearns, 181st, 33:20; Sarah Willcox, 190th, 34:09, PB;Anya Wood, 192nd, 34:10; Liz Halford, 207th, 35:59; Julie King, 222nd, 39:15 PB; Cara Zoglowek, 223rd, 39:16; John Hensman, 224th, 42:27; Richard Hensman, 225th, 42:29,  Chipping Sodbury: Charlotte Strickland, 109th, 26:26, (6th SW20-24), Garry Strickland, 110th, 26:26.

4 June

DRC athletes were to be found at five park runs over the first weekend of June. Cool weather helped a number to achieve PBs at Kingsway where Thomas Smith led the club home with Dursley’s fastest parkrun of the weekend, just two seconds ahead of Joe Ball, both first in their categories. Other category winners were Jacky Gilmour, a first timer, and Eileen Hieron both with impressive age grade percentages, Eileen scoring an incredible 81.78% , Jacky 71.35. Richard Pitts running at Oprington was 1st VM50 with an age grading of 72.34. Running PBS were Sam Martin, Ian Roberts, Eileen Hieron, Anya Wood Julie Furneaux and Russell Rolls at Chipping Sodbury.


Results: Kingsway; Thomas Smith, 14th, 20:03, (1st JM15-17); Joe Ball, 16th, 20:05, (1st SM18-19); Sam Martin, 61st, 24:03, (2nd VW35-39), PB; Giuseppe Lai, 84th, 25:38, SM30-34; th cat Paul Lewington, 86th, 25:41, (4th VM55-59); Jacky Gilmour, 89th, 25:43, (1st VW55-59); Shona Darley, 90th, 25:53, (4th VW40-44); Antony Ball, 93rd, 26:15, VM45-49,  Julie Froggatt, 94th, 26:21, (2nd VW50-54); Ian Roberts, 103rd, 26:50, (8th VM40-44), PB; Mike Hanman, 106th, 27:09, (2nd VM60-64); Eileen Hieron, 123rd, 28:38, (1st VW70-74), PB; Anya Wood, 128th, 28:50, (6th VW40-44), PB; Nicki Cowle, 129th, 28:53, (7th VW40-44); Charlotte Palmer, 138th, 29:23, (8th VW40-44);Julie Furneaux, 141st, 29:35, (7th VW45-49), PB; Emma Richards, 179th, 32:42. Orpington: Richard Pitts, 9th, 20:33, (1st VM50-54),  Chipping Sodbury: Russell Rolls, 52nd, 22:37, (5th VM40-44), PB; Blandford: Pete Dunn, 47th, 23:52, (6th VM40-44). Evesham, Garry Strickland, 27th, 22:39, VM50-54

28 May


Twenty-five Dursley athletes were parkrunning Saturday, Nigel Sankey was the fasters Dursley runner 9th overall at Kingsway in 19:30, with Thomas Smith just 16 sbehind him running a new PB, joining him with a PB were Paul Lewington, Amanda Hensman, Nicki Squire, Anya Wood, Emma Boxall and Jo Fearns. The standout run was that of Eileen Hieron who was first VW70 with a age grade of 80.38%, some 11% higher than the next runner Tom Smith at 69.31%. Sally Williams and Sarah Willcox had good runs closing in on their personal bests. Further South Tony and Antony Ball encountered a tough parkrun at Lanhydock, Bodmin, Joe Ball described more like cross country than parkrun, an introduction that hopefully which bodes well for Dursley’s winter season

Gloucester Kingsway: Nigel Sankey, 9th, 19:30, (4th VM35-39); Thomas Smith, 12th, 19:46, (3rd JM15-17), PB;Mark Owen, 13th, No time; Mark Brasier, 16th, 20:53, (2nd VM40-44); Paul Lewington, 68th, 25:03, (2nd VM55-59), PB; Francesca Amigoni, 77th, 25:27, (3rd SW30-34);Shona Darley, 83rd, 25:51, (4th VW40-44); Julie Froggatt, 90th, 26:36, (1st VW50-54);Claire Searle, 98th, 27:11, (2nd VW50-54); Mike Hanman, 102nd, 27:34, (6thVM60-64);Amanda Hensman, 107th, 27:52, (8th VW40-44), PB; Nicki Squire, 116th, 28:32, (7th VW35-39), PB; Anya Wood, 125th, 29:06, (10th VW40-44), PB; Neil Truelove, 126th, 29:07, (3rd VM55-59); Eileen Hieron, 127th, 29:08, (1stVW70-74); Emma Boxall, 130th, 29:09, (5th SW25-29), PB; Sally Williams, 143rd, 29:56; Nicki Cowle, 144th, 29:57; Charlotte Palmer, 153rd, 30:43;Jo Fearns, 182nd, 33:08, , PB; Sarah Willcox, 197th, 35:11.Edinburgh: Tim Ennis, 305th, 28:54 Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 146th, 26:54.Lanhydrock:Joe Ball, 15th, 22:18, (1st SM18-19); Antony Ball, 110th, 29:47, VM45-49

21 May


Another big turnout at Kingsway parkrun from saw Tim Ennis again at the front with Joe Ball again just a little way behind him. With DRC achieving a host of top 3 placings Sam Martin, Louise Biddell, Jo Sheen and Amanda Hensman had the added bonus of running personal best. In Andover Neil Hodgson’s form seem to be missing the magical Dursley factor and was some way off his best.


Gloucester Kingway: Tim Ennis, 7th, 19:15, (2nd SM30-34); Joe Ball, 9th, 20:05, (1st SM18-19);  Sam Martin, 53rd, 24:52, (2nd VW35-39), PB; Shona Darley, 63rd, 25:15, (1st VW40-44); Peter Bennetts, 71st, 26:29, (VM60-64); Antony Ball, 72nd, 26:33, (8th VM45-49);  Louise Biddell, 73rd, 26:34, (3rd VW35-39),(PB); Carolyn Thraves, 74th, 26:35, (5th SW30-34);  Julie Froggatt, 77th, 26:38, (2nd VW50-54); Jo Shean, 78th, 26:41, (2nd VW40-44), PB; Margaret Johnson, 91st, 27:39, (3rd VW50-54); Amanda Hensman, 101st, 28:07, (3rd VW40-44), PB; Charlotte Palmer, 106th, 28:20, (5th VW40-44); Julie Fenn, 120th, 29:19, (9th SW30-34), PB; Ian Roberts, 121st, 29:19, (VM40-44); Nicki Cowle, 135th, 30:01, (6th VW40-44); Dave Halford, 136th, 30:03, (VM40-44); Sue Jones, 169th, 34:16, (SW30-34); Karen Eadon, 170th, 34:19, (VW45-49). Andover: Neil Hodgson, 12th, 20:42, (3rd VM40-44)



14 May

Saturday the 15th saw 28 Dursley athletes at parkruns across the country. The majority at Kingsway where Tim Ennis led the club in for the second week in a row, achieving another PB in the process with Mark Brasier just behind him, both closing in the 18 minute mark. The club had 14 runners in the  top three of their categories with Dursley’s young talents Joe Ball, Thomas Smith, Luke Davis and Molly Wilcox also achieving PBs at the same time, Willcox also first woman home for Dursley. Sue Davies ran Kingsway for the first time managing 7th in her category Louise Biddell though t she had sneaked under 27 minutes only for official timing putting back a few seconds, still a PB though. Another first timer, this time at Newport, was Annette Heylings who claimed first VW60 and at the Forest Carolyn Thraves ran a course best to place 3rd SW30

Tim Ennis, 11th, 19:05, (2nd SM30-34), (PB); Mark Brasier, 12th, 19:16, (1st VM40-44), (PB); Joe Ball, 19th, 19:50, (1st SM18-19), (PB); Thomas Smith, 25th, 20:34, (2nd JM15-17), (PB); Luke Davis, 34th, 21:30, (3rd JM11-14), (PB); Neil Truelove, 43rd, 22:05, (2nd VM55-59); Molly Willcox, 44th, 22:07, (1st SW18-19), (PB); John Delafield, 49th, 22:22, (4th VM50-54), (PB); Tara Truman, 59th, 22:57, (1st VW40-44); Shona Darley, 74th, 23:48, (3rd VW40-44); Pete Dunn, 76th , 24:00, (6th VM40-44); Peter Bennetts, 117th, 26:49, (3rd VM60-64); Louise Biddell, 120th, 27:05, (3rd VW35-39), (PB); Liz Halford, 133rd, 27:52, (9th VW40-44); Charlotte Palmer, 144th, 28:30; Margaret Johnson, 148th, 28:47, (2nd VW50-54); Sally Williams, 155th, 29:09,(PB),Anya Wood, 169th, 29:45, (PB); Nicki Cowle, 178th, 30:27; Susan Davies, 183rd, 30:59, (7th VW50-54); Karen Eadon, 186th, 31:11; Lisa Gillooly, 208th, 33:07 (PB); Dave Halford, 219th, 34:00; Cara Zoglowek, 237th, 35:08; Sarah Willcox, 242nd, 35:52. Newport: Annette Heylings, 252nd, 29:24, (1st VW60-64), First Timer!

Burnham and Highbridge: Amanda Hensman, 126th , 29:48, (10th VW40-44), First Timer


Forest of Dean: Carolyn Thraves, 115th, 26:39, (3rd SW30-34), (CB)

7 May


New member Tim Ennis proved to be the fastest Dursley parkrunner of the weekend, with Tom Smith having to settle for second for another week. Running at Kingsway, Ennis was 2nd overall (2nd SM30-34), running a PB in the process. Smith was sixth overall (2nd JM1517) and a mere 5 seconds away from his PB, Sally Williams was another runner close to a PB, generally a good sign. Julie Fenn and Julie King also ran PBs, with Hannah Bucher running her first ever parkrun , Sam Martin running Kingsway for the first time and Nicki Cowle making a welcome return to the event having been laid off with and troublesome Achilles tendon for some time. At Chipping Sodbury Garry Strickland was 3rd V50 with Luke Davis 3rd JM11-14.

Kingsway: Tim Ennis, 4th, 19:22, (2nd SM30-34), (PB) Thomas Smith, 6th, 21:16, (2nd JM15-17); Russell Rolls, 29th, 23:40, (4th VM40-44); Chris Ashworth, 70th, 27:44, (3rd VM60-64), Melissa Davies, 75th, 27:55, (6th SW25-29);Margaret Johnson, 89th, 28:39, (1st VW50-54), Sally Williams, 116t, 30:30, (7th VW40-44); Julie Fenn, 117th, 30:30, (9th SW30-34), (PB), Ian Roberts, 118th, 30:31; Hannah Butcher, 121st, 30:47; Sam Martin, 131st, 31:46, Karen Eadon, 132nd, 31:49; Shona Darley, 133rd, 31:5; Nicki Cowle, 135th, 32:06; Julie King, 168th, 39:16, (PB). Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 17th , 21:39, (3rd VM50-54),Luke Davis, 40th, 22:48, (3rd JM11-14).


30 April

Richard Hensman showed that he is getting back to great form, smashing his parkrun personal best and delivering the fastest parkrun of the weekend  for Dursley with 20:30 at Redcar; Hensman beat Joe Ball by 2 seconds who delivered an impressive 20 seconds personal best at Kingsway. Also running parkrun PBs were Paul Dunn, Damien Lai and Michelle Ball, with Amanda Hensman very close to running one. With Jo Fearns a first-timer running 33:54 at Kingsway

Kingsway: Joe Ball, 10th, 20:32, (1st SM18-19), (PB); Dave Halford, 31st, 22:42; Rich Shirley, 34th, 23:29;

Mark Brasier, 35th, 23:29; Shona Darley, 43rd, 23:54, (3rd VW40-44); Janet Mathews, 50th, 24:33, (3rd VW35-39);

Pete Dunn, 52nd, 24:37; Paul Dunn, 65th, 25:36,(PB); Rob Woodward, 71st, 26:02, (2nd VM60-64);

Julie Froggatt, 79th, 26:48; Antony Ball, 88th, 27:21; Damian Lai, 90th, 27:31, VM35-39, (PB);

Becky Court, 129th, 30:08; Margaret Johnson, 138th, 30:22; Liz Halford, 148th, 31:12; Jo Fearns, 172nd, 33:54;

Cara Zoglowek, 181st, 35:31; Sue Jones, 209th, 40:45; Redcar: Richard Hensman, 10th, 20:30, (1st VM35-39) PB; Amanda Hensman, 85th, 28:56; Chipping Sodbury: Russell Rolls, 39th, 23:24; Michelle Ball, 136th, 28:23, (PB)



23 April

At Kingsway Gloucester, Joe Ball posted the fastest parkrun time of the weekend of 21:09 with John Delafield (2nd MV50), Mike Hanman (2nd MV60) and Chris Ashworth (3rd MV60) and all running PBs. With Thomas Smith and Paul Dunn making their Kingsway debuts, Smith hot on Ball’s heels. At Chipping Sodbury Garry Strickland was 4th MV50.

Results Kingsway; Joe Ball, 9th, 21:09; Thomas Smith, 11th, 21:11; John Delafield, 27th , 22:43;Paul Dunn, 63rd, 26:09; Mike Hanman, 65th, 26:18; Chris Ashworth, 77th, 27:16; Antony Ball, 84th, 27:40; Claire Searle, 91st, 28:16; Charlotte Palmer, 179th, 48:38.

Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 35th, 22:42

16 April

Saturday’s parkruns saw Joe Ball run the fastest 5K of the weekend with 21:08 to place 8th overall and first in his category at Beckton with father Anthony 20th and 2nd in his category. Lucy Fairall and Ian Roberts ran PBs at Kingsway Gloucester with Louise Biddell doing the same at Chippng Sodbury and placing 2nd in her category.

Beckton: Joe Ball, 8th , 21:08, (1st SM18-19); Antony Ball, 20th , 28:06, (2nd VM45-49),

Kingsway: Neil Malpass, 35th , 24:26, (5th VM50-54); Lucy Fairall, 59th , 27:09, (4th VW35-39),PB; Chris Ashworth, 61st , 27:26, (2nd VM60-64); Ian Roberts, 79th , 28:46, PB; Shona Darley, 80th , 28:47; Charlotte Palmer, 96th , 30:07.

Chipping Sodbury: Russell Rolls, 56th , 23:45; Garry Strickland, 117th , 26:55; Louise Biddell, 132nd, 27:17, (2nd VW35-39) PB

9 April

On 9 April, 44 Dursley Running Club athletes celebrated the completion of the club’s 2016 Walk2Run programme at Chipping Sodbury parkun, with 23 first timers being supported around the course by spectators and club runners. Eleven posted PBs, with Nigel Sankey first home with a new PB of 19:30. Nigel Hodgson running in his new home town of Andover ran the club’s fastest time of 19:12.


Chipping Sodbury: Nigel Sankey, 4th, 19:30, (1st VM35-39), PB; Mark Brasier, 15th, 21:07, (2nd VM40-44), David Wood, 27th, 22:08, (3rd VM50-54); John Delafield, 35th, 22:45; Kris Rymer, 38th, 22:50,PB; Margaret Johnson, 39th, 22:52, (1st VW50-54), PB; Thomas Smith, 41st, 23:12, (2nd JM15-17);Shona Darley, 56th, 24:02, (2nd VW40-44), PB; Francesca Amigoni, 66th, 24:48; Rachael Barker, 89th, 26:06; Kevin Higgins, 98th, 26:21; Giuseppe Lai, 103th, 26:26; Richard Hensman, 112th, 26:51; Jo Shean, 116th, 27:05, PB; Sam Martin, 117th, 27:06; Caroline Whitlock, 119th, 27:07, PB; Julie Froggatt, 121st, 27:12, PB; Louise Biddell, 126th, 27:19, PB; Annette Heylings, 127th, 27:26; Jacky Gilmour, 137th, 27:47; Garry Strickland, 138th, 27:48; Damian Lai, 146th, 28:11, PB; Annette Keevil, 156th, 28:46; Michelle Ball, 165th, 29:07; Amanda Hensman, 171st, 29:34, PB; Charlotte Palmer, 205, 30:56; Louise Beck, 206th, 31:00, PB; Rebecca Halford, 209th, 31:18, PB; Antony Ball, 210th, 31:20; Sue Jones, 228th, 32:07; Susannah Gwilliam, 232nd, 32:41; Carolyn Thraves, 233rd, 32:42; Carole Bennett, 236th, 32:53; Neil Baldwin, 246th, 34:07; Jo Fearns, 247th, 34:07; Annette Swift, 250th, 34:14; Haydn Smith, 251st, 34:15; Karen Eadon, 259th, 35:00; Becky Court, 260th, 35:00; Kerrie Poole, 264th, 35:00; Tracey Goodwin, 269th, 35:00; Veronica Higgins, 273rd, 35:00; Nicola Evered, 274, 35:00; Luci Lai, 275th, 35:00,, Gloucester Kingsway: Paul Lewington, 43, 25:06, (1st VM55-59), PB; Mike Hanman, 61st, 26:50, (3rd VM60-64), Lucy Fairall, 68th, 27:42; Nicki Squire, 86th, 29:05, PB; Andover: Neil Hodgson, 6th, 19:12, (1st VM40-44)

2 April


11 Dursley runners were at Kingsway on Saturday.
Well done to the three first timers especially the two from walk2Run.

Mark was first for Dursley, he is taking it a bit easy now but still finished 6th overall, great time!
Shona and Luke (Dave's son) were running together (not sure who was pacing who), Luke is a 12 year old keen runner, not a PB for him but great time and well ahead of his mum.
Chris forgot his barcode so wasn’t in the official results list, 24:23.






Richard PITTS


















Dave Halford’s son


Chris Young










First Timer!


Charlotte PALMER






First Timer from Walk2Run




First Timer from Walk2Run

Three runners from Dursley were at Chipping Sodbury Park Run.

13 Garry STRICKLAND 20:51 New PB!

37         Kris RYMER                  23:26                New PB!
172       Zoe FOWLER                34:26:00           PB stays at 00:31:10


26 March
Easter Saturday saw a baker’s dozen of Dursley parkrunners at Kingsway Gloucester. Mark Brasier led them in in 20:36 10th overall, with John Delafield second home and Neil Malpass in the countdown for London third in for the club. Liz Halford was Dursley’s first woman home in 28:07, with Louse Biddell just behind running a PB of 28:07. Mike Hanman also ran a PB of 26:35. Dave Halford escorted his son around to be the cub’s Lanterne Rouge.


Results Kingsway: Mark Brasier 10th 20:36;John Delafield 37th 23:43; Neil Malpass 47th 25:18; Paul Lewington 48th 25:44; Mike Hanman 55th 26:35; Liz Halford 76rd 28:07; Louse Biddell 77th 28:32 (PB); Julie Froggatt 81st 28:42; Amanda Hensman 92nd 29:37; Charlotte Palmer 97th 29:57; Shona Darley 30:24; Jo Shean 126th 33:50; Dave Halford 135th 34:36.

19 March

Dursley parkrunners were full of running Darren Richards was fastest over the weekend, running a personal best to finish 9th overall and 3rd MV40 at Kingsway. Shona Darley, Claire Searle and Mike Hanman all came first in their categories as well as running PBs, Darley smashing her previous best. Sara Eden was 2nd VW40 and John Delafield 3rd MV50.  Emma Boxall and Cara Zoglowek also ran PBs, with a number of the other club runner close to their existing bests which is always a good sign.


Kingsway: Darren Richards, 9th, 21:13, (3rd VM40-44),(PB); John Delafield, 21st,23:04,(3rd VM50-54), Shona Darley, 25th, 23:16,(1st VW40-44),(PB);Claire Searle, 52nd, 26:00, (1st VW50-54), (PB); Mike Hanman, 61st, 27:01, (1st VM60-64) (PB); Emma Boxall, 101st, 30:13,(PB); Sara Eden, 102nd, 30:14, (2nd VW45-49); Louise Beck, 110th, 30:54;Emma Richards, 128th, 32:41; Cara Zoglowek, 141st, 34:09,(PB);Lisa Gillooly,150th, 37:21; Sarah Willcox,151st, 37:22nd;

Dalby Forest: Garry Strickland, 131st, 27:42

12 March

Another 13 runners were out and about on 12 March at parkruns both near and far. Neil Hodgson was fastest of the weekend with 18:35 at Kingsway, 2nd overall at the event and 1st MV40, a parkrun PB by some 14 seconds, other runners with PBs on the day were Shona Darley knocking just over a minute off her parkrun best at Weymouth along with Charlotte Palmer and Mike Hanman setting a new Parkrun PB at Kingsway with a run of 27:23. Garry Strickland paced wife Tracey to a new PB of 29:24 at Chipping Sodbury

Kingsway: Neil Hodgson, 18:35, 2nd (1st VM40-44), PB; Mike Hanman, 27:23, 53rd,(2nd VM60-64)PB; Antony Ball, 27:33, 55th; Lucy Fairall, 27:35, 56th; Rebecca Carr, 34:30, 121st.

Cheltenham: Mark Brasier , 23:44, 87th.

Forest Rec: Carolyn Thraves , 27:38, 101st(2nd SW30-34).

Chipping Sodbury: Russell Rolls 23:31 50th; Garry Strickland, 29:25, 139th.


Weymouth: Shona Darley, 23:43, 53rd ,(2nd VW40-44), PB; Charlotte Palmer, 29:30, 147th, (PB)

5 March

Eight Dursley Running Club Athletes took part in the Gloucester Kingsway parkrun, Richard Pitts again led the club home in just under 21 minutes. The run of the weekend was Megan Hughes’ Personal Best at the same event knocking 2 min 25 s off her previous PB set in January, which placed her first in the Senior Women’s 20-24 category. Richard also placed first in his category. Behind these two, Claire Searle was 2nd VW50, Liz Halford 2nd VW40 and Julie Froggatt 3rd VW50. Dave Halford and Zoe Fowler encouraged family members around the respective courses

Results: Kingsway: Richard Pitts, 7th, 20:52, (1st VM50-54); Megan Hughes, 21st, 23:18, (1st SW20-24 (PB); Claire Searle, 57th, 27:52:00, (2nd VW50-54); Liz Halford, 66th, 28:13, (2nd VW40-44), Julie Froggatt, 67th, 28:16:, (3rd VW50-54), Charlotte Palmer, 91st, 31:12; Dave Halford, 110th, 33:51,Chipping Sodbury: Zoe Fowler, 210th, 38:27:00


27 Feb

The fastest parkrunner or the weekend was Garry Stickland who knocked 47 seconds of his previous best to finish in 21.21 at Chipping Sodbury. At Kingsway Neil Malpass led the way in with a PB as  part of his preparation for the Virgin London Marathon. Another three Dursley athletes also achieved PBs at Kingsway: Jo Shean, who was also 3rd VW40, Nicki Squire paced around by her dad (or was it Nicki doing the pacing?) and Cara Zoglowek who knocked 2 min off her previous best. For some the cold weather would appear to have assisted their performances.

Neil Malpass, 15th, 23:12, (2nd VM50-54),PB; John Delafield, 21st , 23:41, (3rd VM50-54); Jo Shean, 66th , 27:52: (3rd VW40-44), PB; Charlotte Palmer, 71st, 28:23, (4th VW40-44), Shona Darley, 72nd, 28:23, (5th VW40-44); Sara Eden, 94th, 30:34, (6th VW45-49), Louise Beck, 108th, 31:45, (8th VW40-44); Nicki Squire, 109th, 31:53 (3rd VW35-39), PB; Mike Hanman, 110th, 31:53, (3rd VM60-64); Emma Boxall, 121st, 33:20, (5th SW25-29), Cara Zoglowek, 137th, 35:52, (12th VW40-44), New PB!

Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 18th, 21:21, (3rd VM50-54) PB.

Crane Park: Pete Dunn, 94th, 26:23, (20th VM40-44)

6 Feb

The only runners committed enough to brave the element at the weekend apart from Rich Shirley were Pete Dunn, Charlotte Palmer and Zoe Fowler. Unsurprisingly there were no personal bests, but Pete and Charlotte managed top 10 category finishes.

Results: Gloucester Kingsway Pete Dunn 40th 28:16 (6th MV40), Charlotte Palmer 57th in 33:08 (5th VW40)

Chipping Sodbury: Zoe Fowler 133rd 38:29.


30 Jan

Joe Ball was the fastest Dursley parkrunner of the weekend coming twelfth overall and first SM18-19 at Kingsway in a time of 22:53; Chris Rhymer posted the sole PB at Chipping Sodbury, yet again Dursley runners were high up in the category placings, John Delafield and Mike Haman both 2nd and Sarah Bradbury 3rd despite a hangover!


Gloucester Kingsway: Joe Ball, 14th , 22:53 (1st , SM18-19); , Russell Rolls, 32nd, 24:50 (6th VM40-44); John Delafield, 35th , 25:27 (2nd VM50-54); Mike Hanman, 72nd , 28:11 (2nd VM60-64); , Lisa Gillooly, 131st, 35:02 (8th VW40-44); Charlotte Palmer, 154th, 51:26 ( 9th VW40-44)

Brueton parkrun Birmingham: Sarah Bradbury , 150th, 26:48:00, (3rd SW30)


Chipping Sodbury: Kris Rhymer, 72nd, 24:11:00, (9th VM 35) PB

23 Jan

The Saturday parkrun saw a big Dursley turn out at Kingsway with four running Chipping Sodbury; Richard Pitts again fastest Dursley parkrunner and 2nd in his age category. Graeme Hawkins posted a very impressive 23:09 to place 1st V65. Shona Darley managed a new PB and a 1st in her category and was joined in achieving a PB by Lisa Gillooly, Nicki Squire, Garry Strickland and Kris Rymer.

Kingsway: Richard Pitts, 8th , 20:56 (2nd VM50); Graeme Hawkins, 23rd , 23:09 (1st VM65) PB; Neil Malpass, 32nd 24:14 (5th VM50); Shona Darley, 45th 25:14, (1st VW40) PB; Mike Hanman, 68th ,28:06 (1st VM60); Kevin Proctor, 87th 29:31; (8th VM40); Charlotte Palmer, 136th 33:15; Lisa Gillooly, 148th 34:05 PB; Neil Truelove, 151st 34:48 (5th VM55); Dave Halford 155th 35:39; Nicki Squire, 159th ,36:20 PB.

Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 22nd , 22:08 (2nd VM50) PB; Russell Rolls 39th, 23:17 (6th VM40); Kris Rymer 64th 24:41 (6th VM35)PB;Zoe Fowler 170th 31:10 (9th VW35).

17 Jan

Nine Dursley runners competed in Park runs at the weekend, with Richard Pitts quickest with 21:09 over the ‘long’ and grassy Kingsway course. He and Tara Truman both first in their categories. Mike Hanman was 6th in a very competitive MV60 Category. There were no PBs although Garry Strickland came close, just 2 seconds short at Chipping Sodbury.

Gloucester: Richard Pitts, 6th, 21:09, (1st VM50-54); Tara Truman, 27th , 23:41, (1st VW40-44); Mike Hanman, 76th, 28:38:00, (6th VM60-64); Sara Eden, 116th 33:17:00; Emma Boxall, 125th, 34:25; Cara Zoglowek, 147th, 37:50; Sarah Willcox, 155th 39:01.


Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 40th , 22:14, (4th, VM50-54). Dewsbury: Nigel Sankey 31st, 24:47.

10 Jan 2016

10th of January saw the almost ever present Claire Searle top the Park run board as fastest runner for the club. finishing the Kingsway run in 28:31 to come in 69th overall and 1st VW50, great reward for her constant efforts!

It was not a day for PBs Lee Rankin jogged around to win in just over 18 minutes, a number of Dursley Runners paced their children around the course, well done to them! Garry Strickland perfumed this service to his wife at Chipping Sudbury finishing  165th in 29:50.

Kingsway Claire Searle 69th 28:31 (1st VW50); Liz Halford 94th 31:36 (7th VW40); Pete Dunn 96th 31:38; Richard Pitts 102nd 32:04; Dave Halford 117th 34:10;Julie Davies 136th 37:37; Lisa Gillooly 137th 37:38

2 Jan 2016
The first Saturday of the new year saw fifteen Dursley Athletes at three Parkruns. Neil Hodgson running at Middlesbrough was fastest Dursley Parkrunner of the weekend with a course best of 19:04. At Kingsway Margaret Johnson led the team home in 24:20 and was first WV45, Paul Lewington was 1st MV50 Julie Froggatt 1st VW50 and Megan Hughes smashed her PB by 2½ min to place 1st SW20-24 in 25:43. Julie Davis, new club member, produced a PB on her first run with Dursley.

At Chipping Sodbury Mark Brasier was first in for Dursley in 20:35 just 24 seconds ahead of Emma Denton who was 1st VW35 in her first run on the course. Annette Heylings was 1st VW60 to complete an excellent haul of category wins for the club.

Results: Albert Parkrun: Neil Hodgson, 6th, 19:04 (1st VM40-44).


Gloucester Kingsway: Margaret Johnson, 32nd , 24:20, (1st VW45-49); Michael Froggatt, 34th , 24:43, (4th VM50-54);Megan Hughes, 45th, 25:43 (1st SW20-24) PB; Paul Lewington, 55th, 26:52, (1st VM55-59); Julie Froggatt, 74th, 28:55 (1st VW50-54); Nicola Evered, 99th, 31:33, (1st VW50-54);Megan Warren, 116th, 34:35; Dave Halford, 119th 34:41; Julie Davies, 135th, 36:57, PB. Chipping Sodbury: Mark Brasier, 17th, 20:35, (5th VM40-44); Emma Denton, 23rd, 20:59 (1st VW35-39);Joe Ball, 36th , 22:57, (2nd SM18-19); Annette Heylings, 103rd, 27:34, (1st VW60-64); Garry Strickland, 150th, 31:19.

Saturday 19 Dec saw nine Dursley Running Club athletes at local park runs. There was just one PB with Garry Strickland, running at Chipping Sodbury, fastest for the club over the weekend and closing in on 21 min. Despite the lack of PBs the club was high in the category placings yet again with three category winners in Garry (VM50), Annette Haylings (VF60) and Megan Hughes first SW20 at Kingsway.


Results: Kingsway: Neil Malpass, 24th, 24:57 (3rd VM50-54);  Shona Darley, 37th , 26:11 (2nd VW40-44), Paul Lewington, 46th 27:43 (3rd VM55-59); Megan Hughes, 50th 28:13 (1st  SW20-24);Richard Pitts, 69th 31:14; Cara Zoglowek, 89th 39:11.

Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland, 12th, 22:13 (1st VM50-54) PB; Annette Heylings, 86th,29:04 (1st VW60-64);Claire Searle, 88th ,29:12.

12 Dec

Chipping Sodbury and Gloucester Parkruns took place in the morning. Fran Amigoni posted the quickest time over the weekend and was 2nd SW30-34. Megan Hughes made an impressive debut coming home first SW20-24 at Kingsway. Results: Chipping Sodbury: Francesca Amigoni, 36th , 23:27, (2nd , SW30-34); Garry Strickland, 120th , 30:31,  , VM50-54. Gloucester Kingsway: Megan Hughes, 38th, 26:35, (1st , SW20-24); Dave Halford, 82nd, 40:09.


5 Dec

Dursley Running Club’s weekend started with Park Runners split between Gloucester and Chipping Sodbury. Former Chairman and Club stalwart Graeme Hawkins ran his first ever Parkrun and was first home for Dursley and first V65 at Kingsway.

Mark Brasier was first in and 7th overall at Chipping Sodbury. On a blustery day only few broke their personal bests, this included Dave Halford 21:32, Carolyn Thraves 26:53 and Cara Zoglowek 37:49. The club also did well in the age categories with Halford 3rd VM40, Garry Strickland 2nd VM50, Fran Amigoni 2nd SW30.


Gloucester Kingsway: Graeme Hawkins, 19th , 24:07, (1st , VM65-69);Neil Malpass, 28th , 25:20, (4th VM50-54); Richard Pitts, 61st , 30:10, (5th VM50-54); Jo Shean, 69th, 30:51, (3rd VW40-44); Cara Zoglowek, 94th, 37:49, (6th VW40-44)PB; Chipping Sodbury: Mark Brasier, 7th, 19:52, (1st VM40-44); Dave Halford, 19th, 21:32, (3rd VM40-44)PB; Garry Strickland, 33rd, 22:41, (2nd VM50-54); Francesca Amigoni, 44th, 23:21, (2nd SW30-34); Carolyn Thraves, 91st, 26:53, (4th SW30-34) PB.

21 Nov

On Saturday 21 Nov, the Dursley Park Runners were scattered far and wide. Shona Darley was fastest Dursley runner and that was on the trails of the forest of Dean, she was accompanied by Deborah Macfarlane who recorded a course best. At Kingsway Mike Hanman made his first appearance and ran a creditable 27:55 to place second in his category with Julie Froggatt placing first in hers. The one PB of the day was at Little Stoke, where Jo Shean broke 28 minutes.

Results: Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland 181st 33:46. Forest of Dean; Shona Darley 36th 26:09 (1st VW40) Deborah Macfarlane 124th 39:39 (Course PB). Gloucester Kingsway: Mike Haman 50th 27:55 (2nd VM60); Julie Froggatt 53rd 28:25 (1st VW50).Little Stoke Jo Shean 125th 27:59 (3rd VW40)


14 Nov

Whilst Brad spent hours running, eight Dursley Athletes went for the shorter 5K effort. Gareth Bradbury was fastest this weekend with Sarah Eden over the moon to break the 30 minute barrier and PB, she was joined by Deb McFarland, Carolyn Thraves and Garry Strickland, that latter heading down towards the lower 20s.

Gloucester Kingsway: Gareth Bradbury, 6th , 19:52, (2nd VM35-39); Richard Pitts, 9, 20:37, (1st VM50-54); Mark Brasier, 14th, 21:41, (5th VM40-44); Sarah Bradbury, 40th, 24:59 (1st SW30-34); Sara Eden, 88th, 29:55 (4th VW45-49) PB; Deb McFarland  135th 35:58 (PB); Chipping Sodbury: Garry Strickland 32nd 22:21 (3rd VM50-54) (PB); Long Eaton: Carolyn Thraves 97th,25:52 (2nd VW30-34) (PB)

7 November

Sat 7 November was very wet and windy for the Park Runners and as a result only four hardy souls were out from Dursley Running Club.

At Chipping Sodbury Hannah Darton posted the club’s fastest Park Run time of the weekend with a 25:33 to place first SW30.

Sarah Bradbury, Claire Searle and Deborah McFarlane made it to Kingsway. Sarah was first home for the club and placed 2nd SW30 with Claire 4th SW50. After a few detours it is doubtful whether Deb’s time will be “official” and it was some way off her PB from the previous week.


Results: Chipping Sodbury Hannah Darton 35th 25:33 (1st SW30).Kingsway: Sarah Bradbury 31st 26:19 (2nd SW30);Claire Searle 44th 27:47 (4th VW50); Deborah MacFarlane 85th 38:18.

31 October

Saturday saw Gloucester Kingsway Park run overtaken by the spirit of Halloween, with a number of runners donning fancy dress. This did not stop a raft of personal bests, starting with Jo Ball who continued his development as an athlete with another PB to finish in tenth in 20:51. He was joined by Shona Darley, Richard Hensman, Karen Eadon and Deb McFarland, all achieving Parkrun PBs. McFarland was another runner who had completed the Stroud Half last weekend, an amazing achievement finishing in 03:33:33. Paul Lewington led a number of high age category finishes, coming 1st VM55.

Results: Jo Ball 10th 20:51; Neil Malpass 31st 23:59 (MV50); Shona Darley 49th 25:20 (PB); Antony Ball 52nd 25:23 (6th MV45); Richard Hensman 58th 25:52 (PB); Paul Lewington 59th 25:53 (1st MV55); Becky Court 81st 27:23 (4th WV35); Nicki Cowle 89th 28:51;Nicola Evered 98th 39:19 (3rd VW50); Lousie Biddell 99th 29:22 (5th VW35); Sally Williams 112th 30:27; Karen Eadon 117th 30:5 4 (PB); Nicki Grant 157th 33:5; Deb McFarland 166th 36:27.

24 October

A brisk south westerly wind pushed light rain up to Gloucester to greet the runners at Gloucester’s Kingsway Parkrun. Dursley were led home by Dave Durden, who was first in the MV55 category. Hannah Darton was first Dursley woman home and again first in her category. Nicki Cowle, Louise Beck and Emma Richards all ran PBs.


David Durden, 7th, 20:07, (1st VM50-54); Hannah Darton, 26th, 24:00 (1st SW30-34); Claire Searle, 49th, 26:38 (2nd VW50-54, ); Richard Hensman, 53rd, 27:09; Moira Woodward, 58th, 27:51 (1st VW55-59); Nicki Cowle, 66th, 28:37 (2nd VW40-44) PB; Gillian Durden, 71st, 29:17:00, (2nd VW45-49); Amanda Hensman, 76th, 29:43:00, (3rd VW40-44), Sally Williams, 82nd, 30:18; Louise Beck, 90th, 30:49:00, PB; Emma Richards, 105th, 32:19 PB


17 October

Neil Truelove resorted to travelling to Sydney Australia to come in first for Dursley as the competition heats up on the Parkrun circuit. He finished 71st overall and was 2nd MV55in 22:49, someway off his best ... he complained it was rather hotter than at home.

On the same day, ten Dursley athletes finished at Kingsway, with Richard Pitts leading the team home in just under 20 min, placing 8th overall and first MV50. The event saw Joe Ball PB yet again with Pete Dunn joining him, Moira Woodward ran a course best to be first FV55 and Nicki Squire made her park run debut.

At Chipping Sodbury Nicki Cowle led the Dursley athletes home in 29:47 with Amanda Hensman hot on her heels to record a personal course record with Karen Eaden knocking an enormous 1 min and 11 s off her previous best.

Results Gloucester Kingsway: Richard Pitts  8th 19.55; Joe Ball 14th 21.22 (PB);

Dave Halford 33rd 23.25; Pete Dunn 36th 23.33 (PB);Rob Woodward 44th 24.14;

Chris Young 45th 24.16;Tony Ball 52nd 25.02; Paul Lewington 58th 25.39;

Moira Woodward 78th 27.17 (PB); Nicki Squire 154th 38.06.

Chipping Sodbury: Nicki Cowle, 114th , 29:44; Amanda Hensman, 116th, 29:47 (PB), Karen Eadon 121st, 30:03 (PB).

10 October

Ten Dursley runners fed their Parkrun addiction on Sat 10 Oct. Mark Brasier was first home at Kingsway with a course best, Joe Ball, Sara Eden and Sarah Wilcox all achieving PBs. Moira Woodward and John Delafield made their debuts at Gloucester.

Gloucester results: Mark Brasier 5th 19:47; Joe Ball, 13th, 21:39, (PB); John Delafield, 22nd 22:51; Julie Froggatt, 59, 26:30; Moira Woodward, 72, 27:56; Richard Pitts, 90th, 29:39; Sara Eden, 92nd , 30:00 (PB) Sarah Willcox, 126th, 34:50 (PB).

At Chipping Sodbury it was a chilly start, but both Annette Heylings and Nicki Cowle were looking forward to the challenge ahead. Annette was first in for Dursley in a time of 27.21 and first VW60–64, and not too far behind was Nicki Cowle with a PB at 29.00, 34 s faster than last weekend’s Kingsway Parkrun.

03 October

Eight Dursley runners turned out at Kingsway Park run on Saturday with Richard Pitts first through for Dursley in 8th place at 19:43 followed by Pete Dunn, Joe ball and Antony Ball, Next to go through were 4 Dursley ladies Julie Froggatt,  Nicki Cowle,  Erica Fuller,  and Karen Eadon a fantastic, if misty but fast mornings running.

Nicki Cowle cracked the 30 minute barrier also recording a PB in the process. Neil Hodgson running in Durham was the clubs fastest parkrunner with a run of just over 19 minutes and Claire Searle was another lone Dursley Runner over in Chipping Sodbury.


Gloucester: Richard Pitts  8th 19:43 ; Joe Ball 22nd 22:17(PB); Pete Dunn 34th 23:51;

Antony Ball 24:34 (PB); Julie Froggatt 70th 26:40; Nicki Cowle 105th 29:34 (PB);

Erica Fuller 116th 30:03; Karen Eadon 31:14 (PB).


Chipping Sodbury: Claire Searle 107th 27:18: Durham/Tees Barrage: Neil Hodgson 2nd 19:09

22 Aug

The Kingsway Park Run on the 22 August saw new Dursley speedster Neil Hodgson place 7th overall and 2nd MV40, with Mike Froggatt next in and 1st MV50 and Julie Froggatt was 2nd FV50 with Becky Carr making her debut at Kingsway finishing in just under 34 min.

Results: Neil Hodgson, 7th, 19:15, (2nd VM40-44); Michael Froggatt, 22nd, 22:20, (1st VM50-54); Julie Froggatt, 80th, 26:51:00, (2nd VW50-54); Rebecca Carr, 138th, 33:52.

Annette Heylings was the sole Dursley entrant at Chipping Sodbury Park Run, completing the course in 28:57, a little way off her PB but good enough to be first FV60.

15 Aug

At the Gloucester Kingsway Park Run Mark Brasier led the team home finishing 15th overall in 20:22, (3rd VM40-44). Julie Froggatt was 70th in 26:27:00, (2nd VW50-54), Jo Shean PB’d finishing 95th in 29:54 (3rd VW40-44).

Megan Warren travelled to Lincolnshire completing the Conkers Park run in 30:40, 208th of 406 runners (6th SW25-29).

8 Aug

The Park Runners kicked off the weekend's proceedings on Saturday morning with eight runners competing in the Gloucester Kingsway event, all bar one finishing in the top 5 of their category with Sarah Crabtree running a personal best to come came 2nd SW30-34, running PBs along with her were Louise Beck and new member Carolyn Thraves.

Results: Michael Froggatt, 23:38, 38th , (5th VM50-54); Antony Ball, 25:20, 59th, (6th VM45-49); Sarah Crabtree, 25:23, 60th, (2nd SW30-34)PB; Carolyn Thraves, 26:30, 74th, (4th SW30-34) PB; Julie Froggatt, 27:03, 81st , (3rd VW50-54); Claire Searle, 27:20, 82nd, (4th VW50-54); Megan Warren, 29:28, 100th, (4th SW25-29); Louise Beck, 31:35, 124th, (5th VW40-44)PB

1 Aug

At the beginning of the month Neil Truelove guided Louise Simpson round in 35:23 some 10 mins off her PB. Partly because she had cycled 170 miles coast-to-coast over the previous 4 days on the back of a tandem from Morecombe to Bridlington to raise money for Goalball UK, and partly because of the narrow path which meant that the pair had to keep stepping out of the way of faster runners.

25 July

Two Dursley athletes did park runs on 25 July, Sara Eden and Hannah Darton

Gloucester Park Run

Sara Eden got another PB at Saturday’s race 30.44. She was pleased to have made the effort and now has her sights set on a sub 30 time.


Chipping Sodbury

Hannah Darton did her first park run on Saturday at Chipping Sodbury. She posted a time of 24.22, which made her 6th in her category.



18 July

Forest of Dean Park Run

Antony Ball did the 5K Forest of Dean Park Run on Saturday and got lost. We are all confused about how that happened, but not totally surprised… His time: 27:56,  not quite his best!!

Kingsway Park Run

Saturday 18 July saw six Dursley members run the Kingsway Park Run with 150 total turn out. Mark Brasier came in first for Dursley at 20.11 in 11th place. Holly Gardner was first women in 21.49. Neil Malpass and Claire Searle came through next, with Annette Heylings following closely with a 1st in her VW60–64 age category at 27.54. Finally for the club was Nicki Cowle at 30.36 (a PB of almost 30 s from her previous attempt 3 weeks ago).

11th Mark Brasier 20.11; 20th Holly Gardner 21.49; 46th Neil Malpass 25.12; 62nd Claire Searle 26.59; 72nd Annette Heylings 27.54 1st VM60-64; 96th Nicki Cowle 30.36 PB

11 July 15

Mike Froggatt, Tony Ball and Amanda Hensman made it to Gloucester Kingsway Park Run on Saturday the 11 July. Froggatt and Ball were both a little way off their best. Despite this Froggatt placed first in his category and 10th overall. Hensman recorded a PB, having knocked over a minute and half off her first park run time in June. The lower turn out as explained by a significant number of Dursley runners doing the the “Pretty Muddy” event in Cheltenham were they were raising money for Cancer Research UK..

Results: Mike Froggatt 10th, 22.01 (1st 50-54); 37th. Tony Ball 37th 26.03; 62nd. Amanda Hensman 62nd 28.50 (2nd 35-39) PB.

4 July 2015

At Chipping Sodbury Shona Darley led the Dursley team home in 25:40, accompanied by Sally Williams, Annette Heylings and new member Rachael Goatman. Whilst Annette was some way off her PB she still recorded a category win and both Shona and Sally were both close to their bests, with Rachel achieving a PB in her first run in a Dursley vest.

Results: Shona Darley, 57th, 25:40:00, 4th, VW40-44; Annette Heylings, 104th , 29:39:00, 1st , VW60-64; Sally Williams, 113th , 30:15:00, 9th, VW40-44; Rachael Goatman 128th, 32:41, 14th VW40-44 (PB)

At Gloucester Dursley were led in by first timer Richard Hearn who posted a creditable 21:23 and was first MV45, with daughter Emma first Junior 15-17. Julie Frogatt made it a trio of category wins with a first in the VW50 category. Liz Halford and Louise Beck both recorded PBs, an impressive achievement on such a warm morning.

Results: Richard Hearn, 10th, 21:23, 1st VM45-49; Mark Brasier, 25th, 24:08, 4th VM40-44; Antony Ball, 47th, 26:21 4th VM45-49; Emma Hearn, 55th, 26:41, 1st JW15-17;Julie Froggatt, 57th, 26:58, 1st, VW50-54; Megan Warren, 83rd, 29:58, 6th SW25-29; Dave Halford, 97th, 31:05 9th VM40-44; Liz Halford 95th 31:03, 8th , WV40-45(PB);Louise Beck, 108th 33:03, 7th VW35-39 (PB); Emma Richards, 115th, 33:50, 9th VW35-39

28 June 2015

Park runs continue to attract a large number of Dursley Running Club athletes, with 11 heading to Kingsway Gloucester and two to Chipping Sodbury:

Annette Heyling and Moira Woodward were rewarded for the efforts at Chipping Sodbury by winning their age categories.

At Kingsway the pick of the bunch were Dave Halford, Nicki Cowle, Claire Searle and Sara Eden all recording PBs on the course. How wise this was for Dave given he was running a Cotswold Relay leg later in the day is a matter of conjecture. Amanda Hensman and Damien Lai recorded a Park Run bests, Amanda knocking 57 s off her time at Chipping Sodbury, with Damien 19 s to the better. Sally Williams was Dursley’s away team, running in the far South West on quite a hilly course in Lanhydrok. This provided no chance of a personal best and Sally had to make the most of the opportunity to push herself harder than normal for a slower time; she did so coming in just under 35 min, the effort will no doubt benefit her when she returns to the flatlands of Kingsway!

Chipping Sodbury: Annette Heylings, 84th, 27:24:00, (1st VW60-64); Moira Woodward, 80, 27:17:00, (1st VW55-59); Gloucester Kingsway: Dave Halford, 24th, 22:33:00, (3rd VM40-44); Shona Darley, 60th , 26:24:00, (4th VW40-44); Claire Searle, 63rd , 26:34:00, (2nd VW50-54); Julie Froggatt, 64th , 26:40:00, (3rd VW50-54); Amanda Hensman, 97th, 29:39:00, (5th VW35-39); Debi Jones, 111th, 30:22:00, (6th VW35-39,); Nicki Cowle, 118th, 31:03:00, (9th VW40-44); Sara Eden, 123rd, 31:19:00, (9thVW45-49); Karen Eadon, 129th, 32:23:00, 10th VW45-49; Damian Lai, 137th, 33:31:00, (10th VM35-39); Liz Halford, 143rd, 34:19:00, (15th VW40-44).  Lanhydrok: Sally Williams 106th 34:49:00, (8th WV40-44).Saturday 20 June saw a good turn out at two local runs.



Chipping Sodbury

Moira Woodward and Damien Lai were at Chipping Sodbury on 20 June. Moira was a little way off her course PB, coming 92nd in 27:30 and was pipped into second place in her age category by a sub 27 min run. Damien ran a course PB in 33:50, just over 2 min faster than his previous attempt.

Moira Woodward , 92nd, 00:27:30, (2nd VW55-59); Damian Lai, 152nd, 00:33:50

Kingsway, Gloucester

Four Dursley runners made their way to the Kingsway Gloucester Park Run. Mike Froggatt was first home in a very respectable 21:41, equal first in his age category and 1 min 6 s faster than his previous Park Run best. Tony Ball was not far off his course best and placed 4th his category despite some inappropriate race preparation. Julie Froggatt was next in, knocking 18 s off her course best set earlier in June, placing 2nd in her category, Jo Sheen, returning after a lay off, managed to record a top ten category finish despite being some way off her best, and Sarah Miles completed her second Park Run knocking just over a minute off her previous best.

Michael Froggatt, 18th, 00:21:41, (1st VM50-54); Antony Ball, 53rd, 00:25:09, (4th VM45-49); Julie Froggatt, 68th, 00:26:19, (2nd VW50-54); Jo Sheen, 106th, 00:31:12, (7th VW40-44); Sarah Miles 129th, 33:06

13 June 2015

Eleven Dursley athletes made it to a start line for Saturday's Park Run

This page tries to track the increasing popularity of the ParkRun  events. The Park Run events encourage runners of all abilities to try their hand at the 5K distance. The events are friendly and free to the participants, all they have to do is enter on line and take a bar code with them so that they can get a time.

Chipping Sodbury

Two athletes headed south to the Chipping Sodbury Park Run. Moira Woodward was first in for the club in 104th position in a new personal best time of 27:02, and was again 1st VW55-59. Sally Williams was 141st in 30:09 just shy of her course personal best, which always bodes well for further improvement.


Nine Dursley runners made it to the Kingsway Park Run in Gloucester, with seven first timers. Darren Richards led the club home in 21:40 17th overall and 4th MV 40 and Richards continues to impress with his progress. A minute a half behind and 6th MV40 Chris Young achieved a PB as did Dave Halford running both the course for the second time. Megan Wren led the women home knocking around 3 min off her previous Park Run from Chipping Sodbury. The 2015 cadre of Dursley athletes are all making significant improvement this season.

Results: Darren Richards, 17th , 21:40, 4th VM40-44; Chris Young, 27th , 23:10, 6th VM40-44; Dave Halford, 33rd , 23:57, 9th VM40-44; Megan Wren, 83rd , 28:33, 2nd SW20-24; Caroline Whitlock, 88th , 28:56, 6th VW40-44; Megan Warren, 00:29:16, 5th SW25-29; Emma Richards, 113th , 32:21:00, 10th VW35-39; Louise Beck, 122nd , 33:17:00, 13th VW35-39; Liz Halford, 128th , 34:09:00, 11th VW40-44; Sarah Kiddle, 132nd , 34:31:00, 5th VW45-49

6 June 2015

Chipping Sodbury

Two Dursley athletes were at the Chipping Sodbury Park Run. Moira Woodward was first to finish in a time of 27:31, 78th overall and first FV55-59 with Sally Williams maintaining her continuous improvement over the course knocking 31 seconds off her previous, finishing in 30:05, 98th overall.


Eleven Dursley Athletes graced the latest park run to be set up locally at Kingsway, Gloucester, on 6 June. Mark Brasier led the club home in 15th position overall, with Neil Truelove just 50 s behind and placing 1st MV55. It was a good event for Dursley with Fran Amigoni 2nd, Julie Froggatt 3rd, Claire Searle 4th and Shona Darley 5th in their respective age categories. Julie knocked 1 min 17 s off her Park Run PB, having started with a run at Chipping Sodbury just 2 weeks ago. Claire also improved her park Run PB by almost half a min.

Results: Mark Brasier, 15th, 19:53, (3rd, VM40-44); Neil Truelove, 28th, 20:43, (1st , VM55-59); Francesca Amigoni, 47th , 22:25, (2nd , SW30-34); Chris Young, 58th, 23:23; Neil Malpass, 78th, 24:20, (10th , VM50-54); Antony Ball, 88th, 24:55, (7th , VM45-49); Shona Darley, 101st, 25:50, (5th, VW40-44); Julie Froggatt, 113th, 26:37, (3rd, VW50-54); Claire Searle, 114th, 26:43, (4th, VW50-54);Jennifer Hanson, 198th, 35:03, (10th , SW25-29); Dave Halford, 213th, 37:12.

31 May 2015

Ten Dursley athletes were on the start line of the Chipping Sodbury Park Run on 31 May, with the majority being enthusiasts from the 2015 Walk2Run intake. Dave Halford led the Dursley runners in, finishing in 33rd place in 23:52 at his first attempt. By contrast, on his seventeenth appearance, Paul Lewington placed second for the club, just 11 s off his PB. Liz Halford made it a family ‘one two’ in the senior category, placing first Dursley woman. There was then a rush of PBs, with Claire Searle, Moira Woodward, Sally Williams, Emma Richards, Louise Beck and Sarah Kiddle all improving their times. Again Dursley did well in the age categories with Moira 1st FV60, Sarah 2nd FV 45, Dave Halford 3rd MV40, and Louise 4th FV35. Three of Dursley’s Junior Athletics programme also ran, with Luke Davis leading the way in 23:52, Jack Bevan some way off his PB in second and Thomas Woodman making his debut with a steady run of 29:49.



Results: Dave Halford, 33rd, 23:52, (3rd, VM40-44); Paul Lewington, 54th, 25:36:00, (8th VM55-59); Liz Halford, 79th, 27:03:00, 12th , VW40-44; Claire Searle, 82nd, 27:09:00 (PB), (7th VW50-54); Moira Woodward, 86th, 27:20:00 (PB), (1st VW55-59); Caroline Whitlock, 114th, 29:38:00, (14th VW40-44); Sally Williams, 132, 30:36:00 (PB), (18th VW40-44); Emma Richards, 147th, 32:00:00 (PB), (9th, VW35-39); Louise Beck, 153rd, 32:34:00 (PB),(4th VW35-39); Sarah Kiddle, 158, 33:34:00 (PB), (2nd, VW45-49).

9 May 2015

Saturday 9 May saw ten Dursley athletes at the Chipping Sodbury Park Run. The Dursley runners were made up of a combination of old hands and first timers; they were led home by Gareth Bradbury. Running the course for the first time were Darren Richards, Mark Western, George Eden and Moira Woodward. Darren showed an impressive turn of pace to get in under 23 minutes, placing 2nd V40. George Eden, a member of Dursley’s new junior athletic group, was not far behind, crossing the line as first Junior 11–14. As ever, Dursley were competitive across all the age categories. Moira Woodward was first FV55, Paul Lewington was third MV55, Emma Richards 4th FV35; Sara Eden 4th FV45. There were personal bests from Caroline Whitclock, Nicki Cowle and Emma Richards.

Results: Gareth Bradbury, 11th 20:40; Darren Richards 26th 22:31;George Eden 44th 24:13; Mark Western 54th 25:22; Moira Woodward 95th 28:33; Paul Lewington, 87th 28:03; Caroline Whitlock, 91st 28:22; Nicki Cowle 134th 31:38; Sara Eden, 138th 32:14; Emma Richards 142nd 32:18

2 May

On 2 May, one Dursley speedster was to be found at the Chipping Sodbury Park Run. Neil Sankey finished in 16th Position with a time of 19:51, a new PB at the 5 km distance.

25 April

Saturday 25 April saw two Dursley athletes at the Chipping Sodbury 5 km park run. First in was Paul Lewington in 68th position with a time of 25:51, with first-timer Amanda Wiley 127th in 30:26.

18 April 2015

Four new members fresh from the Dursley Walk2Run programme – Paula Mellerup, Sally Williams, Emily Mann and Kath Redmond – were joined by another four club runners, Liz Anderson, Nicola Evered, Nicola Cowle and Karen Eaden, at the Chipping Sodbury Park Run on 18 April. It was personal bests all round, with the club being led home by Liz Anderson, who was fifth woman overall and fourth senior woman. Dursley yet again showed their strength across the age categories with three fourths, a fifth, a sixth, a seventh and an eighth.

Results: Liz Anderson, 35th (5th, 4th SW), 23:31 PB; Paula Mellerup, 71st (4th FV40–4) 26:28 PB; Nicola Evered, 106th (5th FV50–54) 28:16 PB; Sally Williams, 135th 30:45 PB; Emily Mann, 136th (4th FV35–39) 30:50 PB; Nicola Cowle, 149th 6th FV 35–39) 31:39; Karen Eadon, 155th (8th FV45–49) 32:31; Kath Redmond, 156th (7th FV35-39) 32:33 PB

4 April 2015

After a huge turn out the previous week, the Easter weekend severely dented Dursley Running Clubs turn out at the Chipping Sodbury Park Run. Mark Brasier was on his own at the Park Run on Saturday 4 April, finishing in 20:06, 6th overall and 3rd MV40, he may have been missing the company of the previous week being some way off his best time of 19:09.


Saturday the 28th saw  Dursley Running Club make a go of taking over the Chipping Sodbury Park Run with 38 runners  from the club using the event to celebrate the end of the Clubs second 12 week Walk2Run Programme. The programme builds participants running ability in a progressive manner, some of this years programme were already runners with others totally new to the sport. Twenty Walk2Runners were supported by a great turn out of Dursley Running Club members, some running as pacers. Rich Shirley, Mark Brasier and Nigel Sankey paced no-one but themselves providing Dursley with a second, Shirley, and third place, Brasier, with Sankey tenth. Fran Amigoni resplendent in her Dursley vest was first woman home. The event saw PBs for Antony Ball and Gillian Durden, Margaret Johnson, the latter was acting as a pacer and is yet to run the event at her true pace. Paula Mellerup led the Walk2Runners home in a very decent 08:42 pace, Neil Baldwin second just 40 seconds behind with Jo Shean third home in 29:41. There was then a steady stream of Dursley Runners finishing. Sue Davies paced Bev Cooper home to finish in 45:19 and 45:18 respectively; a great end to the programme for Cooper who had started as non runner and now finished by running 5K. It was a great turn out for the Dursley Running Club, some super performances from Club members and fantastic efforts from all the Walk2Runners. David Durden, Chair of Dursley Running Club, commented “It is great to see individuals blossom through our Walk2Run Programme; either just by being able to start running, others by achieving longer distances and or faster times than they thought they would ever achieve. We could not do this without the help of club members run leaders, coaches and volunteers, the club is extremely lucky to have such supportive members, we look forward to seeing many of the Walk2Runner continue to enjoy running with the club for many years to come”.

Results: Rich Shirley 2nd 18:51, Mark Brasier 3rd 19:15 (1st MV40); Nigel Sankey 10th 20:46; Hydn Smith 14, 21:29; Richard Smith 18th 22:00; Fran Amigoni 21st 22:44 (1st SenF); Sue Peachy 54th 24:59; Julian Peachy 58th 25:05; Anthony Ball 71st 25:52; Roly Hobbs 83rd 26:21; Paul Lewington 89th 25:25; Ina Davies 95th 26:49; Paula Mellerup 102nd 27:12; Margaret Johnson 103rd 27:12; Neil Baldwin 116th 27:52; Neil Truelove 117th 27:59; Jo Shean 144th 29:41; Gillian Durden 145th 29:55; Ali Chivers 149th 30:07; Caroline Whitlock 1151 30:14; Megan Wren 177th 32:57; Alice Smith 163rd 31:41; Sally Williams; Emily Mann 167th 32:05; Megan Warren 177th 32:57; Louise Beck 182nd 33:28; Kath Redmond 184th 33:29;Sarah Kiddle 185th 33:39; Sarah Miles 188th 34:08; Shona Darley 189th 34:08; Emma Richards 192nd 34:57 Emily Poskett 197th ; Damien Lai 198th 35:53; Kelly Witts 210 43:41; Cara Zoglowek 211th 44:15;bev Cooper 213th 45:18; Sue Davies 214th 45:19



Mark Brasier, Paul Lewington and Fran Amigoni started the weekend of 21/22 March off for Dursley at the Chipping Sodbury Park Run. Mark was back for his third attempt at this 5K event and he saw a marked improvement, knocking just over 20 seconds off his debut time to place 5th and first male vet 40. Fran was making her debut and she was delighted with her time of just over 23 minutes as well as coming fourth woman overall; Paul  came home in 99th place, a little way off his PB on the course.

Results: Mark Brasier 5th (1st mV40)19:09; Francesca Amigoni 39th 23:02; Paul Lewington 99th 26:55.



The Chipping Sodbury Park Run on the 14th of March saw Anthony Ball try his hand at a new 5K course. Not having read the date on the Dursley Running Club’s Facebook post he turned up expected a posse of Dursley Running Club (DRC) runners, on rechecking he realised that he would need to be back the following week to accompany Dursley latest batch of Walk2Runers  and club members around this testing but fast park run course. He was joined by another Dursley runner, Annette Heylings.

As Tony had turned up he thought he better run, posting 26.09 he was a little way off his PB set at Cheltenham, this may be explained by the presence of a reasonable drag that has be negotiated twice at Chipping Sodbury, whereas Cheltenham saves the uphill for a short effort at the finish OR it might be the red wine he had on friday night, who knows?

Just 10 places back Annette Heylings had a good run, she was just a little of her course PB and was 2nd FV 60, with first placed FV60 Irene Copper of Hogweed Trotters recording an impressive 25:48.

Result: A Ball 90th 26:09 : Annette Heylings 100th (2nd FV60) 26:46




Five Dursley Running Club members took apart with Mark Brasier and David Durden keeping each other honest close to the sharp end of the race. Rebecca Topham joined the “dog runners” and Margaret Johnson both ran her dog and kept a weather eye on her daughter Aoife Johnson around the course. Gillian Durden dipped her toe into an organised event with half an eye on a 10K later in the season and managed a top 10 age category finish. Those dragged along for their treat included Barry Topham, who provided the bait for his son George, having already been beaten once, Topham senior was determined there would be no repeat. Behind them Cormac Johnson and James Durden tried to hold it all together after a rather too brisk start with Johnson pulling away in a sprint finish. Aoife Johnson put in a fine effort, and did really well, being more used to running half the distance at the school cross country league events. Rebecca Durden also had a fine run but unfortunately did not get her barcode read, so all her considerable effort went unrecorded. The event was won in a time of 17.03 by Rob Abraham.

Results : D Durden 9th 19:38; Mark Brasier 10th 19:46; Rebecca Topham 90th 25:42; Margaret Johnson 148th 29:01; Gillian Durden 159th29:58; UNAFFILIATED Barry Topham 75th 25:17; George Topham 84th 25:37; Cormac Johnson 119th 27:01; James Durden 120th 27:07; Aoife Johnson 147th 29:01


On the same day in Hampshire, Mike Compton represented Dursley at  the Basingstoke Park Run he finished 9th with a time of 19:24.


In Cheltenham Antony Ball completed his second park run having undergone some intensive RSFTN training, IT PAID OFF Tony finished 57 seconds faster in 144th position in a time of 25:43 well done


In Cheltenham, Antony Ball completed his first Park Run, finishing in a creditable 156th position with a time of 26:40.

Meanwhile, in Chipping Sodbury, Dan Anderson was hoping to repeat his December victory. Finishing in 17:36, just 1 second outside his PB, Anderson was beaten into second place by Olly Sheppard, who posted 17:29. Liz Anderson stormed in 7 seconds faster smashing her PB to finish 37th in a time of 23:45.

Dan is not the only speedster running for Dursley. Chris Gaze has been hiding his light under a bushel but it is finally revealed. Running the Azetc West Fast 5K at the end of 2014 he started with a decent time in October posting 18:24 to come 65th.The following month he smashed the 18 minute barrier coming 44th with 17:47.


Gareth Bradbury was at the Chipping Sodbury 5K park Run; Gareth finished in 19:59, a decent effort on a twisting course to finish 13th, just 9 seconds off his PB.


Dan Anderson, Dursley Running Club’s fastest ultra marathoner, turned his attention to the 5K distance for the Chipping Sodbury Park Run on 30 November. Anyone who thinks that there is no comparison is quite correct. There is little to compare with the pain of running at one’s fastest pace from, gun to the finish. Dan wanted to get some speed into his legs before taking on a marathon the following week, and he was accompanied by his wife Liz. Dan won the event, a comfortable 12 seconds in advance of the second placed runner James Deane. Liz also had a fine run and was 35th with a time of 23:52, placing third female.

Results: Dan Anderson 1st 17:55; Liz Anderson 35th (3rd F) 23:52.


Shona Darley achieved a personal best at the Chipping Sodbury Park Run, finally getting under 25 minutes for a 5K. Official time 24.44. Well done Shona