Oldbury 10 Mile

Oldbury 10mile saw 40 DRC runners on the start line, some tempted by the prospect of completing their three-part medal for running the Rollick, Thornbury 10K and the Oldbury 10. Thornbury clearly know that there are some runners who like their bling!

Conditions were marginally favourable in that whilst cool and wet the wind was blustery. Whilst potentially a PB course it is also quite unrelenting, apart for the start and finish it is pretty much pancake flat and runners just need to keep putting the feet down one after another as quick as they can for a fair old time! Regardless of the conditions and distance DRC runners stepped up to the plate, with 11 top ten finishers and a number of first timers completing the distance.  Kevin Jackson is flying at the moment, coming home first for DRC (not DADAC Kevin!), 32nd overall and 2nd MV55 in just over 68 minutes. Joe Ball ran steadily after a great run the night before to finish as second DRC runner in 70 minutes with Matt Hazell Livall third home for the club. Margaret Johnson was first DRC woman home and 2nd in category. Other top ten categories finishers were Garry Strickland, John Delafield, Steve Barnes, Simon Jones, Soos Moss, Shona Darley, Julie Froggatt (having a big weekend), and Damian Lai. With Julie Jaffa Fenn an unofficial third in her cat. as running under an alias! Running personal bests were Margaret Johnson, Caroline Jones, Damian Lai (another massive one!), Louse Biddell, Sam Hill, Shona Darley, Ian Cole. Running a ten-mile race for the first time were Matt Hazel-Livall, Julie Fenn and Lise Young so PBs and benchmark times for them. At the back Jo Fearns and the redoubtable Karen Eaden supported each other around with Karen managing to run all the way despite not having run since mid August, very impressive! Tracey Goodwin was the club’s Lanterne Rouge getting in well under two hours. Again great support out the course with a number of people cycling down despite the horrible weather to cheer everyone on, fantastic stuff!

Results: Kevin Jackson, 32nd , (2nd M55+), 01:08:28; Joe Ball, 43rd, , 01:10:32; Matt Hazel Livall, 48th, , 01:11:42; Garry Strickland, 49th, (4th M50+), 01:11:50; Simon Jones, 55th, (7th M40+), 01:13:02; Margaret Johnson, 68th, (2nd F50+), 01:14:22; Ian Cole, 73rd, 01:15:34; John Delafield, 91st, (6th M55+), 01:18:07; Caroline Jones, 95th, 01:18:58; Damian Lai, 118th, (10th M40+), 01:21:00; Antony Ball, 127th, 01:22:51; Jadie Cotterell, 128th, 01:22:51; Suzanne Moss, 150th, (7th F40+), 01:25:48; Kevin Rea, 151st, 01:25:48; Shona Darley, 154th, (8th F40+), 01:26:00; Lise Hindshaw, 160th, (10th F40+), 01:26:15; Charley Palmer, 174th, 01:27:48; Tara Truman, 180th, 01:28:21; Charlie Strickland, 183rd, 01:28:31; Andrew Eades, 192nd, 01:30:19; Louise Biddell, 195th, 01:30:44; Lisa Young, 197th, 01:30:53; Steve Barnes, 207th, (6th M60+), 01:32:12; Michelle Ball, 225th, 01:35:19; Annette Keevil, 226th, 01:35:19; Steve Rugman, 228th, 01:36:02; Julie Froggatt, 231st, (9th F50+), 01:36:27; Dominique Pemberton, 242nd, 01:38:38; Julie Fenn, 260th, 01:41:08; Nicola Cowle, 259th, 01:41:08; Sally Williams, 291st, 01:49:00; Julie Furneaux, 298th, 01:50:49; Sarah Willcox, 300th, 01:51:01; Ian Roberts, 303rd, 01:51:45; James Moss,AKA someone else????? 304th, 01:51:45; Samantha Hill, 310th, 01:52:16; Nicky Grant, 149th, 01:52:17; Karen Eadon, 314th, 01:53:19; Jo Fearns, 315th, 01:53:21; Tracey Goodwin, 321st, 01:56:16.


Closer to home Kevin Jackson led home the fourteen Dursley Runners at the Oldbury 10 mile race. This year’s race saw a much improved attendance with 230 runners braving the warm and windy conditions. Working hard behind Jackson Joe Ball completed his first 10  mile race to place closing in on Jackson over the final mile to finish just 22 seconds behind, with Garry Strickland and Simon Jones following him in. Caroline Jones was first DRC woman home in eighty four minutes Charlie Strickland, another 10 mile novice, was the second DRC woman to finish. The trio of Charlotte Palmer, Shona Darley and Jadie Cottrell supported each other around the pancake flat but relentless circuit, until Darley kicked to finish ahead of her erstwhile companions. Dursley did well across the age categories with Dave Saunders 2nd MV65, Jackson and Annette Heylings both 5th in there categories, Garry Strickland 5th MV55 and Shona Darely 10th FV40.  

Results Kevin, Jackson, 45th , (5th Male Vet 55), 01:09:34; Jo , Ball, 47th, 01:09:56;

Garry, Strickland, 82nd, (7th Male Vet 50), 01:16:27; Richard, Hensman, 91st , 01:18:33;

Simon, Jones, 97th, 01:19:12; David, Saunders, 107th, (2nd Male Vet 65), 01:20:47;

Caroline, Jones, 128th, 01:24:40; Damian, Lai, 146th, 01:29:02; Charlie, Strickland, 164th,  01:32:22;

Shona, Darley, 177th, (10th Female Vet 40), 01:34:25; Jadie, Cotterell, 183rd, 01:35:11;

Charley, Palmer, 184th, 01:35:12; Amanda Jane, Hensman, 208th, , 01:45:20

Annette, Heylings, 221st, (5th Female Vet 60), 01:50:49.

Previous Years:


Five Dursley Runners were on the line for the Oldbury Power Station 10 Miler. Another beautiful autumnal day for this race, although perhaps rather warm for a ten mile race. 

Margaret commented "its only a year ago(since), myself and Kevin met Nigel Sankey at the Oldbury 10 mile race for the first time and a year later we feel we have known him all our lives, why is that??A year later and what a different runner Nigel is, finishingthe race in 1:07:36, that's over 5 minutes faster than last year, an amazing PB from him and what amazing splits!!

Nigel was first Dursley runner home in the process, with Margaret Johnson knocking over two minutes of her previous best to place first FV45. Sandwiched between them Kevin Jackson was third MV55. His view was that he ran "a comfortable race" but didn't feel he could run any faster, again his splits were all similar but he is just a little bit slower than last year, he is blaming his age, not a bad good excuse!

Damien Lai and Rachael Goatman completed their first ever 10 mile race a fantastic achievement for both of them, with Lai having only started running in January via  the Dursley Clubs Walk2Run programme. There was no mercy from Rachael who kicked away to finish five seconds ahead, no holding hands for Damian this week!


Nigel Sankey 33rd 01:07:38

Kevin Jackson 38th 01:09:18 (3rd MV55)

Margaret Johnson 64th 01:18:43 (1st FV45);

Rachael Goatman 120th 01:51:05;

Damien Lai 121st 01:51:10.



Sunday 14 September saw the Oldbury 10 mile take place, with a cool morning turning warm to make the event slightly harder for the runners, as if they needed it.Entries were again down on the previous year  and substantially lower that the almost 300 running the event several years ago, reflecting an increasing trend amongst runners to try their hand at assault course type events rather than pure road running, or opt for the slightly less gruelling 10K distance. This is a shame as the Oldbury is an excellent 10 mile course and is great preparation for the Stroud Half in October.  Three Dursley Runners made the trip south. After missing last year’s event Kevin Jackson was back and normal service was resumed with Jackson coming home first for the club, just slightly slower than his 2012 time. New member Nigel Sankey posted a steady 72 minutes with Margaret Johnson making a significant improvement of over 3 minutes on her 2013 time, proving that mileage may lead to improved performance. Both Johnson and Jackson were third in their respective age categories.

Results: Kevin Jackon, 31st (3rd MV50  01:06:50; Nigel Sankey 56th , 01:12:50, Margaret Johnson 81st, 01:21:17(3rd FV45)


This years Oldbury 10 saw overnight rain give way to a cool breeze at the race start, but the latter half of the field had the dubious pleasure of sunshine and some warmth in which to race.Chris Hollingshead from Stafford Harriers was first home in 57:01, and was also first MV45. First lady, Jessie Sanzo  (Bristol & West) improved on last year’s time and placing, 7th overall in 1:00:56, nearly 2 minutes quicker. Four Dursley Runners took part, shock horror no Kevin Jackson, who must be cursing the fixture congestions with the Ciren. 10K on the same day, ruining the chance for runners to wind up their race distances with Stroud Half in mind..

Gareth Bradbury led Dursley home finishing in a time of 01:12:55, 2 weeks away from serious training may have dented his performance. Behind him a string of Dursley women where putting in the hard miles in preparation for Stroud Half and delivering solid runs on the day. Margaret and Rachel (Johnson not Carter) continued the club tradition of having a couple of runners holding hands around a course, both finishing under 85 minutes, with Erica not far behind and coming in first in her category. Graemes favorite runner Martin Ford (V0) put most of the field to shame running a 01:04:34 finishing in 23rd position, the second shock of the day was that Ford did not achieve a course record, he was 3 second shy of of Pat Slavin’s (BittonRR) 2010 time, Ford does hold the V60 and V65 course records as a consolation. 135 Runners finished the event compared with 197 in 2012.

Gareth Bradbury 64th 01:12:55; Rachel Johnson,107th 01:24:35; Margaret Johnson 108th 01:24:35; Erica Fuller 115th 01:26:19. (1st FV40)



The 2012 Oldbury 10 again saw the best of the Autumnal weather. The metronomic Kevin Jackson knocked just over half a minute off his previous years time, placing 37th in the process and 9th V50 indicating a class field in this category. Alice lewis coming in 114th in a time of 01:24:58. The race was won by Micheal Johnson in a time of 53:08. 197 finished the race

Kevin Jackson   01:06:02    37th

Alice Lewis 01:24:58   144th



Whilst Sue Peachy was enjoying a New Zealand Spring, on this side of the planet, runners at the Oldbury Power Station 10 Mile race had to put up with scorching late summer sun. This dented the runners’ times as they ran to survive the unseasonal conditions, but this didn’t stop the Dursley runners achieving podium finishes in their age categories. Kevin Jackson was first Dursley runner home in 06:06:44, 35th overall, 2nd MV50, with Mel Williams finishing in 128:04,113th and 3rd LV45.



The club had six runners in this years 10 miler at Oldbury. After a overnight downpour the torrential rain held off for the race start. A strong field gathered on the start line competing for various championships including the British Masters event. No doubt the range of championships being held on the day contributed to the longstanding course record being smashed.

Kevin Jackson got his revenge on Dave Durden for Tuesdays nights defeat in no uncertain terms coming in just over one hour and five minutes, he pronounced himself pleased with the run giving 100% in difficult conditions. Dave Durden was another 5 minutes back scratching his head over what had gone wrong. Mouse Clutterbuck was the third Dursley Runner in followed by Andy Kilby who took Ray Williams scalp on the day, Mel Williams finished just in time to miss the heavy rain which eventually broke having held off for most of the event.

Kevin Jackson                  01:04:39          39th

Dave Durden                    01:10:11          74th

Mouse Clutterbuck           01:13:08          92nd

Andy Kilby                       01:19:11          117th

Ray Willams                    01:21:55          126th

Mel Williams                    01:24:38          133rd



Thornbury AC's Oldbury Power Station 10 Mile took place on Sunday the 04th of October. A crisp autumnal day greeted the runners but as the start approached temperatures rose. On the start line for Dursley were Kevin Jackson, Tony Freer, Rob and Moira Woodward, Ray and Mel Williams and Dave Durden. The runners were faced by overwhelmingly flat course, with head and cross winds (strong breezes might be a more accurate description), whilst quite brisk on some parts of the course they served to cool the runners down.

Kevin Jackson had promised to invest in some rear view mirrors after the close call at Cirencester 10K the previous week, and true to his word he again pipped Dave Durden who did his best to hide from view until around 200 meters to go. Kevin who had about 15 meters on Dave kicked at the same time, crossing the line 1 second ahead, a 100% improvement on Cirencesters result! With both runners looking to run well at the Stroud Half it appears it will be an interesting contrast; Kevin's hard out from the start and hold on approach against Dave's slow starts and acceleration over the final miles.  It was a good day for Pbs for the club with Tony, Moira and Dave all recording PBs, Tony worked impressively over the final 3 miles  having gone out in his words "perhaps a little too fast" better check those split times Tony! We are not sure if Thornbury have a husbands and wives prize category, in the event Ray and Mel would have taken the prize.


Kevin Jackson     01:04:05     40th

David Durden 01:04:06     41st

Tony Freer           01:09:49    92nd

Ray Williams       01:14:27    123rd

Rob Woodward    01:19:59     157th

Mel Williams        01:21:07    166th

Moira Woodward  01:35:15   216th



Kevin Jackson started to come back to form, as ever in the fall, showing this with a 1.03.32 to come in 51st, Neil Parry although not strictly speaking a club member, is already benefiting from the high quality club runs and ran an impressive 1.08.21 to come in 110th.

Kevin Jackson      01:03:32   51st

Neil Parry            01:08:21  110th

Dave Saunders    01:14:42   179th

John Delafield      01.15.23  187th

Martin Parry        01.20.12   237th

Roly Hobbs         01.20:58   248th

Mel Williams       01.22.56   271st