Showing you get out what you put in, there were amazing results from IM Staffordshire 70.3.


      Tara Lou 7th in her division with a time of 5:46 with impressive everything but in particular a strong run and area she has

      been working on, 2nd in her division on the bike with super fast transitions, Tony Freer finished in 5:38, 10th in division

      on the bike definitely his strongest suit on the day,


      Chris Sweet swam like a fish or Tara , 37 mins in the water and 6:26 total, and last but by no means least Damian Lai,

      what an amazing man finished in 7:16 picking up places with a good run . (Thanks Mike Brown for summary).


Swim                T1        Bike                 T2        Run                  Overall

Tony Freer                   46:44               6:48     02:47:13          2:52     01:54:46          05:38:33

Tara Truman                37:10               4:57     02:52:32          2:23     02:09:45          05:46:47

Chris Sweet                  37:21               6:09     03:03:05          4:41     02:35:19          06:26:35



pretty busy week end for DRC Trip from the European Championships in Denmark to the Wotton Triathlon DRC- Tri members were out and about with some great results.  

      Tara Truman was out representing Team GB at Challenge Herning European middle

      distance championships this weekend, despite struggling with her running Tara was only

      four minutes off her PB at the distance.


Swim                Bikes                Run                  Overall

1900m             56 miles           13.1

37:00               02:49               02:12               05:44

At the Tri-Ferris Cotswold Women Only Try Zoe Lammerton and Jo Robinson had great       races. Zoe's final time was 1:17:15, 3rd in age category out of 18 and 28th women out of       145. Zoe also placed fastest lady in my age category in the run. Jo had a great race too she put in a fast swim and finished in 1:23:23 8th age category. Zoe would recommend this event to all women on DRC-tri for next year "you also got a t shirt and a medal (very pink though!" she said.     


       The weekend also saw Joe Browning dicing with waters of Bristol Harbourside again, once

       out of the less than appetising waters of the Cumberland basin the cycle and the run make

       up for it being very flat, although this weekend every windy!  Joe had a good event,

       he managed a course best if not a PB, knocking time of each discipline.


       He started  with a steady swim of just under 30 minute, he then averaged just under 18mph

       on the bike again a good effort in windy conditions. He saved his best for the run completing

       the 10K in 44:42 to come in 64th in the discipline. Joe finished in a total time of 02:44:32

       placing 118th out of 392 athletes 


      Results are yet to come in from Wotton but it looks like everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves


      ITU World Championship Qualifier race

Dursley Running Club’s Triathlon “Mrs Motivator” Tara Truman was at the ITU qualifier race at Eton Dorney on the 21st of May.

It was Tara's first race of the season and she mostly enjoyed the event, drafting being a new experience which she found a bit daunting, whilst she did not manage to qualifying for the worlds again she was happy with her performance, finishing 10th in her category.  

               Bike                 Run                  Overall              

(750m)             (21.3k)             (5k)                  Pos.     475th (112th F - 10th F45-49)

Tara Truman    14:17               37:32               25:07               Time     01:19:07

Cotswold 51#fiver Standard Triathlon 

It was an early but beautifully clear start for the athletes at the today's Cotswold 51#fiver standard distance triathlon in lake 32 at the Cotswold water park. 

The standard distance is a tough race putting athletes through a fast paced 1500m swim, 40k bike and 10k run. The water temperature was a comfortable 16 degrees but the swim was busy and brutal. Tara Truman reported that she “never really got any clear water and had to fight my way round the course but made good time”. The wind picked up for making the one lap bike leg challenging for the cyclists, while the run was flat course three times round the lake, the evening rain had left the ground soft and muddy in places.


Fred Yearsley was first home for DRC-Tri and first in his age category in 2:40:09 (30:45 - 01:10 -54:15) Andy Kirby came in next in 2:52:56 5th in age category (32:52 - 01:21 -53:14)


Jo Robinson was back next in 2:56:22 and 16th in age category, and an impressive 46th female (28:12-  01:28 - 54:29). Last but not least was rookie triathlete Damian Lai in 3:24:01 (43:20- 01:27 -54:27) however a beginners error gave Damian a 17min time in T1 when he mistakenly took off his timing chip and cycled a couple of miles down the road before realising and heading back to get it!


DRC –TRI  also had a relay team consisting of Tara Truman swimming, Lisa Gillooly cycling and Andrea Sexton running, we finished in 2:53:07 and were positioned 4th (27:20 - 01:27 - 56:08).


Overall a brilliant well organised event . Well done team



Calne Sprint Triathlon 

Gabb completed his first ever Tri at Calne in a time of 01:21:27. After a little google malfunction Dan can probably improve his swim time, Dan posted “ here are my highs and lows: 

“My high was getting easily overtaken doing 40mph downhill. Not sure why I found this a high but I was just really impressed by it. Low was having goggles full of water for 2 lengths. All of a sudden they said go and I wasn't really ready…. enjoy it! Triathlons are fun” as Tara commented good practice for the standard Tri in two weeks 



                  Swim (Pool)     T1         Bike      T2         Run 

                  400m                           20K

Dan Gabb    09:20           03:33       44:18   01:15    23:00

Meanwhile Veteran Triathlete Andy Kilby completed the Lanzarote Volcano Tri in 03:10:19 placing 304th and 14th MV 60-64. 

                      Swim    T1        Bike                 T2        Run                  Overall

                       1500                40K                              10K

Andy Kilby     33:04   04:23   01:29:00          02:08   01:01:46          03:10:19

Sunday 24.04.17

John Hookway and Chris Young competed at the Tri-Max First Tri event at Lydney triathlon on Sunday. The sprint event includes a 440m pool swim, a challenging 22k bike ride, finished off with a 5.5K run. Young improved his overall time from last year by 4 mins with 01:29:37. It was Hookway’s first triathlon and he completed it in a very respectable time of 1:42:00, and is excited enough to be booking his pace in the end of Summer event.

Tuesday 18.04.17

Nine of DRC Tri-section team members made it to Castle Coombe on Wednesday for the 1st DB Max 10 mile TT series. They had almost perfect race conditions, whilst cold, no wind, meant some very fast times were achievable. Sarah Willcox set off first and produced an excellent 18.3 mph average speed. Tony Freer was first back for DRC Tri, followed closely by Kris Rhymer and then Carl Fivey . Tara Truman was first DRC woman home and 3rd female veteran, with Zoe Lammerton and Zoe Fowler battling it out to be second DRC woman in.

Results: Tony Freer 33rd (8th SuperVet)24:42; Kris Rymer 39th (7th Vet)25:00;

Carl Fivey 51st 26:35; Tara Lou  58th (3rd Vet) 27:14; Jerry Fowler 76th 29:32

Zoe Lamerton 81st 30:36; Zoe Fowler 83rd 31:28; Sarah Willcox 87th 32:43;

Anya Wood 89th 33:58