Aztec West Fast 5

May 2015 

Leaping Lions had planned an Aztec West attendance, but it turned out to be a menagerie of DRC groups at Aztec West, with a few last minute entrants, Mark Sprigings getting a cheeky run in on the way back from work and Tony Wooldridge warming up for the Dursley Peaks, with Eileen Hieron, Claire Searle and Julie Froggatt there to sample the atmosphere

The weather conditions were significantly more benign than the previous month but the back straight had a significant headwind on it. Drafting was a real benefit if you could find someone running just a little bit faster to get behind. Dave Durden couldn't find anyone to do this for him and spent this straight either closing down on groups or trying to avoid other runners benefitting from his shelter. However he was pleased to improve his pacing from the March event, a steady 6:24 first lap gave plenty of room to improve, although he got a bit excited on lap 2 and missed out running a negative split. Mark Sprigings Strava had him running significantly faster than Dave but official race data placed him 2nd DRC man home(?) just in front of Jon Tudor. Whilst Jon was not as quick as previously he is putting together some really consistent sub-20 performances which will improve his running across all events. Alice Lewis and Tony Wooldridge as ever impressive with 2nd in their categories, Claire Seale pulled up with an injury leaving Julie Froggatt to push for home on her own whilst Eileen swept up for DRC, having tried to finish a lap early, following Dave into the finish, there's optimism for you!

An excellent race are you wills some seriously quick runners!

David Durden 19:33 83rd  (4th M50) ; Mark Sprigings 19:55 96th  (54th SM); Jonathan Tudor 00:19:56 98th  (55th SM);  Tony Wooldridge 00:20:34 109th  (2nd M65); Alice Lewis :22:46 138 (2nd W55); Julie Froggatt 00:28:27 155th (9th W45); Eileen Hieron 00:30:55 158 (4th W55)

April 2017

Five Dursley runners lined up at the start of this month's Aztec 5k. 

As they set off under a rainbow, it became clear that the big storm cloud was heading their way. Cue some of the more bizarre and challenging 5k conditions I've ever run in, heavy hail accompanied by a strong breeze, making it impossible to run tall. However despite all this, Pete Chaffer, Jon Tudor, Matt Read, Alice Lewis and myself made good use of a fast course before and after the hail to record a set of times we were all happy with. Myself, Jon and Matt all dipped under 20 minutes, with Pete just slipping over 20. Alice was delighted to finish in 22:40. An event I would thoroughly recommend for any one looking to do a fast 5k.
Nigel Sankey 19:23;Jon Tudor 19:46; Matt Read 19:48; Pete Chaffer 20:02; and Alice Lewis 22:40.

March 2017

Seven DRC athletes travelled to down to Bristol and Wests Aztec West Fast 5K on Tuesday night. They were led home by Dave Durden who held on after a fast start. Jonathon Tudor ran well, just missing going under 20 minutes to record a PB. Jadie Cotterell was first woman home for DRC and 23rd woman overall, with Francesca Amigoni just 46 seconds behind to place 28th woman overall. Pete Dunn and Tony Ball both close to a top ten finish in their categories, no mean feat in an event with a high-quality field. Tony Ball could have PB’d if he hadn’t been ambling into the finish!


David Durden 19.39, 98th (5th MV50); Jonathan Tudor 20.01, 107th; Carl Fivey 133rd  21.40; Jadie Cotterell 21.42, 135th (11th SenW) PB; Francesca Lane Amigoni 22.28, 143rd (14th SenW) PB; Pete Dunn 154th 23.22, (10th MV40); Antony Ball 162nd 24.20, (13th MV45).

February 2017

Earlier in week Joe Ball led a team of 5 DRC athletes home at the Aztec West Fast 5K, A high quality field saw Alice Lewis achieving the highest category position with 4th , with both Joe Ball and Jadie Cotterell running well. 

Results: Joseph Ball, 107th, 20:12, (61st SM); Jadie Cotterell, 137th , 22:18, (16th SW)

Rich Pitts , 139th , 22:21, (8th M50); Alice Lewis , 148th , 23:00, (4th F55)

Antony Ball , 161st , 24:11:00, (12th M45).

January 2017

Four DRC athletes ventured down the the Aztec West Fast 5 (that's 5K not five nautical miles!), part of the DRC "Grand Prix" series, points mean prizes folks. There are some seriously quick runners down there. Cheltenham and County Harriers Oil Mott won in a time of 14:47, with Gloucester Sports very own Steve Millward 15:47. Chris Wellington winning the woman category in 17:33. 

DRC were led home by Gareth Bradbury in 20:06, with Simon Jones and Carl Fivey battling it out to be second DRC man home, Simon ahead by 8 seconds in 20:49( PB I suspect). Damian Lai scorched around in 24:22 PB.

 It was impressive running by all the DRC athletes but by Gareth in particular as he forgot his running shoes, so ran the event in his casual work shoes, and I always had him down for a bare foot runner type.