One of the fantastic elements of the London marathon is the number of good causes that benefit from the runners’ efforts. DRC believe in making a difference whether it is helping people of any age become fitter and heathier, supporting schools with their out of schools clubs, donating percentage of race profits to charities each year. This year’s chosen club charity is Bailey Griffiths from Cam. Bailey is 9, an incredible young lady who is profoundly deaf and has quadriplegic cerebral palsy. This year Dursley Running Club members and family members have raised over £23,000 for a variety of national and local charities a fantastic achievement

Athlete: Emma Denton
Charity RPFighting Blindness
The reasons for supporting this charity are My son Charlie, who is already profoundly Deaf, was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa (RP) in July 2016. RP leads to a loss of vision and Blindness so to celebrate turning 40, I am running 40 races to raise money for RPFighting Blindness. My brother and Charlie's godfather also ran the London Marathon to raise money.
Best moment: was seeing Charlie at Mile 18 who told me that my brother Ben was 2 minutes behind me. I waited for him and we ran the last 8 miles together. It was my brothers first marathon and it was very emotional crossing the line holding hands.
Money Raised £5149 so far


Athlete: Ian Cole

Charity: Mind-  Mental Health

I was running on behalf of Rednock School 6th Form to raise the profile of mental health and support for young people. It can often be the case that mental health issues in young people are triggered during pressurised times such as exam periods and choosing subjects/universities, so we wanted to raise the profile of support so no one has to face a mental health issue alone. 

Time: (PB) First marathon - 4 hrs 41 mins 49 secs

Best moment Running around the Cutty Sark and over Tower Bridge, seeing my family and running along the final mile in Westminster. 

Money raisedcurrent total stands at £2,863.65. 

 Your Name - Damian Lai

Charity:  British Lung Foundation 

My reason for raising money for this charity is that it’s close to my heart. I suffered with lung problems in the past and my Dad has Industrial Asthma and had to give up work well before retirement age. I wanted to be part of a team who could make a difference to so many people's lives. The BLF help and support people with lung disease and fund research to find new treatments and cures for lung diseases. I wanted to be part of a team who can ensure that one day everyone will breathe clean air from healthy lungs.

Time: 04.14.28 (i found out after it wasn't a PB, i thought I'd run 4.15.25 in Paris, but it was 4.14.25, so I was 3 seconds slower at London. It was my fastest marathon distance time though!!! as i ran over 27 miles at London)

Best moment - Being cheered on by Katherine, my supportive wife and my two boys, Leo & George at Mile 25 along the embankment. I also loved running around the Cutty Sark, the noise at Canary Warf and running over Tower Bridge. The drummers and bands were amazing. The whole experience was a dream come true and lived up to my expectation and more! 

Money raised - Will be greater than £3400 when all cashed in.

Athlete: Shona Darley

Charity: Asthma UK
Reasons for raising money : I'm asthmatic and my boys are too. When I was younger I wasn't able to run even 100m due to the medication that was around. I want people to realise that you can run with asthma. 3000 people a year still die from asthma attacks.>

Time (PB) 4:48:06 ....... 10 minute pb
Best moment: Running majority with one of my best friends and seeing loved ones supporting and running over Tower Bridge.
Money raised £2800
This time last year my longest run was just 3 miles due to the M.E. I've wanted to run London since I was 8 but never ever thought it would be possible. It's a dream come true.


Athlete: Dave Saunders

Charity Longfield Hospice

I ran for Longfield as I have been a volunteer driver with the hospice for the last 4 years and it is charity close to my heart. They provide amazing care and support for people with a life-limiting illness and also support their families & carers, as well as bereavement services.

Time: 4hrs 48 mins 09 secs

Best moment: It was an incredible experience running in fancy dress and seeing the reaction of the crowds. Also knowing that I hold the, as yet to be confirmed, world record for the fastest marathon dressed as a postbox. The costume drew a great deal of attention and I was constantly being asked by people if they could take a photograph /selfie with me, in fact I must must have been the most photographed post box in London last weekend!! 

It was mainly foreign runners/tourists, especially the Japanese. Also many spectators along the route wanted a picture.

Money raised: at least £1200 and the money is still coming in.


Athlete: Tony Wooldridge

Charity: The Friends of Bristol Eye Hospital

My reason for supporting ths charity is that a friend of ours had a series of operations at the hospital over an extended period and my wife also received exemplary emergency treatment. The Friends of the Hospital help to provide special equipment and training, or facilities for children, which might not be available from the NHS budget.

Time: 3 hours 24 mins 54 secs   12th MV65

Best moment: Coming down the Embankment towards Big Ben and realising that the finish was less than a kilometre away.

Money Raised £750

Athlete: Rose Stephenson

Charity: raising money for: Wotton Community Sports Foundation

My reasons for raising money are that  this project gives all local people the chance to engage with sport and activity in a beautiful setting.

Time (PB) 5:08

Best moment: Running over Tower Bridge

Money raised: £1,100


Athlete: Mark Sprigings

Charity: Well Child

I ran for Well Child was because I didn't get through the ballot and I started looking at charities places, being a father of two young children I looked through all the children's charities and that one was the 'national charity of sick children'. I have done 4 runs for charity in last 12 months raising over £3500 in total, ran Severn Bridge half for Winstons Wish (a charity for bereaved children), Bristol Half for Cancer Research, and Stroud for St. John's hospice.

Time: 03:39:59 (PB)

Best moment: was probably the relentless support from the crowd for the whole way and meeting family at the finish line. The ice bath massage and food and drink provided by the charity at the after party was pretty cool too.

Money Raised £1661.


Other Dursley Runner Club members raising money were Robyn Jackson ( and her sister Jay non-member) who raised 1500 for MS-UK the national multiple sclerosis charity. Steve Barnes who has raised £816 for Cancer Research and Holly Gardner also running for Well Child has raised £1223.