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Do you want to lose those unwanted Christmas Pounds? Do you want to feel on top of the world? Dursley Running Club is welcoming any beginners to running to join our free 2017 Walk2Run programme run by experienced and qualified run leaders. Over 12 weeks we aim to build your fitness up from a gentle 20 minute walk/run session to achieve a 40 minute run/walk session by the end of the programme.

If you have some previous running experience and would like to know more about running with the club, we are holding a taster session on the same day as the Walk2Run evaluation morning – Saturday 7th January. Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information. 

Walk2Run 2017 Programme Overview scroll down for FAQs 

Now in its 4th year, the Walk2Run programme is designed to introduce people to the benefits of Running. It is a 12-week course starting with an evaluation day on Saturday 7th January 2017 at 10:30am At Dursley Rugby Club.

This course is provided completely free of charge by volunteer members of Dursley Running Club to promote the benefits of Club Running, and to provide the much needed motivation to “get out there” and start improving your health and fitness levels. We aim to start you off by running for 1 minute and then walking for 45 to 60 seconds, over a course that takes in the picturesque Woodfields estate! By the end of the 12 weeks, you will be taking on a 1.5 mile loop which will be at your best effort, and continuous running if you are able. We will also arrange to attend a local 5k Parkrun to introduce you to the very popular free of charge weekly runs. The purpose of the course is to introduce people to running and for them to get to know the club, how it operates, and also to give you the confidence to be able to run with the club after the 12-week course is complete, if you wish.

If you have any concerns about your ability to participate in the course, please consult your GP in the first instance, before registering and securing your place.

If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact Damian Lai on 07714208484 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Extra training

The Walk2Run programme is a real entry-level course designed to introduce people to the benefits of running within a club environment. While running once a week is great, it is really only part of the puzzle and a first step into a healthier lifestyle.

As mentioned before, running is the same as anything in life in regards to the amount of effort you put in is directly proportional the gains you will get out. But again, it is only one piece of the jigsaw. Slight changes in your lifestyle can have a huge impact on your ability to progress, such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator or lift, snacking on fruit instead of crisps and biscuits, or just going out for a brisk walk when you would normally be sitting on the sofa watching the TV. We do not want to preach to you about what to eat, and to get up at 4 o’clock in the morning to go running, but these small changes put together can have a massive impact on your health and wellbeing, and also the rate at which you will start to see and feel the benefits of the hard work you are putting in.

In past courses, we have had groups meeting at the weekend to do what they named “homework runs” which helped them progress at a much quicker pace. Just increasing your training to one more run as well as your club run doubles your training!



1. Who is the course aimed at? – YOU !! Walk2Run is aimed at people that are either new to running or maybe want to get back into running after a long break. Running within a group also provides a great deal of motivation too

2. How hard will it be? – This will depend on your current level of fitness, but the course is designed as an introduction to club running is aimed at the very entry level/beginner runner. Do be prepared to break into a sweat!

3. How much is this course going to cost me? – Nothing. The course is completely free, and if you feel that you would like to join the club at the end of the course (no obligation), then the 2017 fee is £30 per year, with renewal due at the end of October.

4. Do I need to book? – Yes. Although the sessions are free we would like you to register with us so we can ensure we have enough coaches and run leaders to assist. Due to the popularity of the programme and the club resources, we regret that we are only able to accept a certain number of participants. These places will be taken up on a first come first served basis and you can book your place by filling out the registration form on the Dursley Running Club website

5. When do we start? The start date for the 2017 programme is Saturday the 7th of January 10:30am at Dursley Rugby Club. This is an evaluation day for all registered participants that have secured a place by registering on the Dursley Running Club Website.

6. How long is the Walk2Run Course? – 12 weeks. There will be an evaluation day on Saturday 7th January 2017 at 10:30am at the Dursley Rugby Club, and then the 12-week course will start on Tuesday 10th January 2017 at 17:55, and at the same time every Tuesday night, with the last session being on Tuesday March 28th 2017.

7. What if I can’t make one or two of the sessions? – If life throws you a curve ball, and you are unable to make it for whatever reason, then it would be appreciated if you could let us know by either posting on the club Facebook page or texting Damian on 07714208484.

8. I have done a few of weeks of the programme, and running just isn’t for me. – Running is not for everyone, and if you feel that you do not want to attend the sessions anymore, all we ask is that you communicate this to us either using the Walk2Run Facebook page, or letting us know via text to 07714208484.

9. Where are the sessions held? - The sessions are held at Dursley Rugby Club, on the B4060 Dursley to Wotton-under-Edge road on the Avenue in Stinchcombe, just up the road on the right hand side if coming up from the Yew Tree Pub. Postcode for sat nav is GL11 6AJ.

10. What time will they start? - Apart from the first Saturday evaluation session, we start the Walk2Run session on Tuesdays (club night) at 5:55pm, earlier than the main club meets so that you will not be swamped by members.

11. What do I need to wear and bring along? – A high viz vest is compulsory and a head torch is optional. The club can sell you a high viz bib or these can be found on the internet or any reputable sports shop. There is no need to rush out and buy the latest technical clothing, shoes etc. for the beginner sessions, just come along with a pair of trainers and clothes that you feel comfortable jogging in. If you wish, you can also bring a drink. During the weeks of the course, the run leaders will be able to give you more advice on buying the correct shoes, clothing etc. but at this stage, just come along and enjoy yourselves. The first evaluation session will be in the daylight, but even so, bright clothes are a good idea, the following sessions will be at night so we will want you to wear fluorescent clothing or a Hi-Viz top or bib. If it is raining hard a waterproof and one base layer is probably enough. Keeping the extremities warm is the most important thing, so hat and gloves are good and they are easy to take off or put back on.

12. It’s pretty cold outside, I should wrap up warm, right? – By all means wrap up warm to get yourself up to the club, but when you start your run, you really want to start off feeling a little bit cold, as your body temperature will rise during exercise. If you are wearing too many layers to start with, you will only have to carry your clothing after you take it off, so it is best to leave it at the clubhouse to start with.

13. It is ok to leave personal belongings and car keys at the clubhouse while we are out running? – Yes. You are welcome to leave your stuff at the clubhouse while you are out on your run, however the club is not responsible for your belongings and you leave them at your own risk. That being said, we have never had an issue with anything going missing before.

14. It’s cold, dark, wet and windy outside, will it still be on? – Runners are hardy. We can guarantee that your run leaders will be on hand to take the course in any weather conditions. We run in sleet and snow, but the only thing that may cause the course to be cancelled is ice. If you are in any doubt, please keep an eye on the club Facebook page for the very latest up to date information.

15. What if I am finding the course too easy? – At any point in course you are more than welcome to try out running in one of our established groups, that meet at the same place (Dursley Rugby Club) at the slightly later time of 1815, where you will be directed to a group that meets your running ability. If the run leaders identify that you are consistently exceeding what is required, then it may be suggested to you that the course may not be suitable for your running needs.

16. How fast can I expect to progress running once a week with Walk2Run? – Running is the same as anything in life, in that the more you put in, the more you will get out! In past years, there have been groups of Walk2Runners out on what they called “homework runs” at the weekend. The more times you are able to get out running per week, the faster your progression will be. But, do be very careful not to do too much too quickly, as you will be at risk of injury. Walking is a good way to recover from a W2R session, with time on your feet walking replicating some of the benefits of running without the impact.

17. Are they any exercises I can do to help my running? - There are plenty of exercise that will prepare your body for the exercise of running, for example, squats, leg raises, planks, if you know how to do exercises like these then building them into your week will pay dividends. If you are not sure coaches will discuss drills and exercises with you.

18. How successful have the past courses been? – It has proved extremely popular, with spaces filling up very rapidly, and if the success of the programme is judged by past participants, then it has been hugely successful. We have current club members that have gone from the couch to 5k, 10k, half marathons and Ironman events!

18. What if I have another question that is not answered here? – Please contact Damian Lai on 07714208484 or email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.