The highlight of the last weekend in June 2017 for Dursley Running Club  was as always the Cotswold Way Relay, in its 25th year the race attracted 97 teams.

A humid overcast evening with increasingly heavy drizzle welcomed the 407 starters to the Berkeley 10K, making it one of the biggest fields of recent years.

     Showing you get out what you put in, there were amazing results from IM Staffordshire 70.3.


Updated DRC Grand Prix tables following the Chedworth Roman Trail race are below. This update also includes Feb, March and Aprils Aztec West 5k and Marathons I know about up to and including London.

Aztec West Fast 5

May 2015 

Leaping Lions had planned an Aztec West attendance, but it turned out to be a menagerie of DRC groups at Aztec West, with a few last minute entrants, Mark Sprigings getting a cheeky run in on the way back from work and Tony Wooldridge warming up for the Dursley Peaks, with Eileen Hieron, Claire Searle and Julie Froggatt there to sample the atmosphere